Senior A Course

Senior A Course

🎯🎮 Present Simple (✅Affirmative, ❓Interrogative, ❎Negative)

In the summer,

I like going to the beach

The beach is beautiful in the summer. I go to the beach everyday with my family. I swim in the sea and play with my brother Do you like going to the beach?

I go on holiday.

Every summer, we go on holiday to Corfu. We live in a beautiful hotel in the town. The hotel has a pool. We swim in the pool everyday.

🎬My Day - Daily Routine Song

Watch this routine and write one of your own. Why don't you make a blog post about your routine!
My Day

Activities 🎮

Daily Routine

Write your name and press ‘Start’. 

Daily Routine Unscramble

Write your name and press ‘Start’. If it already has a name, press ‘That’s not me’.

Present Simple

Present Simple questions - Interrogative

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