Senior B Course

Senior B Course

🎯🎮 5b Passive voice

Welcome to Mr Mike's

passive voice


Let's start!

Watch this video

Watch Mr Mike explain passive voice.

Active voice=Ενεργητική φωνή/ Passive voice=Παθητική φωνή

Now it’s your turn

Deliverable: We will see your score in class!

Want more? Try this song!

Love this song! Can you sing along too?

Change the room activity

What was changed in the room? Can you tell me what was changed in the room?

Steps: Look at the first picture. Go to the next picture something has been changed. Can you say, “In this picture, the X was changed”?

Passive voice

Before you adventure out with passive voice why not have a look at basic sentence structures first!

Before we look at passive voice. It is good to know sentences are formed in English.

Task: Watch this video and while you are watching, write down the 5 basic sentence structures in your notebook.

Task: Write down the four changes in your notebook.

Try this

Try this activity

Real songs with passive voice!

Extra Activity

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