Christmas in France!!

This Christmas me my mum my dad and my brother travelled to France! It was amazing.

We went there on the plane and we were flying for thee hours. As we were flying the plane had turbulence.

When we arrived at the airport we took our luggage. Then took a bus to go to our hotel called “RĂ©sidence Charles Floquet” to relax and eat.

The next day we went to the Eiffel Tower and we went up to the last floor. The view was amazing! After that, we went to the restaurant on the first floor. To visit this restaurant you have to put on your best clothes. The restaurant was expensive but it has a great view.

The next day we went to the Aquarium of Paris. There we saw sharks, jellyfish, corrals and many fish!

The next day was my favourite day because we visited Disneyland!! We went to Alice’s Curious Labyrinth, Discovery Arcade (where you can learn about 19th Century’s greatest inventions), Pirate Galleon (this famous Jolly Roger-flying galleon), Disney Village (where you can do shopping, go to restaurants, dancing, shows, cinema and more) and to an encounter with Darth Vader. But the best part was the Parade in Disneyland Park because there were all of my favourite Disney characters.

I think these were the best Chrismas vacation of my life! Paris at night was so beautiful!
Deppie Tsakiri Senior C

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