Young Learners

my family

My family

Hi, my name is Angeliki. I’m 12  years old. I have one brother and two sisters. Their names are Pantelis, Fotini and Eleni. My dad’s name is Aggelos and my mum’s Katerina. My brother is 16 years old my big sister is 15 years old and my little sister is 8 years old.

I love my family

so much.


The journey starts in the mouth. The teeth chew the pasta. Then it goes down the throat and into the stomach. Acid and muscles break up the pasta and mash it into a soup. The pasta then moves into the small intestine. The small intestine breaks it down into elements that our bodies use for energy and to repair bone, blood and muscle.

My Dream House

    I imagine my dream house to be near the sea. It must be a beautiful white house with blue windows.

I would like it to have two floors with the first floor to be my kitchen,the living room and a toilet for the guests.

My kitchen would be white with a big window with a wiew of the garden.

My living room will have comfortable sofas and a large library, beautiful paintings and pictures and a large dining room

where i would have launches and dinners with friends and family. Also it should have  large windows with a view of the sea.

The second floor should have three bedrooms and a toilet. In my bedroom there is a desk with my computer, a library with books and favourite

objects of my trip adventures. Of course it should have my bed and pictures of me and my family. The bedrooms should be cozy ,spacious with a lot of light.

It also has a garden with beautiful trees and flowers and a big pool so me, my family and my friends would have funny moments.

My favourite sport

football soccer

My favourite sport is football and there are eleven players on a football team. We can play football with a special ball and a net. I can play football really well.

What i do late at night.

Every night after I finish my lessons I have time to rest.Other time I read a book and other time I play my favourite games in tablet.I eat my dinner and at 10 o’clock I wash my tooth and go to bed.When the next day I do not have school I go to sleep later and I play with my dolls.

What I do late at night

Everyday in the evening, after I finish my homework, I have dinner and watch TV. Later, I brush my teeth and I go to bed. I sleep like a litle bird dreaming of sheep with fluffy and soft fur!!!

A story about a volcano

Yesterday we went to a volcano. It all happened when we saw a piece of paper saying that the one who will go to the top of the volcano will receive one thousand euros. Then we tried to climb the volcano.

Two hours later we reached the top but we saw lava so we started running as fast as we could. The lava almost got us but fortunately, we were quicker and we went down the volcano without any accidents.

When we finally reached the ground we couldn’t find our car. We looked everywhere but we didn’t see it anywhere. So we did the only thing we could which was run on foot but then we saw it and got in as fast as we could. We felt extremely relieved as we drove away.


Santorini’s adventure

My parents and I felt very excited as we got on the bus. It was a beautiful morning in Santorini. The sun was shining and a warm brereze was blowing-the perfect weather for a climbing.

Eventually, we arrived on the foot of Santorini’s volcano. We were hiking on it when something heard.

It was a strange noise that I had never heard before. Suddenly, the volcano erupted. We started running down the mount to escape from the eruption.

Luckily, there was a bus passing by and we got inside. We left, but we lived a real adventure. We felt extremely releived as we drove away.

My bedroom🎈

My bedroom is quiet, big and very comfortable! In my bedroom, there is a big wardrobe next to the door🚪. Next to it, there is a balcony. My bedroom has got a great view from there. Opposite the wardrobe, there is my bed🛏 which is below a window. There are also some posters on the walls. On my bed,🛏 there are some pillows and a blanket. Next to my bed,🛏 there is my desk with my bookcase. In my bookcase, there are a lot of interesting books. There are also some toys on the floor. I love my bedroom! I feel happy and safe in it!!❤❤

My house

In my house, there are two bedrooms, one living room, one bathroom and one kitchen. In my bedroom, there is a bed in front of the window, a desk next to the bookcase, and a cupboard next to the door. In the parent’s bedroom, there is a bed behind the window, a cupboard next to the bed and a  bedside cabinet next to the bed. In my living room, there is a big sofa behind the table coffee, a window next to the sofa and three chairs behind the table coffee. In my bathroom, there is a bath next to the door, a toilet next to the bath and a window in front of the bath. In my kitchen, there is a fridge under the wines, a sink behind the wall and a table in front of the chairs.

My house

Hi  Artemis,

thanks for your email. My house is great! It is in Anaxos and it s a detached house. Outside, there is a big garden with roses and a lemon tree. Inside, there is a living room with a big sofa, a TV and a big bookcase. There is a kitchen and a bathroom. The are three bedrooms in the house. There is a small bathroom in my bedroom. I like my house. Write soon, love, Marina.

My house

Hi Theofania, Thanks for your email. My house is great. It is in Mytilini. Outside, there is a garage and two cars, one red and one black. Inside there is one big sofa, a coffee table a very big bookcase and a kitchen. Upstairs there is three bedrooms and a bathroom.

Your friend,