Young Learners

A sport event

Dear Eva

I’m really excited because we have a volleyball tournament at school. We play in teams. My team has just won the first game. I’m really happy because it is the first time my school organizes this tournament. You can come and watch the games.
Bye for now.


The journey

First we chew and swallow the burger. Then it goes down the throat and into the stomach. Acid and muscles break down the burger. The burger then moves into the small intestine.

Sport event



Subject:Sports event

Hello Maria

How are you doing?I am writing to you to tell you about my favourite event. It is《catch the ball》.We can play it in a big stadium with 5 players in each team and we use a big ball. A player throw the ball with his hands and an another player must catch it. When the player catch the ball his team is the winner. This is my favourite sport!

my sports

Hi theppi,

how are you doing?I’ve just returned from a fabulous school event!we call it the Mytilene and it takes place every june in the stadium near our school.The day started with all the students entering the stadium holding the Mytilene flag.Then,the games started.Ther were running races,the high jump and long jump, and other Mytilene  sports.For each event there were three winners who got gold,sliver or bronze medals.I took part in the discus and came second.I felt very proud!After,there was food and soft drinks for everyone.I felt  sad when it was all over.Do you hold anything similar at your school?Write back. Rafaelia


The hobby!

I invested combines volleyball and basketball.                                                    There are five players in each team. There is a net, a hoop and a ball. You can play it indoors and outdoors. Each team throws the ball over the net and tries to put it in the hoop. They can use both hands and legs. When a team scores ten times, it wins.

Book review

My name is Johnny Lalos and the title of this book is{ the birds I’ll see }

This book is written by Holly Hartaman

This book is about birds I can see out of my window and birds who probably won’t see

My favourite part is  when I saw in the book the peacock

I give this book🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 stars

I think you should have this book because it was good and it made me happy

An email to a friend about my house

Hi Therapia,

Thanks for your email. My house is great! It is a flat in a three-floor building in Mytilene. Inside, there are three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen and a lliving room with two sofas, a coffee table and a TV. Outside, there is a yard and a flower bed.

Yours, Mirsini.

My house

Hi Zoe ,

Thanks for your mail. My house is great ! It is in Mitilini. Outside, there is a garden. Inside is a livingroom.

Write soon,


Rainbowball sport

Hi I’m Maritina

My favourite sport is rainbowball. We play it outdoors on the beach. We play it with 10 players in each team. We use a ball with many colours. We throw the ball with our hands. The ball mustn’t fall in the water. The team loses when the ball falls in the water. When the ball hits the face of players the team loses.


Hi Brian,

How are you?In my old school, every 2 October it is sports day. They do great events. Sports that  take place are Football, volleyball and basketball.These sports, we play one-one class. On the stands are the rest of the  classes. In football  we play 2 hours and after we rest and eat.After the food we play basketball and when we  finish with basketball, we play volleyball. After we are very exhausted  because we were in the sun.I feel sad every time that event finishes but I also feel happy because I rest and I’m not in the sun.





Name is Elisa

I have dark brown hair and brown eyes.

My favourite colour is purple.

I’m tall and honest.

My favourite sports are volley and football.

I’m from Albania and Greece.