The stinky raccoon who becomes president.

Once upon a time, there was a stinky raccoon that lived in a forest. It was his dream to become president of the forest but he was too stinky that the other animals had to stay 3 meters away from him. He had no friends and he was feeling lonely and sad. But the worst of all he couldn’t become the president of the forest. One day he decided to order a super perfume from the internet. It was on sale. Once the package arrived he was so excited and tried it right away. He went for a walk to the forest and all the animals were scared of him but they realized that he wasn’t stinky anymore. Αll the animals ran to meet him! The raccoon told them his dream and the next voting the animals voted for him. He was so happy that his dream came true.

My smartwatch!

I love my smartwatch! My uncle bought it for me last summer. The model of my smartwatch is Fitbit charge 2. Last week, I bought a new strap. It has pulse measurement, calorie measurement, timer, daily mileage, stair measurement, and alarm clock. It has a blue colour and it is waterproof. It has a good and strong battery. I only charge for half an hour. Ιts battery lasts for one week. I love it because it reminds me of my uncle who lives in France.

My close friend Alex!

My close friend Alex lives in Molyvos! He has one sister and one brother! Also, he goes sixth grade and next year will go to high school. Alex has brown hair and eyes. He is funny, smart, and very shy. We are talking from messenger and tik tok. He plays violin, football, basketball and he swims. His dad has a restaurant and his grandmom, too. I visit him one day every month. I have him for a close friend because he always makes me feel happy. I never want to ruin our friendship.

My favourite kind of exercise!

My favourite kind of exercise is walking and I love it too. I go walking every day. I usually walk with my brother but I sometimes walk with my friends. When I have free time I walk for many hours. My record for walking is 10 hours. My friends think that walking is a boring exercise but I think exactly the opposite. When you walk with your family or your friends you can talk with them. When you walk alone you can listen to music from your MP3 player. And one thing’s for sure: walking isn’t a tiring kind of exercise.

My typical day!

Hi John,
You have been asking me what do I do each day. Ok, I’ll describe to you my typical day. Every day except weekends, I get up very early in the morning. It’s a bugbear! After brushing my teeth I put on my favourite clothes. Eating my breakfast, I start my way to school. I usually walk to school, but when it rains my dad drives me. School lasts for six hours. That’s a bugbear too, but I sympathise with the students of high schools. Their lessons last for seven hours! In the midday, when I return home I have lunch. As you know my mum is a very good cook, so I love her food. Then I do my homework; I have a lot of homework every day. That’s a bugbear too. In the afternoon I drink some juice and I eat popcorn. Some days of the week I have English and French lessons, but when I have free time I usually play board games with my family and I rarely play video games with my brother. After a while, in other words at night I go to bed. That’s my typical day.
Best wishes,

The Gifted Child. John’s story!

Hi guys. How are things? Today I want to tell you a story about a young boy who became the principal of his school. But every story has a beginning, so let’s start from it. It was a sunny day and John’s first day at school. He woke up very happy excited. At first, he thought that the other kids at school will laugh at him because he was wearing glasses. But then his parents told him that it’s not strange to wear glasses. Many kids wear glasses. That’s true but his classmates at school weren’t good kids. They were very bad kids. The school was near his home and he could go by himself, but his parents decided to drive him to school. When John and his parents went to the school, the other kids started laughing at him because of his glasses, his weight and his height. He wanted to leave but he couldn’t. The time was going by and his classmates were laughing at him, again and again, all day long. He hadn’t any friends but he didn’t care about it. He wanted to study and to be the first of the school. And he managed it. He was the brightest of the school. All the teachers knew that he was gifted. He could solve problems that his teachers couldn’t. Finally, the principal of the school decided to concede him his job title. John was very enthusiastic. He finally accepted the suggestion. All the kids stopped laughing at him. They were proud of him. Since then he was called “the gifted child”. That’s John’s story. I hope you liked it.

The days of 2020

Hello miss Viki
I write this email to tell you how I spent my time all these days. First of all, I want to say that is very boring in the house all these days but with this opportunity, I found more things to do.

So these days I really listen to music all day because music is one of my favourite hobbies. Also during the day instead to listen to music all day I exercise my body. That is a hobby that I found and I like this very much. Something else that I start to do is to waste my time with my mum thing that I could not do. I am very bored but am very happy because I found new things to waste my time.

This is my email I wish to start again to hang out with my friends. Let me know if you liked my email.

Bye Duke

My favourite free time activity!

I have many different free-time activities like dancing, yoga, listening to music, making comic books and videos for flipgrid, writing blogs and many more but my favourite is painting. I love painting. I don’t have much free time during the week but at the weekend I paint all day. I don’t do anything else. I don’t do my homework, I don’t help mum do the chores. I only paint. I started painting at a very young age. The age of 2 years old. Ok, I wasn’t painting very well. From my paintings, I want to illustrate real life. When I’m sad because of a terrible experience or something else, I illustrate that terrible thing in my paintings. It’s very special to me because when I paint I forget everything. What’s your favourite free time activity?

What do I do in quarantine that makes me happy

We are all tired of quarantine but there are some things that make us happy like a hobby!

I really like to cook so I cook meals for my family. I often ride my bike near my house with my brother. I love reading books too! Ι play a musical instrument but I don’t have much time because I have to study for my online classes. It makes me happy to spend time with my family.

What makes me happy in Quarantine

These days aren’t the best to go out. I would like to share with you how I am spending my time and make my shelf as happy as I can.

We all have friends who stay far away in other cities and it is difficult to connect. It’s time to talk with them from Skype or Viber.

Coronavirus made it hard to eat out at our favourite restaurant. It is time for me to practice my cook skills on healthy recipes. I learnt how to make pasta, baked beans, vegetarian cupcakes and other things.

It is a great time for me to wake up in the morning and practice some fun exercises that my coach sent to me to do.

What is more beautiful than coming together as a family. We are playing board games, we are watching movies, we are going for short walks and we are trying to spend as much time together.

It is rare to find opportunities like these to spend a good time with my family and do a lot of things that I like!!!

A Different May Day!

Hi John,
How are things? I hope you’re well! In this e-mail, I want to tell you about May Day. As you know, I’m a May boy because I was born on the 15 of May. May is my favourite month because I love poppies and generally I like all flowers. The day before May Day, I and my dad went to a special place to collect some flowers because we wanted to make a beautiful wreath. It took a while because my dad wanted to collect more flowers so that we could make bouquets for mum and grandma. After 2 hours we had managed to collect a lot of flowers. When we returned home we gathered our flowers and started making our wreath. When we finish it, we hanged it on the door. It was very beautiful. On May Day we decided to eat outside in our garden. It was great. The food was delicious and the hometown was peaceful and quiet.
I’m waiting for your answer,

How I spend these days and what makes me happy

These days I have a good time. I’m involved with many things these days. I do gymnastics, I ride a bike with my mum and many more. We do English lessons through an application and it’s perfect. We are thinking of starting dance lessons with video calling and I can’t wait. I don’t want to go back to the time when I didn’t have any free time and I had a lot of lessons and things to do. What makes me happy is that I have a lot of free time to take care of my family and myself.