KEDU Senior C

My ideal neighborhood

My ideal neighborhood is place where there are big streets and tall skyscrapers. It has big houses with garden. It has a playground with a football pitch for boys who like football. My ideal neighborhood has buses and taxis next to the has a lot of libraries, many hospitals, a police station, a toyshop and a pet shop. The people in my neighborhood are polite and happy because they live in a safe neighborhood!!!


Do you fancy a city break this, year than visit Athens in Greece . It has a population around 3,5 milion people .   There are a lots of things to do in Athens . First you you can go on a small tour group to the Acropolis  and visit the Acropolis museum . Spend a day at Defi and watch the sunset at the Temple of Poseidom . Go on a morning  bike tour  and visit the Illusion Admission museum . You can also visit the mall, spend a day in Attica zoological park and  watch the Ancient Greek Theatre Performance . Don’t forget to go on a hop-on-hop-off  bus tour and also taste souvlaki in Thission .   Athens is a beautiful city that’s why every year 5,5 milion peple visit it . If you like history and museums, Athens is the place for you!!!



My ideal neihborhood

My ideal neibhorhood is a place where the steets are purple and the pavements are colourful.There are 5 parks:the first is for adults,the second is for animals and the other 3 is for kids and also for parents.There are many shops with a lot of strange things,some cafes,beaches and a port with a lot of ships which are green,white,red and yellow.The transport is good but there only cars for people and strange planes foranimals too!!!In a secret place there are rare animals like:crocodiles,snakes,big spiders and others!!!

My ideal neighborhood

My ideal neighborhood is a place where the streets are big and they have wide pavements. Its buildings are blocks of flats and traditional houses, so two generations exist in one neighborhood, the new generation and the old generation. There is  also a big park, a football field and a basketball court in the centre of the neighborhood. It has a really nice public transport, too! Finally, there are a lot of facilities.There are supermarkets, a cinema, restaurants and cafès. There is a Luna park, too!


Karpenisi is a city in central Grecce.It is the capital of Evrytania.Karpenisi has a lot of valleys and rivers.The population is 13.156 people.It has many buildings and also many shops to buy beautiful hand made things and you can eat delicious food.Important persons that lived in Karpenisi were:Zaharias Papadoniou who was an author,Athanasios Iatridis who was an artist and some of his drawings are now in Art museums.It also has a big beautiful centre with a port,Cafes,taverns and lot of shops with clothes,toys,shoes,food,sports and others.The villages near this city are lot.Mainly museums are in the villages and there are some beaches to go and enjoy the clean air and swim too!!!

By HarietK

My ideal neighbourhood

In my neighbourhood the streets are small and it hasn’t got a lot of traffic. The buildings are small and we have a big park for kids with a lot of slides and other games. Every Saturday we have a competition for the gardens. In my neighbourhood you can drive,walk or get the bus. We have a supermarket, and a newsagent. In my neighbourhood is quiet and the neighbors are very friendly.

My ideal neigbourhood is place …

My ideal  neighdourhood is in a rainbow . It is a very beautiful place because it has parks , toys shops , mall and Luna parks for kids . In the rainbow it has a farm with animals  . There is a pool , schools and many escape rooms . It has a cake shop , a chocolate shop , a pizza shop and an ice cream . The streets has many colors . The bikes are verysmall because humans are small . Also dogs and cats live in your house in big houses . I love this city it is very good .


-`, Nafplio ꒱ ↷🖇

Nafplio is known for the many beautiful places it has. It’s a very touristic place. It’s a seaport town in Peloponnese in Greece. Nafplio is the capital of Argolis with a population of 14,203.

There are a lot of things to see and do in Nafplio. Take a private walking tour, climb a castle, take in the history, take a boat ride in Bourtzi and swim in one of the magnificent beaches!

Nafplio is a really beautiful town and you should go there at least once in your lifetime. If you like Greek history, culture and exotic beaches, this is the places for you!


Kefalonia is an island of Greece. Argostoli is the capital. It’s the biggest island of the ionian Islands with a population of 35.801 people. It’s located in the north east of Greece.

There are a lot of beautiful places to visit and a lot of activities to do. For nature lovers you can go road tripping to explore the green mountains, or you can go donkey trekking. If you are a fan of the beach you can go diving or fishing at some of the bluest waters of Greece. You can also visit the Melissani cave while being on a boat.

If you are a fan of nature then Kefalonia is the place for you.

My ideal neighbourhood

My ideal neighbourhood is a place where the streets change a different colour every day. It has many flowers and trees. There are parks and schools and cafes. On Saturdays and Sundays people use bikes insted of cars. It is a place where the parks has colourful flowers and there is a nice lake full of ducks near it. Also it has somme gyms too. Every week there are different event like cooking,gardening,drawing and more There is a forest with many treehouses and a playground. There are  zoo and an amusement park. Kids love my ideal neighbourhood!!!


Athens is the capital and the largest city in Greece. It is located in the centre of Greece. 3,181,872 people live in the city.

The tourists can visit the Acropolis, the Zappeion Hall, the National Archeological Museum of Athens and the Hellenic Parliament. A tourist can also spend a pleasant time in one of the restaurants, cinemas and theatres.

I feel happy when I go to Ahens because it’s a nice, big and interesting city where you can have a really exciting time.


Mytilini is a very famous city here in Greece.It is located in the southeastern tip of Lesvos.27.545 people live in the city.The visitors can see a lot of monuments and museums,like the Castle of Mytilini,the archeological museum,the church of Saint Therapon,the muaeums of Theoplilus and Terrier,the Metropolitan Church of Saint Athanasius and other monuments.Mytilini took its name from the daughter of Makaras,the mythological king of Lesvos.Finally,Mytilini is a famous city,but it hasn’t got a lot of tourists.