Christmas problem

It was Christmas Eve and snowing. A boy was sitting next to from a window and he thought. He wanted to travel in New York, but he was poor. He wanted to went there, because his aunt was there and he missed her.

Well, since he wanted this gift, he decided to gave this gift in himself alone. He went a walk in front of the airport, when he thought something. He saw a Mr. who traveled for New York and he had a big suitcase. This man left  away from his suitcase for a minute and the boy got into it. When the man got this and went in the airplane, he didn’t understand anything and the boy traveled with him.

When the man went in hotel and put down the suitcase to went  a walk, the boy left secretly. He knew where his aunt stayed, but he didn’t know the route which must followed. Well, he asked the people in the street and they told him the route. At that moment, his parents were worried about where he was.

But, when he arrived at aunt’ s home, she notified them and she booked tickets to traveled his parents there. The boy got his gift and his dream was held. It was the best Christmas holiday for him.

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