KEDU Senior C

MY DREAM HOUSE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🏘🏘🏘🏡

My house has three floor . On the first floor there is a big kichen and a bathroom . On the second floor there is a huge living room and many bedrooms . On he third floor  there is a another big bedroom with beds for dogs . In the garden there are many trees and flowers . I play with my friends and dogs my favourite games in the garden . My  dream house has nice bright colours insise .  It is made of stone and is very modern . The best part of the house is the pool . I can swim whenever . I want and my  friends and I can have lots of fun .


My Ideal Neighborhood

My ideal Neighborhood is a place where the streets have got a lot of bikes and children. It has a lot of housetrees and  parks. So there are a lot of clothes and shoe shops. There are a lot of friendly people who are kind. I feel good with what I see and the people in my neighborhood are  very  happy. There aren’t  any dogs and cats to make a lot of noise in my neighborhood. In my neighborhood it doesn’t have very bad  weather , it has got good weather. I love my ideal Neighborhood.


Minecraft is my favourite computer game. It’s a very easy game. You must build a or anything do you want. I build a Magdonatch and a Hotel. I love this game because is very good to spend your time.


Halloween is a celebration on 31st of October and it is celebrated in a lot of countries some of them being: China, Dubai, Hong Kong, Japan, Philippines, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Romania, Russia, Spain, Sweden, U.K, Canada, the U.S.A, Mexico.

In America, the tradition is celebrated by people dressed up with scary costumes and children going from house to house knocking on the doors saying ”Trick or Treat” hoping to have their bags full of candy at the end of the day. They also carve pumpkins with faces and put candles on the inside so they light up making them scary at night.

In Europe they celebrate Halloween pretty much the same, they carve pumpkins, they dress up, they go Trick or Treating and tell scary stories. They also do a lot of events and celebrate the Irish tradition of Jack o ‘Lantern . Not a lot of countries celebrate Halloween, in fact, there are only 14 countries that celebrate it.

In Asia the way they celebrate is just a little different in Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore they go all out with pumpkins but is Thailand and Vietnam, any vegetable will do if it keeps its shape. Trick or Treating is for the kids while costumes are for adults. They don’t really decorate but they have a lot of terrifying stories.

My ideal neighbourhood

My ideal neighbourhood is a peaceful place with no cars or motorbikes.There are small houses with gardens and flowers.There are horses,donkeys and bikes for transport.There is a cinema,a supermarket,a public pool,a post office ,schools ,libraries and cafes by the sea.Everyone is friendly to eachother.the streets are quiet after school because everyone goes to the library to study.There is also a mall where people go shopping and an amusment park where children go at the weekends and have birthday parties there.There is also a shop that gives free food to the kids everytime they are hungry or forget their food at home.There are also dog competitions every the centre of the neighbourhood is a lake where you can go rowing!


Halloween is celebrated on the 31st of October . The children knock on the doors and ask for a trick or treat . The kinds are dressed as something scary . The hos are decorated with pumpikins , skeletons and gohosts . Every house gives sweets or money  to the children . Children go from house to house to collect a lot of sweets . I love halloween very much !!!!!


my favourite superhero

My favourite superhero is Thor. Thor is a god of Vikings and he is a Marvel character. Thor is a team with Avengers Hulk, Iron man, Captain America, Black window and other. His power is the lighting and he has won a lot of battles and he eliminates Thanos the biggest enemy of Avengers. I like Thor very much! Who is your favourite superhero?


Halloween is a celebration on 31st October. People decorate their houses with pumpkins, cobwebs, witches and lot of other scary things. Trick or Treat is a celebration for children. Children go dressed in costumes from house to house, asking for treats such as candy and sometimes money. The food that the people eat are:candy apples, cakes, pumpkins and lot of meat. They also remember the dead and mainly the death of Jack-o-latern.


spooky season 🎃🕸️👻

Halloween is a celebration many countries celebrate on the 31st of October. Many theories exist to explain where Halloween came from. Some say it was a Christian holiday while others say it is from the ancient Celtic harvest festivals. Halloween activities include trick or treating, dressing up with scary costumes, carving pumpkins into jack-o-lantern, lighting bonfires, apple bobbing, playing pranks, visiting haunted attractions, telling scary stories as well as watching horror films. There are also theories that people dress up scary because it will scare the ghosts away.


Yakhchal is a building allows cold air to pour in from entries at the base of the structure and descend to the lowest part of the Yakhchal, large underground spaces up to 5.000 m3 (180,000 cu ft) in volume. At the same time, the tall conical shape of the building guides any remaining heat upward and outside through openings at the very top of the building,and through this active process the air inside the yakhchal remains cooler than the outside.


Pompeii it was a city in Southern  Italy. In 79 A.D a terrible eruption of the volcano Vesuvius. A huge wave of ash wrote everything after a few hours that erupted the volcano.