KEDU Senior C

The white tower


The white tower is an ancient monument. The white tower was created in 13th century. It is a tall building. A lot of tourists when we go to the Thessaloniki they go to the white tower too. Now the white tower is a museum. The height of the tower is 40 m. Τhe shape of the tower is cylindrical. The white tower is unique because it was very ancient. It is the most beautiful sight in Thessaloniki !!!

My last school year!

  • Hallow everyone i’m Dimitra and today i’ll speak about my last school year!
  • A few days i’ll go at the first class of high school. The sixth grade had both easy and  demanding subjects, but most of them were easy.
  • On owr free-zoon brake we had fun with my friends as we were playing chase and we were running all over the school yeard.
  • Our teachers were a bit severe but mostly, they were fun and kind. Sometimes our principal teacher was letting us playing outside.
  • It was an unforgettable scholl year and we had lots of  fun with my friends!

I can’t live without..

Hi everyone I’m Dimitra and today I’ll speak about mobile phones!

So i use me phone every day for 2 or 3 hours. I can’t use ot more because my dad believes that is bad for my health.

I use it when i am bored, when i want to speak with my friends and family that they live far away from lesvos and when i need information for a school lesson

If i ever lose my phone, I’ll lose all my memories so the half of me !!!!

Dream job

Hello everyone I’m Dimitra and at this time I’ll speak adout my dream job which is veterinary! Well i love dogs, so why not!

I want to be veterinary because i have a dog so i think that if i can take  care my dog i can take care and others dogs too ! My parents know that i really like this job so in the past they bought me cats, dogs, hamsters,rabbits, goldfish and canaries!!

According to my opinion the things that you can do to take care a dog is to give them love, attention and a home !!

So for these reasons i think that i have to do this job ! I like it so much!


Hello! I’m Dimitra and today i want to speak about my favourite county which is Italy! I like this place, because it has many interesting sightseeings like tower of Pisa, colosseum stadium and many archaeological places.

Italy also  has good food that is famous all over the world. My favourite food there is pizza with the thin base  and spaghetti Bolognese

Furthermore, i admire the Italian culture as the Italian painter Leonardo Da Vinci and the Italian music that sings Pavarotti and Marios Fragoulis !

Additional, italy is the centre of fashion, as there are many famous companies there such as Prada, Gucci, Armani and Trussardi !

For all this reasons i like italy si much!

My last Easter

My last Easter was my favourite day of the year. I woke up early in the morning in Eresos. My mum,my sister and I went to the church. After that we went to our home to paint the eggs with my cousins my sister,my aunt and I. Then we played in the garden with ball. At noon we ate and slept.In the afternoon we played and we went to the church . After two hours we went to my ungle’s home,threw fireworks and ate eggs and soup. At night I slept at 2 o’clock. I won’t forget this day because my last Easter was my favourite day of the year!!!

My summer evenings

Now, that it’s summer, I am out the most of the times in the evenigs. If I’m not out I will be at volleyball practice or staying inside because all of my friends are busy. A typical evening would be that I would start getting ready to go out and meet up with my friends. First I would brush my teeth and do my skincare. After that I would pick my outfit, which is the hardest part. I usually take about 20 minutes to choose what to wear and then do my hair. When I am done , I go out and have some fun. I usually come back around 9 p.m. I enjoy my evenings and my daily routine. Hanging out with friends is important to me and summer is relaxing and free.


Hello everyone , today i am going to speak about my favourite language which is french. I think that this language is misunderstood because some people believe it is a very easy language but in reality is the most difficult language in the world. I went to France last summer and i heard french people speak french and according to my opinion the accent of this language is etherial and esthetic. I want to learn how to speak french so well as french people!!

Global warming

Hi, everyone I’m Dimitra and i want to speak about global warming , which is real . The consecunces of global warming are the increase of the sea level because the icebergs are melting and the creation of floods and torndoes. For all these, are responsible  the pollution of our planet which has the effect of enlarging the ozone hole and increasing the temperature of our planet!


My opinion of the existence of aliens, orgeuse that they might exist, but they are not as we imagine.. They may live between us or they may not event have appeared on earth and what wehave already see  and experiment with, may be some kind of organism, that probably  looks like with the figure of the alien that we imagine.. no one can knows!

My favorite country

My favorite country is Germany . Germany is a very interesting country. There are meny attractions. Like many historic castles . As the castle Noisvastain .Germany also has very nice  kitchen. There are very nice dishes with clotted flavors . I have not been to Germany but I am looking forward to this day .

A magic afternoon

Yesterday in the afternoon at 6 o’ clock we went down to Eresos beach for a swim.

I swam with my sister and my mother and played with a ball.

At 7 o’ clock my cousins came. My cousins and I played rackets and football.
After an hour we saw the beautiful orange sun setting down over the mountains.
I quickly took a photo and then I admired the beautiful sunset.
My cousins said to me “This is so wonderful’.
I will remember this magic afternoon in my whole life.