KEDU Senior C

My very cool speedlink headphones

My favourite device is my headphones. Mr Mike bought this because I have a lot of elec points. When I got the headphones I was very happy because I got very cool headphones. The headphones have a microphone and very good sound in computer games. The headphones have my favourite colours black and red. In my free time, I do karaoke with my sister and speak English with google for practice. In the next year, I will do flipgrid and will call my friends in skype with my headphones.

I love it very much!!!

My family

I love my family. There are a lot of members in my family, so I like it very much. First of all, there are my parents, my mum and my dad’s, then there are my grand-parents,2 grandmas and 2 grandpas. The other members of my family are my dad’s brother, his wife, their children, my mum’s sister, her husband, their child, my mum’s cousin, her mother, her child, her sister and go long. Finally, I have a big family with a lot of members in it. I can’t wait to have a new cousin either a sister or a brother.

A trip to france

This year I will go to France for the holidays. I will go to see the Eiffel tower and to see the Louvre Museum and to go to eat crepe and other sweets. Then I will go to see my pen friend Arthur. Then I will go to the park to play football with my friend. After I will go to the ship to go back to my country.

Summer in Mytilene

The sun is hot. The sea is like oil. People wear sunglasses and hats to protect their bodies. You can see the castle across the beach and the beautiful blue sea. Also, you can see the boats fish on the sea. The people doing sunbathing. The seagulls fly in the blue sky. The kids are playing with the rocks. We do a lot of sports on the beach. For example volley, rackets, swimming, sailing and others… The Fishermen are going to fish. I love my summer holidays in Mytilene because it doesn’t have a lot of noise and You can taste great food.

Do you know how to play Uno?

Do you know how to play Uno? The answer is yes. But, do you know how to play Uno on the Internet? My sister told me an app named, Uno. As soon as, I installed it, I liked it. Uno (on the Internet) is playing only four players. You can play alone or with teammates. If you win, you get money from losers. Also, Uno app has contests. You can change the colour of the cards, too. My favourite track is “wild weekend” because it hides many surprises. I liked Uno on the Internet and I will never delete it from my phone.


Hi Thomas!
How are you?
Do you remember the blog which I had written that I will go to Italy? Well, I went to Italy. It was so cool. I had a great time. I will tell you where we went. First of all, yes, we went by plane. We went to the Colosseum. Believe me, you must go there too. We went to the Vatican, to the castle of angels, and to the Fontana di trevi. Also, we always spoke in English because we were in Italy. It was amazing! You have to go too!

From your best friend

My favourite season!

My favourite season is spring. The flowers bloom and the trees bear fruits like the Cherry tree. The bees collect pollen. The birds come from cold places. In the spring, the day grows up more than the night. We are doing the first baths in the sea. We wear t-shirts and shorts. We do picnics in the country and we walk on the streets. We ride the bicycle and we play with our families. We eat ice creams and drink cold juices. After the spring, the summer is coming and the schools close. I love spring for all these things which it offers.


YouTube is a video repository where you can upload a video. We can upload a video that is private, public, or shareable by a link. Also, we can edit the video. For example, we can add subtitles or creates some effects for the video. I can create my own channel where the others can watch and comment on my videos. I can watch and comment on the other videos too. We can watch films, video clips and we can listen to music. I love YouTube and I really like the inventor of YouTube. As well, YouTube is very useful and I like to use it.

Family link!

Family Link is an app that you can install on your phone. But your dad and mom also need to install it because this app is there to protect kids who have a phone. In this app, your dad or mom can set the time the child goes to bed. Also, your parents can see which applications their children have installed. I don’t like this family link and one day I tried to delete it, but I couldn’t. My Parents can delete this application with their phone. But on the other hand, I like this app because it’s nice to turn off the phone at night.

It was a near miss to lose something priceless!

Hi guys! How are things? Today I want to talk to you about my class which came together for a special project. But let’s start from the beginning. It was a sunny day and I was doing maths, when suddenly the door of the class opened and our director came in and he told us: “You must come together to do a special project which will represent our school to a competition. We chose you because you’re the best class of our school with the best ideas. We were all happy and surprised too. The preparations start the same day because we had only one week to do the project. But the problem was one: each one wanted to write his or her idea on the paper for the project. It was so unbelievable because our class was special and we couldn’t work together and help each other. Our teacher was so angry with us that in the end, she left our class because she couldn’t “bring us round”. When we saw the door closed we were so sad because we were” fighting”. When we understood our mistake, we caught our hands each other and we said: We won’t do that again. We are so sorry and we promise that from now we will always help each other and work together. And do you know something? It doesn’t matter that we didn’t win the competition because we won something priceless: our friendship which was a near miss to lose it.

The weather yesterday!

The weather in my town is always sunny and hot, but the weather yesterday was exactly the opposite. At first, in the morning, it was raining a lot. My family and I were so sad because we had organized a trip to Agiasos. Then, in the midday, the weather was cloudy. We tried to go swimming in the sea, but the water was so frozen so we went back home. In the end, in the afternoon, it started snowing. When the snow diminished, my brother and I went outside the house, in the garden and we made a snowman. It was really nice. It was snowing all night and because of that, I was very happy.

Online lessons!

Online lessons are so cool! I love them! But sometimes, it’s not as nice as I describe it. For example, I don’t have a good Internet. Also, online lessons can harm our eyes, and they are not very good, but I prefer online lessons than going to school. Having lessons online is fun. We play games, we do our spelling, correct the exercises and have a good time. Miss Vicky is our teacher and she is very smart. I am glad we have miss Vicky as our teacher and I like Online lessons with her because she makes us laugh.