“Charity work”

   Plenty of people are going through difficult situations such as poverty,homelessness and unemployement.

   Fortunately, there are charity organisations and volunteers who are trying to find ways so they can assist people who are living with these difficulties. Many people help by joining charitable organisations or raise money and volunteers are doing their best in order to meet the growing need more volunteers and raise more money to help other communities who need their help.

   To put it another way, people who want to offer their help do not have much time whether this is due to obligations and other factors. Nowadays people are searching for volunteering opputunities that they can help online by writing emails or making websites for charitable organisations and newsletters too. It may seem impossible to provide assistance this way but if we think that these small actions can have good effect to a person we will understand that is not impossible. In other words, technology has envolved so if we can take advantage of it we will see that is more easy than we thought by searching for online organisations.

   It is clear that government is not the only one who can assist these people. We can all help them by small actions because any help can make a difference.

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