A holiday story DUKE

Hi guys
I am Duke and I want to tell you my story.

The story started from my house and I with my family planned to go on a holiday to Italy. So we travelled by plane and when we arrived our suitcases had disappeared. We were in shock but after a few minutes, our suitcases were found from the staff of the airport. Then we took a taxi to go to the hotel. But before we arrive the driver told us that the tyre from the taxi pierced. So we arrived at the hotel on foot. We were really tired and when we saw the hotel I could not believe my eyes.

Finally, during the holiday we did not have any problems. We were very frightened about the suitcases and the taxi also we were tired from the walk. But I was very happy because the holiday was not as boring as I thought.

We can write about another subject!

Hi, Jim
How are things? How’s your family? I hope you’re all well!!! In this blog, I will talk about two things. First, I would like to thank you for all your kind words and I know they are from deep inside. You will remain my friend whatever happens. Second when it comes to the blog that’s a brilliant idea. I had been thinking about it a long time ago but I wasn’t sure about what we could write about. In your last blog, you wrote that we can say about the KENTERIS English language school. That’s a cool idea but I have written about this subject in the past so I have another suggestion: We can write about our teacher, Mrs Vicki and I think we have a lot of wonderful and nice things to say about her.
Best wishes,
Your friend

The Doctor. The Story of a Prodigy.

Hi guys! How are things? I hope you’re well!!! Today I want to talk to you about a story of a young autistic boy called Ali. That story happened in Turkey many years ago, so don’t worry if you haven’t ever heard any name of the story. First, I want to tell you some specialities that the autistic people and especially Ali have: First, they don’t want anybody to touch them (the single person that Ali wanted to touch him was his brother), they can’t defend themselves, they don’t talk a lot, they all are genius and they want you to take care of them, to have faith to them. Nobody wanted Ali. Neither his classmates nor his parents. The single person that was taking care of him, that had faith to him was his brother. Ali loved him and his brother was doing whatever he could to see Ali happy. After a lot of time, Ali and his brother had an accident which costed his brother’s life. After that Ali’s parents took him to an orphanage. When Ali was a little child he wanted to be a surgeon and he had promised to his brother that he would be. And he managed it. He studied a lot and when a surgeon, doctor Adil visited him at the orphanage he became surprised. When Ali grew up doctor Adil who was taking care of him took him to the hospital he was working at to be the helper of another doctor, doctor Ferman. At first, nobody wanted him again except for a woman, doctor Nazli. After a long time they finally all understood that Ali was a genius and that he had always a solution to every problem in surges. Ali was living in the same block of flats with doctor Nazli. Nazli was taking care of him. She was cooking for him and she was generally trying to make everybody love Ali. Ali felt in love with Nazli but he didn’t know how to tell her that. He bought a beautiful rose and he told her it. And because of his love, he tried to overcome his problems and live like a normal person.

My daily routine

Hi, Clara,
You asked me what my everyday routine is. Well, I usually get up at 7 p.m. I get quickly ready and I leave for school around 7:45. When school finishes at 1 o’clock, I go home and I usually eat lunch with my family. When I finish my lunch, I do my homework because at 4 o’clock I have volleyball. Finishing volleyball at around 6 o’clock, I come back home, I take a shower and then I go to bed and check my phone. Finally, at around 11 o’clock, I go to bed. That’s my everyday routine! What’s yours?
With love, Christine.

Can we write a blog together?

Hello Panagiotis!
How are you? Are you fine?
I love your blog posts and I am a fan of your blog. Your blog posts have a lot of feels, make sense and they don’t have mistakes at all. One day, I want to write a blog with you. I imagine it will be a lot of fun. I want to write about the KENTERIS English language school this year. I will be happy as soon as you give your answer to this blog.

Wait for your reply
from your classmate

About Iceland!

I love Iceland. It is my second place which I want to go to. Iceland has access to North America and 320,000 inhabitants. The traditional Icelandic food is Skyr. Skyr is a dairy product that looks complete with Greek yoghurt but has a milder taste. An Icelandic custom is that on Christmas Day when people open gifts, Icelanders spend a few hours doing only one thing: reading books. A historic event in Iceland is that it was created by a volcanic eruption and that is why the whole island is burning like lava.

My favourite things to do in the summer!

I can’t wait for the summer to come! I have already gone for swimming two times but I’m excited to go swimming in the sea again! I live near the sea so it’s easy to go by bike. I would like to go on a trip somewhere in Greece but I can’t because of the COVID-19. I wish to eat many ice-creams too, cause they are delicious! I like to go for walks with my friends and spend time with my family. I want to watch thriller movies and listen to music. I want to play Minecraft because I like spending time playing it. I have a lot of books in my library that I haven’t read yet and I want to read them in the summer. I like to cook sweets and cakes too and I’m going to try making my own ice-cream.

My super cool xbox!

One day, our dad bought us a console. My sister and I loved it. We do gymnastics, we play Forza horizon, we watch movies on Netflix or on youtube. My console is xbox360. It has a camera to see us when we do gymnastics. Also, it has a remote control. The Xbox 360 has characters that you can dress up or change the colour of their eyes and hair. Μy sister and I have done for all my family. I am glad that we have a console to play or to watch movies and I don’t want to buy a new console.

Stay home for too long!

These days, We must stay at home. I do a lot of things in my house. I play the piano, I do gymnastics, I listen to music and others… My schools found the solution and I do lessons at my home. I spend my time very well but sometimes I don’t like the lessons very much on the Internet because we didn’t have very good wi-fi and without wi-fi, we don’t do a lesson. Fortunately, we have our cats for company! I love my family and I am glad which these days, I spend my time with them.

My favouite sport!

I’m fond of many different sports, but my favourite one is running. Every day my friends and I do races at school and I always win. When I run I forget everything. Running has got only one rule: you must respect the others. I love it because I have learned many things. I meet new people so I make new friends. And one thing’s for sure if you try you can succeed in every goal. Everything in our lives seems to be like a race. My dream is to run in other countries’ races but my parents want me to finish my studies first. When that happens…there will be nothing to stop me.

The stinky raccoon who becomes president.

Once upon a time, there was a stinky raccoon that lived in a forest. It was his dream to become president of the forest but he was too stinky that the other animals had to stay 3 meters away from him. He had no friends and he was feeling lonely and sad. But the worst of all he couldn’t become the president of the forest. One day he decided to order a super perfume from the internet. It was on sale. Once the package arrived he was so excited and tried it right away. He went for a walk to the forest and all the animals were scared of him but they realized that he wasn’t stinky anymore. Αll the animals ran to meet him! The raccoon told them his dream and the next voting the animals voted for him. He was so happy that his dream came true.

My smartwatch!

I love my smartwatch! My uncle bought it for me last summer. The model of my smartwatch is Fitbit charge 2. Last week, I bought a new strap. It has pulse measurement, calorie measurement, timer, daily mileage, stair measurement, and alarm clock. It has a blue colour and it is waterproof. It has a good and strong battery. I only charge for half an hour. Ιts battery lasts for one week. I love it because it reminds me of my uncle who lives in France.