Young Learners

I love to draw

Hi, my name is Rafailia my favourite hobby is drawing. I like drawing houses, trees and flowers. My favourite colours are pink and blue. I draw my home in my free time. When I draw I dream of becoming an artist.
Rafailia K.

Love rythmic gymnastics

In my free time, I go to rhythmic gymnastics. It is a very nice hobby because I have got friends and we exercise together. We like to do a lot of acrobatics and we sometimes play with special ropes and balls.

Nandia H.

I love gymnastics

Hi! My name is Dimitris. My hobby is gymnastics. I like running in my garden when I have free time. My sister sometimes runs with me. I run for about 20 minutes when the weather is nice.
Dimitris K.

Descendants are cool

Hi! I’m Hermes. In my free time, I watch Descendants on youtube because it is very nice, interesting and fun. My friends and I will make a movie *Descendants 4-10.
Descendants are four kids from evil parents, but the children are good.

Taekwondo is an art

Hello. I’m John and I’m 10 years old. My favourite hobby is taekwondo. My teacher’s name is Andrew. I go there three times a week. It’s a sport that trains you, teaches you discipline, and you can protect yourself. It’s something that pleases me and I have a green belt.
John K. *A senior

Dance for life

Hmm… Let me think about it. What is my favourite hobby? I think I don’t have one. Just kidding!!! My favourite hobby is dancing. I love dancing!!! I do traditional dances and Latin. I used to do ballet when I was 3,5 years old! I love dancing because I can express my feelings! My dancing team dance and to different villages in the summer. It feels so good to dance for people that the only thing they want is to have fun. Also in my Latin class, I have fun because we wear heels and it’s fun!!!
By: Christine Koumara

An Adventure she will never forget

It was a hot and sunny summer’s day as Emma and her family sailed out of the harbour. Emma was happy because it was the first time that she sailed out of the harbour. Her family was happy too. But their happiness didn’t last for a long time.
The sun was shining, and the sky was blue when suddenly some black clouds covered it and it started to rain. Emma was frightened didn’t like neither the rain and the clouds nor the dark… Some metres away from their boat there where some big rocks but the captain of the boat, Emma’s father,
couldn’t see them because it was really dark. The boat crashed onto the rocks and sank to the bottom of the sea. Luckily no one was hurt, they were all well. But Emma was lost in the bottom. She was very frightened, and she was asking for help, Suddenly she heard a loud noise” Come on, Emma. You must go early at school”. This adventure was on her imagination. It was such a terrible dream.
Panagiotis V.

We play volleyball together

In my free time, I play volleyball. the rules are, we play together, we don’t kick the ball and we listen to the teacher. It is my favourite sport, it’s funny it’s exciting and it’s very enjoyable. I love volleyball because it is very good.
Myrsini S.

I have many hobbies

Theo Guitar

In my free time, I play basketball. I have a basket in my garden. I also play it with my friends at a basketball court on Sundays. I like it because I can play it every day and we have fun as a team. I play board games and computer games, when I am alone, too. Finally, I play classical guitar, because I like music very much. I play classical and modern pieces and I sometimes sing. I enjoy all of these so much!

I kill for tennis


My favourite sport is tennis. I like it very much. We play tennis at the tennis court. We play this sport with two players. We need a racket and a mini ball to play tennis.
The aim of this sport is to win 40 points and is very hard. I like tennis because it’s hard and you exercise a lot.
Chara A.

Violin is so sweet..

Caey and her violin

Hello to everyone my name is Casey!
In my free time i like reading books, playing music and watching YouTube videos. My favorite hobby is playing the violin. I love playing violin because it sounds so sweet and it’s one of my favorite music instruments. I started violin for the first time in the “Music School” that’s the school that i go. I play violin only in my free time. I like learning a lot of languages too! I can speak Greek, Albanian, English and a German. When i have free time I read Greek, Albanian and English books cause they make me feel happy, sad and sometime anxious. That’s all about me.