B2 First (Lower)

B2 First (Lower)

White christmas

Pretask Presentation

Watch the trailer


"White Christmas" - Black Mirror
Ethical Considerations
Fill in your answers to these questions below. Be sure to support your opinion with reasons, examples, and explanations.

What do you think about the utilization and treatment of the ‘cookies’ in the show? Discuss both Greta’s cookie, and Joe’s cookie; the purpose of them, whether they are used for good or ill. How do you feel about it, and why?*

Is a ‘cookie’, or the mind-copy of an individual, the same as the individual? Should it have rights? Explain your answer.

Would you ever create a ‘cookie’ of yourself to benefit and improve your life? Explain your answer using specific examples (how you would use it daily, etc.) to defend your view. If no, explain why you are opposed to the idea.

Consider how people can effectively “block” you and your interactions with the world at large. What positives or negatives do you think would result from the world where we could do this? Do you think it could make the world a better place, or worse? Explain your answer.

What do you think of the punishments at the end of the episode to Joe’s cookie, and to Matt in the real world? Discuss each punishment respectively, how you feel about it, and decide which one you think would be the worst, and why.

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