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An trip to Canada

Good morning readers.So thank you all for the 10.000 followers and also is the 40 block so i have  prepared somethink fantastic for you.Tis year i decided with some of my friends an travel to Canada again and go to Mankatsa waterfalls we will leave in three days.In this video i want you all to like and follow me,if you want write where you whould like to go on a trip.

summer holidays

hi my name is sulia and i want to say that in a few days.I will go on vacation to mykonos with my friend stavroula and together we will upload a new video on tik tok and i want you to write to us at the schools if you like what i will go up with stavroula for you guys will be there next summer.

My summer vocation!

Hi everyone.

Thanks for your comments and likes.I have got some nice news about my summer vocation.My cousins ​​in Cyprus have built one amazing hause with pool and they invited me to go there just when the school  ends.I will stay in Leykosia for two months .They have told me for beautiful beaches and fantastic fun parks and malls with everything you can imagine in I am realy looking forward to go on that trip.

Did any of you ever go there; Plese leave the comments to tell me about your location.I would be glad to readed. Bey for now!!!


My blog entry

 Hi everyone! Thanks for your comments on my last entry. Today I will tell you for my summer plans.

The next summer I will go with my four friends to Africa. My friend’s mom is from Africa and she has a house there, so we will stay there.

We will go for see elephants, camels, lions and hippos.We will ride elephants and camels and will play with koalas.

What are you doing on your summer plans? Thanks for watching. Please leave a comment below! Bye for now!!!😋😊

My summer vacation

Hi guys! Thanks for the 450 followers.I ‘ve got some great news for my summer vacation!

Yesterday one of my friends bought the lottery and won 500.000 euros!!!! He invited me and some some other friends to a trip to Hawai for 2 weeks!!.Its an exotic island with volcanos, beautiful beaches and an amazing jungle.

We booked a luxurious hotel with a navy beach.We are going to swim during the day and explore the jungle in the afternoon! I cant wait! We are leaving tommorow.So dont question yourself why im not online!Anyway.What about you.Where are you going this summer?Write down the comments and I will see you in 2 weeks!!!

Butter Sculpture

The history of carving food into sculpture is ancient hardly known by many . The butter that people are using for breakfast a tasty meal can bring out this art form and who would thought about that ? Butter sculptures often look animals,people and other objects . They are best known as attractions in the United States as life size cows and people, but can also be found on tables or as a decoration.

entry about your summer holidays

I thinking one day to go to my holiday home with mymum and my dad and stay all dad and i went to the beach and tooka bath all noon my grandma cooking steaks and after a gorgeous ice the night my grandpa makes tost for all of us.

Arrived Julu 30 and i am so happy show i have a celebration with my grandpa,my grandma makes ice cream cake  for me and my grandpa.The other mornig he called another for my grandma and my grandpa and said  that  he would come for a vacation in mytilene and would stay with us all summer.

August has arrived and i am very happy to go to school in a few days and see my friend. On sunday all together we prepared to go on anexcurcion all together  for a walk in agiasos.Summer is over and school starting.


This is a strange work of art. It is amazing because it is made of hundreds of matches! This specific piece symbolizes money. It is the dollar sign. It probably took a very long time to create. It is a little dangerous because it might be accidentally burned and it will be destroyed in less time than it to make.I liked it because it is something anyone can make.

My Blog

Hello readers!

Firstly, I want to thank you for your amazing comments! Secondly, I want to tell you about a trip I want to take to Greece. As we all know Greece is a very beautiful place and it has a lot of museums because of its history. If you would like to know I will stay with my grandparents because they’re Greeks. I am so excited to see the museums and the beautiful beaches and taste their delicious food. That’s all I have to say. In 5 days I will upload a new blog. Stay safe and be happy.

Aris K.

Holidays 💞💞

Hello I’m Myrsini and i want to tell you about my holidays. I am went to Petra for the summer with my parents. We did much things here. Then we went to the restaurant to eat something tasty and yummy. We leave from the Petra on Sunday. I love to went holidays to Petra!


Make a robot, a future job

    Robot destruction a future job

A strange art is robot destruction. In the future, everything will use with robots but many people will lose their job. The solution is people control the robots. With that, the factories will have many products ina little time. Robots can do everything you want but, it becomes environmental damage. Robots are very goods machines. 

To make a robot is very difficult. For make, the robot must know very good maths and computers. 

The robot destruction is one of my favourite jobs !

My favourite series

Hi guys, thanks for the support. Today I am gonna talk about my favorite series Hunter X Hunter. A Hunter is someone that travels  the world doing all sorts of dangerous tasks . From capturing criminals to searching lands for any lost treasures. The main character is Gon . Gon is a young boy whose father dissappeared long ago being a Hunter . He believes if he could follow his father’s path he could one day meet him. After becomig 12, Gon leaves his home on a task of entering the Hunter exam. He met Kurapika , Leorio and Killua and became best friends. With there friendship they are trying a dangerous carrer of being a hunter. What’s your favourite series ?