My best friend

My best friend is Panos. He is a tall boy with brown hair and brown eyes .he is a special person in my life because we share our secrets. He is very honest. He always tells the truth. He is sometimes selfish because he thinks only about himself. In his free time he likes playing chess and watching films but he doesn’t play computers games. His favourite food is pasta. In our free time we like going to the cinema with our friends. Panos is a real friend and we have lots of fun together.

Theodore H.

My School..

My school is big and it has two big playgrounds. My school has good teachers. My favourite subject is P.E. Physical education and Maths. My school inside is big and hot. The classroom is very big. I have got a very good teacher. My school has got eighteen classrooms.Outside there is a playground in the back yard. I love my school.

Arhontia D.

Merry Christmas

At Christmas, I went to my grandmother and we cut altogether the New Year’s Eve cake. My grandmother gave me a beautiful board game. My aunt gives me a playmobile.
At 1 o`clock I play a lot of board games with my cousins. After two hours I ate a lot of melomakarona because I like them very much.
Then I came back to my house and I saw a lot of presents under the Christmas tree. I opened my present and I saw the smartwatch I wanted.
After my mum told me that she had a present for me. I opened and understood that she bought me the iPhone Pro 11. I was very happy.



Chara Athiniotou

My horses

Hi, I’m

    Savvas. Sometimes in my free time I go to my horses. When I go I give them water and food. Then I ride a horse, usually, I choose Alcatar my Arabic horse. When it is the evening I put him back in the trees.

    Savvas Chatzigeorgiou

Wrestling is my free time

In my free time, I go to wrestling lessons to learn to fight. I go to wrestling lessons three times a week with my best friend. At the beginning of the lesson, we start running and doing some exercises. After all these exercises, we start fighting with each other. In wrestling lessons, we wear jumpsuits and special shoes. Sometimes our teacher organises wrestling matches and students are excited. When I go to wrestling lessons I feel energetic and happy because in this sport I have fun with all the action. I want to continue doing wrestling for many years.

Raphael Mestros

Go to the Cinema

Hi everyone! In my free time, I play with my friends, my brother or read Books. Sometimes, when the weather is good I ride my bicycle. Also, I often go to the cinema with my friends.

Michaela Sklavou

Dancing is a sport

My hobby is dancing, more specifically Latin. I really like Latin and I have taken part in competitions and sometimes won. Latin has many dances in it, but the most basics ones are rumba, cha-cha-cha, samba, jive and Paso people. Also in Latin, if you know at least the basics steps you can wear special shoes with heels. Dancing is a way to express your feelings and enjoy doing it in your free time.
Daisy L

Lego is for Girls

In my free time, I play lego. I make houses and rooms
from lego. I like it because it is not boring but it is exciting. They are very small cubes that you join together to make whatever you like. There are lego friends, lego cities and lego movies. Lego is fun!!!
Evi Aik.

Tae-kwon-do is unique

My favourite hobby is tae-kwon-do. It’s an Olympic, fast-moving sport. I train with my friends. Tae-kwon-do is a martial art, you use your legs, hands and mind. Tae-kwon-do is special to me. In the future, I hope I will take part in the competition. I love tae-kwon-do.

Theodore Haralabidis

Drawing expresses feelings

My hobby is drawing. I draw pictures of many things. I use pencils, watercolours and markers. My family and my friends decorate their houses with my pictures. When my friends have their birthdays I make a birthday card for them. I love drawing and I spend all my money to buy equipment to draw my pictures.
Maria Eleftheriou B senior 2019

We play volleyball together

In my free time, I play volleyball. the rules are, we play together, we don’t kick the ball and we listen to the teacher. It is my favourite sport, it’s funny it’s exciting and it’s very enjoyable. I love volleyball because it is very good.
Myrsini S.