KEDU Senior C

Volcano !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One day I went to explor a volcano with my parents because I love andventures and excursion . When  we reached our destination we slowy started to climd up the volcano . Suddenly half way up we heard a strange noise . We looked up and saw  smoke  coming out of the volcano and felt a tremble . The sky became black and we started running down the volcano scared and shouting for help . When we got down from the volcano we looked back and saw lava coming out .  We  quicky got in our car . We felt extremely relieved as we drove away .

Sunday at the scary volcano

Hello, my name is Sylia and I live in a hotel with my mum and my dad. On Sunday we thought a good idea to visit a volcanic, When we got to the volcano it started to smoke and we were scared because the lava was running to above as. we are never going to be in that place again!

The most adventurous day of my life

 One day my friends called me to ask if I wanted to  go on a trip to Santorini with them tomorrow afternoon.                                                                                                 The next day we took the ship and went to Santorini,then we took the bus and went to see the most beautiful parts of the island.The first place who we went was the active volcano.                                                                                                      The time who climped to the top my friend told us the volcano was about to erupt. We run  straight down and got the bus to leave.                                                     We felt extremely realived as we drove away.


An adventure on the volcano😁

One day my parents and I saw a big volcano. I was very excited and happy. My dad was happy, and my mum was very scared.

When we got to the volcano, my mum was exhausted but my dad and I were very excited and a little tired. We saw smoke coming out of the volcano.

My mum saw lava coming to us. We ran quickly, my dad saw our car. We got in our car, I saw the lava of the window, my dad drove very fast.

My parents and I were very scared,  and the lava was coming at us. We felt extremely relieved as we drove away.


                                                                              Arhontia Doukarelli    😊😉

A travel to a volcano

My family and I travelled to Santorini. We climbed a big volcano. It’s so beautiful. Santorini has many volcanos. It took a long time to climb up the volcano. We saw many colour full rocks, some little birds and tall trees.

While we were climbing we heard a noise from the volcano. It started to erupt, and we felt very scared. We started to run down the mountain to the car.

We went to the car and we felt happy and scared. We felt extremely relieved when we drove away.

By the way….. I couldn’t see a volcano. This was my dream!

My favourite school subject

My favourite school subjects are history, odyssey and ancients. I like this lessons because i like ancient and mythical things. History is my favourite from 3rd Junior school the other lessons odyssey and ancients are from this class i am now 1st of High school. In this lessons i am very good and i want to be good and all the years i do them. What are your favourite lessons.

My Dream House

    I imagine my dream house to be near the sea. It must be a beautiful white house with blue windows.

I would like it to have two floors with the first floor to be my kitchen,the living room and a toilet for the guests.

My kitchen would be white with a big window with a wiew of the garden.

My living room will have comfortable sofas and a large library, beautiful paintings and pictures and a large dining room

where i would have launches and dinners with friends and family. Also it should have  large windows with a view of the sea.

The second floor should have three bedrooms and a toilet. In my bedroom there is a desk with my computer, a library with books and favourite

objects of my trip adventures. Of course it should have my bed and pictures of me and my family. The bedrooms should be cozy ,spacious with a lot of light.

It also has a garden with beautiful trees and flowers and a big pool so me, my family and my friends would have funny moments.

A story about a volcano

Yesterday we went to a volcano. It all happened when we saw a piece of paper saying that the one who will go to the top of the volcano will receive one thousand euros. Then we tried to climb the volcano.

Two hours later we reached the top but we saw lava so we started running as fast as we could. The lava almost got us but fortunately, we were quicker and we went down the volcano without any accidents.

When we finally reached the ground we couldn’t find our car. We looked everywhere but we didn’t see it anywhere. So we did the only thing we could which was run on foot but then we saw it and got in as fast as we could. We felt extremely relieved as we drove away.


Santorini’s adventure

My parents and I felt very excited as we got on the bus. It was a beautiful morning in Santorini. The sun was shining and a warm brereze was blowing-the perfect weather for a climbing.

Eventually, we arrived on the foot of Santorini’s volcano. We were hiking on it when something heard.

It was a strange noise that I had never heard before. Suddenly, the volcano erupted. We started running down the mount to escape from the eruption.

Luckily, there was a bus passing by and we got inside. We left, but we lived a real adventure. We felt extremely releived as we drove away.

My favourite games

My favourite games are Fortnite, Gta V and Rainbow six siege. I love this games because there are war games and very difficult. In Fortnite there are 100 players in a map and your mission is to win the match you jump of the bus and you open your glider to land safely in the ground. Then you have to find weapons to kill other players. If you are 1v1 you have to build and play buildfight. If you win the game you get Victory Royale. If you die you lose the game. In Gta V you are a man or a woman and you have missions. You have a car, bycicle, motorcycle, airplane or a boat. You are in a Mafia and you have your own clubs or casinos. You have and weapons to kill other players. In Rainbow six siege there are 5v5 the defenders and the attackers. The defenders is in a house and they protect a hostage, a bomb or an area and they fortify the room and barricaded. Attackers have 60 seconds to find with a drone the objective. Whwn the 60 seconds finish they go to kill the other team to win. They have to win 3 rounds to get the money to unlock new operators. I like this games and i prefer them to everyone see this blog post.

A story

Last November my family and I woke up at seven o’clock. We had our breakfast after a while told us we would go an excursion near a volcano. When we got there we stood to look the beautiful view of a volcano. We had our picnic and later decided to climb up the volcano. As we were walking up to the volcano began to erupt. We quickly ran out down to the car to save ourselves. We all got to the car to save ourselves and we felt extremely relieved as we drove away!!!


Last weekend my family and I decided to go on a hike up the a volcano. When we drove there I was amazed with the scenery. My mum start taking pictures .  We put on our backpacks and started to walk up the volcano ready to explore . It  was a steep and difficult climb but we were all so exited. As we were approaching the top suddenly we felt as tremble . We looked each other with fear and guickly realized that the volcano was going to arupt. We tuned and ran down as fast as we could while lava was flowing out of the volcano . We  got on the mini bus we had hired and drove off . We felt extremely relived as we drove away .