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C1 Proficiency (Michigan & more)

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Welcome to C1 Proficiency course

Welcome to the C1 Proficiency course. Here you will  find your wordlists for the year, activites and games to help you be the best you can. There area many grammar revision games and a lot of useful information you can use for exam skills like writing and speaking topics. 

What's in the curriculum?


Do you want to learn words and phrases in a fun and engaging way? Here you will find all the words you need to know for this level using multimedia.


We have a reange of activities for you to practice your writing, speaking, listening and reading skills.


Would you like to watch videos from what you learnt in class? We have a wide range of videos for you to watch and do practice actvities

Grammar practice

Why not learn grammar though games? We have a large selection of grammar games which help you practice what you learn in class.


The best way to learn is through games. Come and try our vocabulary and grammar games and have fun while you are learning.

Observation System

We know what you have completed. For each lesson you complete you get K.redit points!

Go to 'Curriculum' to see what we have in our course

Log in and press 'Start here' to start playing

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