Young Learners

My favorite device

My favourite device is my tablet because from this I do my English work, my homework and other things. At Easter I got it. It is very good and big. It is black and white. I don’t bring it when I go somewhere because I don’t want to break it.

By Harriet K..

My favorite film

My favorite film is Maleficent 2.It isn’t a cartoon, the film is with real persons. I watch this film one year ago in 2019. It’s a adventure film but the same time a little bit scary,but not a lot. I like this film so much.

By HarietK.

My best friend

My best friend’s name is Myrta. we are 4 years good friends, and we are happy together. Myrta is important to me because she helps me when I have a problem, she never tell me lies and everyday she tell me ‘You never have to be alone’.She is very cheerful, smart, and beautiful. I think I will have never a friend like Myrta.

By HarietK. ❤️

My pets

My pets are 3.The first is a dog. My dog is 4 years old and its name is Lusy. Her colors are brown and white, she is very playful and very cute too. She has 5 puppies and they are all boys.

My other pet is a dog too. We adopt him 2 weeks ago. But this dog is younger than Lusy,is only 1 year old. We don’t give it a name but we will think about it. Is brown and white too.

My third and last pet is a turtle. It is very cute but very old too, it is 3 years old. It has green and brown colour.Sometimes her water get dirty, we clean in the sink and we put the turtle in the sink too. It is very funny when we placed the turtle somewhere.

By HarietK.

My holiday

Hello, Marietta, I’m Mirsini from Lesvos. I want to tell you that I went on holiday to Eresos. I stayed there for 5 days and I had a very good time there. I did swimming and the sea was very nice. I saw many interesting things and I picked up beautiful shells. I would like you to come here and see all those great things too.

Kisses from Greece

Mirsini M.

My favourite dish

My favourite dish is pasta. First I cook the pasta and then I make the tomato sauce with mushrooms. I cook the onion with oil and then I put mushrooms in it. 5 minutes later I put the tomato sauce and some water. I cook it until it is ready. Good appetite!

Mirsini M.

My favourite device

My favourite device is my MP3 player. My parents  bought it for my birthday. I love listening to music and my favourite songs are Dance Monkey and Be happy .  Also when we go on  trips  I love listening to these songs because they make me happy . I download them, from the computer. My friend and I learn dancing steps and dance at our parties and at school. That’s  why my MP3 player is my favourite device.

My favourite film

My favourite film is the Addams family. The film was made in 1991. My favourite character is Wednesday Addams. She is the youngest daughter  of the family. She always wears a black dress , a white shirt and has long French braids. She is funny,spooky and very smart. The film has humor and that’s why its my favorite.


Summer Holidays 🚙

In Summer I want to go on holiday. I want to visit Eresos and go camping🎪. I want to stay there for two days.I love eating chips and drinking soft drinks I’m on holiday. My dad and I like swimming at the beach. For breakfast, we love having eggs with fresh bread. In the afternoon we enjoy eating fruit. We also play football on the beach and have fun too.




SARS-COV 2 or Coronavirus is a virus that is very contagious to all the world. There are 20,544,838 coronavirus cases around the world and 736,366 deaths. Luckily 13,461,888 people are recovered. USA has the most cases and deaths with 5,305,957 and 167,749 respectively. Greece is at the 99th position with 5,942 cases and 214 deaths. Everyone wants to have the vaccine but you must know that the next year will be a better year.

My daily routine

I wake up at 8am everyday. I eat breakfast and I walk to school. At school I like to sit with my friend Silia and at recess we like to hang out with each other. After school finishes I walk home by myself and I like to relax for a while before I do my homework. This is my daily routine!

My Interactive Vocabulary notebook

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