Christopher Columbus born in Genoa-Italy 1451. He was a dreamer. He wanted to sail in the ocean. First, to make his dream come true, he asked the king of Portugal John 2 (1485). The king said no. After one year (1486) he asked the king and queen Ferdinand and Queen Isabella for help but they said no. He asked after two years again (1488) but they said no again. And again (1490) and again they said no, but Columbus kept asking after two years (January-1492) the Alkazar Castle, and the king and queen finally said YES!!! Columbus sailed into the unknown with 90 sailors and 3 ships, Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria (Port of Palos, Spain-August 3 1492). They sailed the ocean for over 9 weeks. Plum was on the Island of Hispaniola (October 12,1492). Columbus knew he was on the East Indies. He didn’t know who he was on a new island America!!!

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