Senior D Course

Senior D Course

😍Play GIMKIT Challenge 🎯 | Module 1


Can you raise $200.000?

Raise the money and win the GIMKIT Challenge! You can do this!

Raise $200.000

Make sure you shop and by power-ups to raise the money you need to win!

Stop and start

You can stop and start again whenever you want to!

English & Greek

We have added both English and Greek definition!

Teacher Stats

Your teacher will be able to see what you have done here!

Frequently asked questions

Gimkit is a game! When you play the game you should buy things to raise more points!

You stop playing when you raise $200.000 by buyig power-ups!

Watch the video above and see that it takes about 5 minutes to raise $200.000 to finish.

We wanted to have fun when learning words and this was the best way to do it!

If you have any other questions ask your teacher or Mr Mike!  Contact Us

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