Young Learners

My best friend..

I have a lot of friends but I have one that is different. Her name is Katherine. She goes in the first great of high school. She is a very kind person. She is very beautiful, she has long blond hair and blue eyes. We do everything together. When I have problems she is always with me.

My best friend..

I have one best friend and she is like she is special. I love it soooo much and I don’t wont to lose it! She helps me with everything and me too! She is soo beautiful and clever. She goes in the first grade of high school. I see it every day. When I meet it we do hugs and kisses! She plays violin, piano and keyboards.She has yellow hair and wonderful brown eyes! In English lesson we wont to sit together but my teacher doesn’t want it. This is my best friend I love it and I’m really happy I met her!

Katherine M.

My best friend

My best friend is Helen is 16 years old and we go to the same school. She lives in the same neighbourhood and every day we go to the same school. She is very short and fat she has very long hair and blond. she has glass and friends. Our parents are best friends

Aisia A.

My best friend

I have one best friend and her name is Vasiliki. She is the best off all. She is beautiful, kind and she goes to 6th grade of elementary school. We meat every day, we did homework together. She has brown hair and brown eyes she is not very tall and I don’t want to lose my best friend.

Ariadni L.

My best friend

My best friend is Antonis because I know him from the first class of the elementary school. He and I play computer games in pc, Play Station and mobile phone. He is twelve years old smart, clever and such a good friend. He is a very kind person and he is a friend of everyone. He and I do a team in the class and chase birds. He does not play football but he plays basket and pink pong with me in the gym.

My Christmas vacation

This Christmas was the best period of my life. On the 29th of December, we decided an amazing trip with my best friend.

Firstly we went to ”Bey’s Farm”. There are parents drunk coffee and us drunk soft drinks. Also, we went to the farm. There was a lot of animals but there were many kinds of birds and other animals. My favourite animal was the deers. There were so cute!!! Secondly, we came to a restaurant in Agiasos. The food was delicious!!! Then we went to bring some sweets from Agiasos. But the best of all was our walk to Agiasos oaths. When the afternoon cames we swam to the hot waters with my friends. It was really relaxing and good. After that, we went home.

The next day was Christmas Eve and in the morning my mum made me a big healthy breakfast. Then my cousins came to my home and we ate together. In the afternoon we arrived at my friends home. We played, danced, sang karaoke and we ate meat, pasta and salads. When the New Year came we cut the New Years Eve cake.I found the gold coin! We stood there up to 5:00. I was so tired but I had a lot of energy.

Somewhere here my Christmas Vacation ended. I hope this year will be really good with a lot of luck

My creepy Christmas holidays!

The first day of my last trip was so creepy !! My cousins and I were walking into a forest when we saw a haunted house I wanted to leave but my cousins didn’t, so we walked in. When we get in we all went so scary, the house was so big, dark and lonely. We moved on the second floor and we saw a shadow,one of my cousins started running,but…the door was locked. We all started screaming! We thought about jumping out of the window and that is what we did!! We started running as fast as we could to get away from that house.I couldn’t sleep for 6 days and my holidays were only 10 days. I don’t want to visit NEVER again that place!!!!

Keisi Zeikthi


Photo by Carlos de Miguel on Unsplash

My average cristmas holidays

It was an average experience this Christmas because I was all day at home and read history (3 unit). Firstly I was awake up to 12:00 o’clock and one day we went on a mountain trip with snow and I slipped and I fell . While we were playing snowballing. Also, my gift is a tablet. A special day for me is on 5th January because this day my dog has his birthday!!!!!!!!

Demmi K.


Photo by Markos Mant on Unsplash

My amazing Christmas Holidays

It was an amazing experience, on the 23rd of December we decided to go to Athens. It was soo good. Athens was decorated soo cool! I went to Parnytha. Parnytha was full of snow! On the 26th of December, I went to the Christmas Theatre. We saw the ballerinas dancing very well. Then, we went home and we saw a Christmas movie, Frozen 2 . The next day we went to institution Stauros Niarchos. The institution Stauros Niarhos have a library that stores books. We saw the fountains dancing and the opera stage. On 30th December, I went to Mytilene. My 1st day in 2020 was FANTASTIC! I found the fleur. That means that It’s my lucky year! That was my favourite holidays!

Effie St.

Christmas adventures…

In my Christmas adventures, I had fun. I had played with my friends and my cousins. I was bought many clothes, shoes and small cute things. The day we celebrated together with my family the new Year. My mum and my aunt were cooking for dinner. Me, my brother and my cousin, were playing with our mobiles-phones. When the dinner was ready we were sitting in our chairs. The clock was 11:00 and I was so excited because in one hour was the new year 2020. My brother, my cousin and I were finishing our food. The clock was 11:30 and with my relatives were very happy. When the clock was 12:00 we were opening the champaign. The clock was 1:00 in the morning and my relatives left their houses. The next I and my brother opened our gifts. The gifts we took were amazing. My brother had a big car, one board game and small things. I had taken many clothes, one necklace and things for my school. The next day the whole family we had gone to a beautiful and good restaurant. Later we went to a zoo and we saw birds, parrots, deers, bar, horses, ostrich, dogs and freezing cold. When we saw all these animals, we went to jumbo stores. We had bought small things and my brother bought a castle. One hour later we went to my home. These are all my Christmas adventures.

Alexandra Tsela.

I really had an amazing experience at Christmas time

Christmas holidays. I really had an amazing experience at Christmas time

My Christmas holidays it was the best Christmas holidays ever. On 24 of December, I went to the Nauplio for Christmas holidays. I had a really perfect time. I went to the Palamidi castle. I went to the Epidavros theatre. We visited the museum of Epidavro. The Nauplio had very beautiful decoration. Unfortunately, it was not the snow of this year

For the next days, I went to the little cook. Little cook is the place it had as many Christmas decorations. It was fantastic. I went to Niarxos park. This place it had a ski centre, it had a lot of fountains and it had a lot of people. We visited the Kalivia for dinner in a restaurant. I went to the Metro Mall of Athens. It was a fantastic Christmas holiday.

On New year Eve We went to the mother’s friend house. We cat the New Years Eve cake. On New Year’s Eve, we opened the present. Santa Claus, I brought a lot of clothes. We went to eat at my grandmother house. And the rest of the days I relax

Marianda R.

Merry Christmas

At Christmas, I went to my grandmother and we cut altogether the New Year’s Eve cake. My grandmother gave me a beautiful board game. My aunt gives me a playmobile.
At 1 o`clock I play a lot of board games with my cousins. After two hours I ate a lot of melomakarona because I like them very much.
Then I came back to my house and I saw a lot of presents under the Christmas tree. I opened my present and I saw the smartwatch I wanted.
After my mum told me that she had a present for me. I opened and understood that she bought me the iPhone Pro 11. I was very happy.



Chara Athiniotou