Young Learners

Online lessons

I like online lessons because I stay at home and I like the iPad. We have little problems but it is so funny. I like the games we play. We find things in the kitchen, in the wardrobe, in the drawers. I want to continue the online lessons.

Online lessons

I like having English lessons at school because I see my friends and we play a lot of games in class. With online lessons, we don’t play a lot of games and we don’t borrow books from the English school library. When we use a computer for a long time I have a headache and my eyes become red. In this period I understand that we need to have online lessons because we must protect ourselves. I want my English school to open to go and see my friends, my teacher and Mr Mike again. I can’t wait to play board games in class. I am happy because my English school will open on Monday.

It was a near miss to lose something priceless!

Hi guys! How are things? Today I want to talk to you about my class which came together for a special project. But let’s start from the beginning. It was a sunny day and I was doing maths, when suddenly the door of the class opened and our director came in and he told us: “You must come together to do a special project which will represent our school to a competition. We chose you because you’re the best class of our school with the best ideas. We were all happy and surprised too. The preparations start the same day because we had only one week to do the project. But the problem was one: each one wanted to write his or her idea on the paper for the project. It was so unbelievable because our class was special and we couldn’t work together and help each other. Our teacher was so angry with us that in the end, she left our class because she couldn’t “bring us round”. When we saw the door closed we were so sad because we were” fighting”. When we understood our mistake, we caught our hands each other and we said: We won’t do that again. We are so sorry and we promise that from now we will always help each other and work together. And do you know something? It doesn’t matter that we didn’t win the competition because we won something priceless: our friendship which was a near miss to lose it.

The weather yesterday!

The weather in my town is always sunny and hot, but the weather yesterday was exactly the opposite. At first, in the morning, it was raining a lot. My family and I were so sad because we had organized a trip to Agiasos. Then, in the midday, the weather was cloudy. We tried to go swimming in the sea, but the water was so frozen so we went back home. In the end, in the afternoon, it started snowing. When the snow diminished, my brother and I went outside the house, in the garden and we made a snowman. It was really nice. It was snowing all night and because of that, I was very happy.

Online lessons!

Online lessons are so cool! I love them! But sometimes, it’s not as nice as I describe it. For example, I don’t have a good Internet. Also, online lessons can harm our eyes, and they are not very good, but I prefer online lessons than going to school. Having lessons online is fun. We play games, we do our spelling, correct the exercises and have a good time. Miss Vicky is our teacher and she is very smart. I am glad we have miss Vicky as our teacher and I like Online lessons with her because she makes us laugh.

Online lessons

Hi!! I am John and I like online lessons because from my home I learn new things without going to school, we play interesting games and I see all my class from the computer, but I can’t play with my friends and hug my teacher. I like both of them and I am happy for online lessons and school.

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House is located in South New Wales, Australia. It is one of the most famous buildings of the 20th century, and one of the most famous art venues in the world. Located on Bennelong Point in the port of Sydney and close to the equally famous Sydney Bridy, the building and its surrounding form a virtual Australian image. It is an important tourist attraction.

A famous landmark

A famous landmark is the Statue of Liberty. The Statue of Liberty is in New York. It made from Edward de Laboule and Frederic Bartholdi. It weighs 228.456 tons and it is 46.5 meters without the base, with the base it is 93 meters high. It is visited by millions of people every year.

My favourite game – Minecraft!

My favourite video game is Minecraft. Minecraft is a sandbox video game originally created by Swedish developer Markus “Notch” Persson and later developed and published by Mojang and Microsoft. Sandbox video games are games that you have the ability to create, modify or destroy your environment. I like these kinds of games because I feel free to do whatever I want. There are three game modes in Minecraft. At the survival you have to survive the monsters, make your own food and build your house with the materials you have collected. In the creative you have all the materials, you can build whatever you want and use cheats. And hardcore that you only have one life and it is more difficult than the survival. You can craft tools, armour, materials and other useful things that will help in the game. The game ends when you kill the ender dragon. Αlso Minecraft often has updates and so I don’t get bored. Generally, Minecraft is a game that involves lots of creativity. The game is a lot of fun, and I bet you will love it just like me!

How could TV be better?

Television is one of the most popular entertainment devices in the world. We all enjoy watching TV. You can spend your time happily watching some shows. television teaches us things we may not learn in school. Like documentaries, although not much is played on the TV. One of the main reasons which we watch television is to watch the news. It makes you forget your worries, watching funny series and shows. The downside is that it emits a dose of radiation that is dangerous to human eye health. Also, many of the TV shows are negative standards for children and young people who watch them. But how TV could be better? First of all, the news must not be false and it would be good for everyone to be informed about the news. Some journalists often tell some important news and cause us panic. Some shows comment on other people and gossip about them. This is not good because they make fun of some people and present the wrong standards to young people. They could present more documentaries about nature, about the history of some peoples, about art and more. In general, we should not believe everything we see on TV and we should have an “open mind”.

A holiday story DUKE

Hi guys
I am Duke and I want to tell you my story.

The story started from my house and I with my family planned to go on a holiday to Italy. So we travelled by plane and when we arrived our suitcases had disappeared. We were in shock but after a few minutes, our suitcases were found from the staff of the airport. Then we took a taxi to go to the hotel. But before we arrive the driver told us that the tyre from the taxi pierced. So we arrived at the hotel on foot. We were really tired and when we saw the hotel I could not believe my eyes.

Finally, during the holiday we did not have any problems. We were very frightened about the suitcases and the taxi also we were tired from the walk. But I was very happy because the holiday was not as boring as I thought.

Online lessons

The English lesson course I prefer is in class but English lessons from the computer are good too. I like the English lesson in class because I see my friends and my teacher up close and not from the computer. I like English lesson from the computer too because it’s very unique and fan!
On Monday I come back to class and I’m very happy!!!