KEDU Senior B

In my free time

In my free time
I don’t have much free time because I have a lot of homework. Every day I have a tae-kwon–do lesson. On Tuesdays and Fridays, I have an English lesson. I usually play board games with my family such as rubicup. My sister and I play just dance and sing karaoke. I listen to music and I write blogs and I do book presentations because I like them. These days I have a lot of free time because I stay in the home to save from the coronavirus!!

Green Living

I already turn off the tap while brushing my teeth and when I leave I switch off the TV. I also throw recycling materials in the recycling bins. In the future, I plan to take my own cloth bag when I go shopping.

My mum

My mum’s name is Maria. She is a beautiful woman with blonde hair and brown eyes. My mum is a generous person because she likes giving things to other people. My mum does the housework and my sister sometimes helps too. Her favourite food is pasta. Her favourite TV show is “your face looks familiar”. She likes playing Monopoly and going to the cinema too. My mum also enjoys playing video games. In her free time, she loves playing with me and listening to music. I love my mother very much!!

Green activities at school 🏫

Hi Phil,
I really enjoyed reading your post. At our school, we are going to clean up beaches and forests. Also, we organized a cleanup day on Thursday. We are going to plant fruits and vegetables in our schoolyard and recycle waste materials from our school canteen.
I really enjoy reading your post I can’t wait to read more! BYE MARIA.

Μy grandparents

I have two grandparents. My grandmother’s name is Olga and my grandfather’s name Theodore. My grandparents like working at their farm and they are very generous. They like giving to people. My grandmother cooks, washes the plates and the clothes, makes sweets and sews. In their free time, they like playing board games (such us buzzer). They also like swimming, doing the housework and watching Greek films. I go to my grandparents in the summer. We have a daily routine: we wake up at 8 o’clock, we have breakfast, we wear our clothes and we go to the beach. I love my grandparents very much!!!

My eco-school

Welcome to my Eco-school.In my Eco-school we do recycling. In the cantine, we put bins for recycling. We create arts from recycled paper. On sunny days we do lessons outdoor. Every Tuesday we collect litters in our neighbourhood. We have fun altogether because we do all of the things to save the world from the rubbish and learn a lot of things about recycling.

A strange trip

One day my mother said to me “Theodore we will go on a trip to Thessaloniki”. Thessaloniki is a big city in Greece. We went to the Arctouros reserve for bears and to the military museum. When we went to the Water Land I had an accident. I hurt my head. At night when I slept I dreamed the Water Land. When I woke up at six o’clock I had to go to the hospital because I was getting dizzy. I stayed there for two days. When I exited the hospital I stayed two more days at Thessaloniki to do some shopping. Then I returned home. I will never forget this trip.

Think green!🌎

If you want to make your school more eco friendly you have to recycle materials especially the paper that you use. You can plant trees in the schoolyard. Put triple bins in every corner for ♻. Have healthy foods in the canteen with fresh fruits and vegetables. Organized green groups. Not to spend much water and more important is to use energy-efficient bulb !!!!♻♻♻

My favourite video game

My favourite video game is Lego races 1. I play it at the weekends with the controller of the play station 2 and 3. Lego races is an action/adventure game and the game is about races and you pick a car and have the race with all the cars of the game. If you win you will advance a level. You can throw a bump and go faster when you get a lego green or red. You can do ‘cruifault’ race-time race and built race. I like it because lego races is my favourite game.

My favourite city

My favourite city is Paris because Paris has a big Luna Park called “Disneyland”. When you visit Disneyland you can see the most exhausting parade with all the heroes of Disney you have ever seen. The Dixieland has a lot of rollers coaster and it is the biggest Luna park in Europe. Paris has a big tower the “Eiffel Tower”. The topical special food in Paris is ratatouille Paris is famous for the special cheeses and famous wines. I want to go to Paris with my sister and my cousin because I want to visit Disneyland. I hope to go one day.


How I can make my school eco-friendly

Eco-friendly schools have become very popular. There are a lot of things I can do to help make my school eco-friendly. Firstly, I have to use recycling bins. Secondly, I can create art from recyclable materials. Thirdly, I can help organize a clean day. Moreover, I can help make leaflets about how to be eco-friendly and make a club for kids who want to do the same.

Aris K.

How can I make my school eco friendly!

All of us can make our school an eco-friendly school. But, if we want to make it eco friendly we must do some things. Firstly, we can plant trees to have more oxygen, secondly, we must build a birdhouse, thirdly, we must organize a clean-up day, then, we must start a recycling club and last but not least, we must respect the environment because it’s the place that we live.

Teo G.