KEDU Senior C

My last 15th August

My last 15th August was a very cool day. I woke up at 9 o’ clock. My family and I went to the church and here I saw my cousins my aunt and my uncle. After the church we went to eat breakfast in a cafeteria. At 12 o’clock all the family went to our home and took photos. At 2 o’clock we ate our lunch to my uncle’s home. In the afternoon my family and I went for a swim at the beach. At the night we went to the restaurant and my cousins, my sister and I played policemen and robbers. At 1 o’clock I went to sleep. I won’t forget this day because it was very cool!!!

A strange surprise

It’s Monday when we close for the Coronavirus. In this day I woke up at 7 o’clock for school. I had my breakfast and I went to school by my father’s motorbike. At 1 o’clock I left for home and I ate lunch with my family. After 4 hours I went to my English lessons. In my English lessons Mr. Mike said<<Today we close for the Coronavirus and tomorrow we won’t go to the school. Then I went to my tae-kwon-do lessons and we were 8 children. When I left from tae-kwon-do my mum said<<Theodore today we close for the Coronavirus>>. This was very strange and sad!!!

The monastery in Pytheri

The monastery in Pytheri is a monastery close to Eresos. It is a old short building with a lot of picture of my god. On 15th August every year all my family go in Pytheri because it have a lot of colorful flowers and I like smell them. In the monastery I always the believe prayer too. When I went for first time in Pitheri I said “ this is the most wonderful monastery I had ever seen” and take a lot of photos the flowers. The monastery is beautiful because it has a lot of strange birds. Every year in Easter and in 15th August I visit this monastery!!!

My last christamas

My last Christmas was very cool. In 25th December in the morning I woke up at 9 o’clock. My sister and I started to open our presents from Santa Clause. Santa clause gave me a Bluetooth speaker and my sister gave an electronic clock. After that we went to the church with my grandparents. Then my grand mum made a cake for breakfast. At the noon my family, my grandparents, my uncle and I ate lunch. In the afternoon my sister and I went to my cousins to play with the walkie talkies. In the night my family and saw a Christmas movie.

I remember this day for my whole life!!!

My favourite season

Summer is the hottest season of all and it is my favourite season. In this season I have my birthday. Summer is a season for relax because the school year begins in September.

In the Summer I play a lot of games with my friends and I swim in the sea. In the Summer I do a daily routine too: I woke up at 10 o’clock. I take my breakfast and watch some television. Then I play board games with my sister. At 2 o’ clock my family and I eat our lunch and sleep. In the afternoon my mother, my sister and I go to swim in the sea. After that we go to see my grandparents. At night I sleep at 11 o’ clock .

This is my daily routine.

I love the summer because the summer I have a lot of free time!!!

My party!

Hi Mark,

I haven’t seen you for one week. I’m fine because you have sent an email to me. Today is my party and I want to come to this. For you to come to my party, you go to the station and I will call my dad. My dad will go to the station by taxi and bring you. Ok. You will come to my house and help me. Yes. You could bring some cake or biscuits. Anna will bring some chips, George will bring some pizza and Jim will bring some orange juice. We will have a great time.

I’m waiting for you.

Bye for now!


My favourite superhero

My favourite superhero is Capten America.

Capten America is a brave handsome superhero and he fights with the Avengers. Capten America is my favourite superhero because he fights in wars ,he always wins the enemies. My favourite part is with Capten America is when he fights in endgame war with his thunder.

Capten America dies in the end of the endgame avengers movie and gives his shield to the Falcon.

Capten America can fight very well and he is the first of the Avengers. Capten America takes part in all of the wars and saves a lot of peoples from the enemies!!


Avengers and infinity war

I had seen Avengers and infinity war before 2 days. The movie was about Avengers who get help from all other superheroes to kill Thanos who create an army of monsters to kill Avengers. Thor makes a new rub and goes to fight with the superheroes of the galaxy. Thor kills a lot of monsters with his thunder but Thanos gets all the magic stones and goes away with the stone of the time. In the end a lot of superheroes die because Thanos gets all the magic stones. The movie is wonderful because it has special effects!!!

The Best Class Ever!

Hello guys! How are things going? I hope you’re well! Today I want to talk about the best class ever called “Senior C 2” of which I became a member last September. The other children’s names in this class are Chrysavgi, Christine, John, George, Thomas and Jim and they are all my best friends. They are all very creative and I think I will always have fun because they are also very kind and very funny. Their little hearts are full of kindness and happiness. But do you know who is the best person in this class: Mrs Vicki.  Mrs Vicki is a teacher who has always the best mood to explain me anything I haven’t understood and she always makes me laugh, even though I am sad and that’s why it will be my pleasure if she continues to be my teacher from September. I’m dedicating this blog to the best class ever: Senior C 2 and of course to my teacher: Mrs Vicki!

Summer plans

In summer wherever you go has beauty but my family and I are planning to go to my village named Plomari. We will stay there for a week and after we will come back to Mytilene.

Also, my aunt is coming here for a week and we are going to visit the beautiful village of Eressos and stay there for three days. When my aunt leaves I will go with my family and my friends to Sigri and we will stay there for two days

Finally, in August, I might go with my sister to my village Kalamata but this is not sure. I hope that I will though!

My best friend

My friend Dimitra is 12 years old and she is my best friend. Dimitra is very tall and has long brown hairs and big brown eyes. She is thin and she has a great body. She has a beautiful smile and she has a few spots. She is really pretty!

She likes wearing shorts and T-shirts in summer and in winter she likes wearing long sleeves and trousers. She usually has her hair up but she sometimes has her hair down.

I love Dimitra because she has a kind heart and is friendly with everyone and that’a why I have chosen her as my best friend