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📕Are University degrees worth it?

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Writing Assignment:

Watch these videos and read the articles which investigate and present ideas to whether Higher education is valuable for a young person’s future as it provides more opportunities.


I want you to submit a letter TO YOUR FUTURE SELF describing your own feelings on the topic. You should assess the extent to which higher education is a valuable experience for young people and whether it is worth all the hassle and financial investment.

Start with ” Dear future self,

Write your letter in 280-320 words.

*Higher education = Unversity level education


1 thought on “📕Are University degrees worth it?
  • dear sir/madam

    I want to express my opinion about the need in value of higher education in Greece. Higher education is considered very important to the Greek people because it is believed it broadens the mind and helps a person to achieve his goals, however, they are both positive and negative aspects.
    On one hand, a university degree will help to get a better paying job and is needed to specialize or certain fields. University helps a person build their character and broaden their horizon. It helps a person to adapt to new surroundings and learn to survive in the adult society. Moreover, university education provides knowledge that cannot be obtained elsewhere.
    On the other hand, there are so many people who have achieved a lot without a degree. These people are successful rich and pioneer in their own way. Another problem with the university is the fact that many people find it way too difficult to graduate leaving them in disappointment. Of course, we can’t leave out the money that is required to get a university degree. Even tho public universities are free in Greece housing and necessary travel all over Greece.
    In conclusion, however, the difficulties maybe I believe that higher education will always be considered one of the most important ways to achieve their goals and being respected in an society where knowledge is considered important

    your truly
    Mike Kakes

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