Clouds is a biographical music drama film, directed and produced by Justin Baldoni.  The main characters are played by Fin Argus as Zach  Sobiech, Sabrina Carpenter as Sammy Brown and Madison Iseman as Amy Adamle. Clouds is famous for its music that is composed by Brian Tyler. Another fact about Clouds is that it is based on true events. 

Clouds is about a teenager that lives with cancer. Zach always loved to play and write songs, so when he saw the opportunity to share his music and his experience with his disease, he took it. His best friend Sammy, and his girlfriend Amy, never left his side and they were there with him in every decision he made.   

  All the actors fit like a shoe in their role. The movie wouldn’t be the same if its music never existed. Every song that is played, is each special and amazing. Personally, the song that I liked the most was “Clouds” because its lyrics are so touching and it felt like this song was describing my life. 

I would definitely recommend this movie because its story is just perfect. It shows us true events, it teaches us that life is never perfect and we should learn to live with our problems and not avoid them.   

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