Senior A Course

Senior A Course

🎯🎮 Future Simple – ‘will’ and ‘be going to’

will vs be going to

Both of thesee tenses talk about actions which will happen in the future. We use will for things we believe will happen and we use be boing to for actions that we know will happen.

will vs be going to
Mr Mike's Flipped presentation

Have a look at a this presentation and then do the activities below.

How we use 'will'

Watch the video of what I will do tomorrow. Can you make sentences yourselves while you watch?

How we use 'be going to'

Watch this Youtube  video of how we use be going to in Movies

Now you try these activities

Practise how to use be going and will now

Activity 1: 'will'

Activity 2: 'be going to'

Activity 3: 'will' vs 'be going to'

Try this too:

Activity 5

Look at this quiz

Come to class to learn more

We try to flip our learning. Which means that you learn the content at home and come to class to use what you learn in English.

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