Young Learners

My best friend

My best friend is Panos. He is a tall boy with brown hair and brown eyes .he is a special person in my life because we share our secrets. He is very honest. He always tells the truth. He is sometimes selfish because he thinks only about himself. In his free time he likes playing chess and watching films but he doesn’t play computers games. His favourite food is pasta. In our free time we like going to the cinema with our friends. Panos is a real friend and we have lots of fun together.

Theodore H.

Summer plans

Hello bloggers! My summer vacation was in Dubai. Dubai is a bustling place with great restaurant also have 4 professional golf courses. Has many beautiful beaches and you can do some sports. I will go to the shops to buy clothes. I will go for windsurfing. I will go to a museum. I will go scuba diving. I think that we are going to have a great time.

Aisa A.

Summer plans

Hi! My name is Vika. This summer I will go with my friends on a sightseeing holiday to France. I will get to Paris on an airplane. I will see there the Eiffel Town and I will go to Disneyland. I will go to the Louvre and I will go to the Asterix park too. Also, I will go to some coffes to ate a macarones and I will eat a lot of France food. I will stay in a hotel. I do not believe than I will travel to Paris this summer.

Viktoria R.

League Of Legends

Hello bloggers. I write a blog post for one game League Of Legends. League Of Legends since 2009 and still one of the best games of all the world. Players are divided into 2 teams of three or five champions. They are some game modes like: PVP, they are five versus five, another mode is URF, at URF you have the possibility to prees the spell and come back at 1 or 2 seconds. The riot games the company of League Of Legends creates Tournaments at all of the world and they have awards. the gameplays is to destroy a nexus and turrets and kill the champions and minions to take gold and take items from the shop. The stats of gameplay are the levels of the champion you start at level 1 and finishes at level 18. That is the League Of Legends I think you are gonna try to play this game and you are gonna be exciting.

Pashalis D.

Summer holidays

Hello! This summer I will go with my family to Germany! We will travel by plane I have never been there before. I’m so excited because I like it so much and I want it when I am six years old. My mum and my grandma are scared I don’t know why. We wish could stay for longer, but my mum has to return to work. Then we’re going to take two-hours. Germany has got α beautiful Octoberfest.The Rugen its the biggest island of Germany.The Lubeck its the biggest port of Germany too.I can’t wait to travel there and I can’t even imagine it!

Katherine M.

Summer holidays

In the summer I go to Madrid for playing and see football of team BARCELONA with Antoni, George, Dimitri and Panagioti. We can go to the stadium of BARCELONA.In the match playing BARCA VS REAL. Finally, we can go to see the island and playing football in the stadium with a T-shirt of Barcelona. On August we can go to France to go to the Eiffel Tower, Louvre museum. Finally, return to Greece and tell in all my relatives and classmates in the school and English lesson school.

Argiris D.

Summer Plans

Hello Bloggers. My summer plans are to go to Aridea. It is one place in North Greece it is a nice place and I really want to go. I see some YouTubers who live at Aridea his name of the youtube channel is Unboxholics. Maybe I will have this chance to go. They are some places at Aridea like this: The Byzantine Castle of Chryssi is located 7km from Aridea. Aridea has rivers one of them is: Alpine river. I would go because I like so much. They have some sports in history. A well-known football team based in Aridea is Almopos Aridea, with national championships in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th leagues. The “National Aridea” club with its founding year in 1978 has a distinctive football history. The Aridea basketball team is the “Football Club” with over 35 years of history and has competed in the country’s National.

Pashalis D.

My daily routine

Every day I get up at 6 o’clock then I eat my breakfast. After that, I have a shower and I go to school. I return to my home at 1 o’clock then I eat my lunch and I do my homework. At 5 o’clock I go to my English lesson. At 7 o’clock I go to tae-kwon-do.In the tae-kwon-do, I enjoy with my friends and we do a lot of different exercises.In the night my supper and I watch tv with my sister and we play board and computers games. At 10 o’clock we dance to music. I go to bed at 11 o’clock

Theodore H

Apollon Vournarakiou Lesvos

My favourite hobby is football. I go to football team Apollon Vounarakiou.I have training 3 times a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I love to see football when playing my favourite teams: Paok, Real Madrid, Juventus and Albania. I love to play football when I go out with my friends and when I was big I want to play for my favourite team PAOK.

Pashalis D.

Paok for ever!

My favourite team is PAOK. Paok is a Greek professional football club in northern Greece. It was founded on April 20, 1926, as football division of the Pantheon ThessalonikiAthletic Club(Paok). Paok has participated in all the First National Championships. The name of the stadium is TOUMPA.

Pashalis D.

My School..

My school is big and it has two big playgrounds. My school has good teachers. My favourite subject is P.E. Physical education and Maths. My school inside is big and hot. The classroom is very big. I have got a very good teacher. My school has got eighteen classrooms.Outside there is a playground in the back yard. I love my school.

Arhontia D.

My best friend..

My best friend is Ioanna is 12 years old. She lives in Mytilini she goes to the 1st grade of high school. In the class, we are together. My best friend is a beautiful person. Ioanna and I
do everything together. She is told, have a brown hair, is thin. I and Ioanna have fun.