Christmas is loading!!!

Hello guys! How are you? I hope you’re well!!! Either you have understood it or not Christmas is loading!!! I know that this Christmas will be less festal for a lot of people! I know that happiness has gone for a lot of people! I know that we have just bad memories from this year! This year  was a really terrible year for everyone. It’s very difficult to admit it, but we all know that the majority of families has at least one lost life in its social circle. And I know that this is very distressing and we can’t do anything for that. But what we can do is leave everything behind and let this tragedy be a lesson for us. This year’s Christmas will definitely be different because we have to keep distances and wear masks and we can’t organize a Christmas or a New Year’s Eve party. We must stay inside. However, happiness is still around us but these bad memories are trying to throw it away but we mustn’t let this continue. We mustn’t let the bad memories “ruine” the coming year. We must fight against that and we can win. We can celebrate Christmas but everyone with his family!!! So, HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!!   

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