KEDU Senior B

A Quidditch match

Hi, Agapi!

How are you? I went to a Quidditch match last summer! It was amazing! I was with your godmother-my mum, my sister and your godfather-my dad. There had some things like tents were people live, fires and sleeping bags and for food, we had marshmallows and biscuits. The players of quidditch flew with broomsticks. But came Deatheaters and made the sky black. Some of these people who were coming to see the match were wizards. I feeling very excited because I met wizards! It was fantastic and I wish to go again but with you next time!

Your friend,


The journey 🥕

The journey starts in the mouth.The teeth 🦷chew the carrot 🥕.Then it goes down the throat and into the stomach. Acid and muscles break up the carrot and mash. The carrot then moves into the small intestine.The small intestine breaks it down into elements that our bodies use for energy and to repair bone, blood and muscle.🦷🥕🍽👄👅🧡

my family

My family

Hi, my name is Angeliki. I’m 12  years old. I have one brother and two sisters. Their names are Pantelis, Fotini and Eleni. My dad’s name is Aggelos and my mum’s Katerina. My brother is 16 years old my big sister is 15 years old and my little sister is 8 years old.

I love my family

so much.


The journey starts in the mouth. The teeth chew the pasta. Then it goes down the throat and into the stomach. Acid and muscles break up the pasta and mash it into a soup. The pasta then moves into the small intestine. The small intestine breaks it down into elements that our bodies use for energy and to repair bone, blood and muscle.

My favourite sport

football soccer

My favourite sport is football and there are eleven players on a football team. We can play football with a special ball and a net. I can play football really well.

Global warming

Global warming is one of the most serious problems in the world in our times. The main reason for it is the large quantities of CO2 in the atmosphere from factories and cars and the tones of rubbish in the lands and the oceans.

There are many problems which are caused by the global warming problem. Firstly, the CO2 in the atmosphere increases the temperate of earth and the ice of Antarctica and of the arctic is slowly melting, with the danger for a lot of cities to flood, and the (plastic and other) rubbishes and the wastes of factories end into the seas and oceans with the result the water to be rubbished and poison all the animals of the sea.

In order to be faced the global warming,  alternative energy sources must be used (solar panels, wind turbines and hydro-electrical energy) and electric cars, we must recycle and the rubbishes must be managed, correctly.

We must be interested in global warming and we must be careful not rubbish the environment.

My Dream House

My home has got big windows, many floors and big doors. It has got twelve bedrooms three bathrooms four kitchens three living rooms and three diving rooms. It has got four gardens and a hundred and forty trees and two big pools. Also, it has got a lot of dogs, cats, birds, horses, chickens, sheep and two big garages. I LOVE MY HOUSE SO MUCH !!!

My Dream House

My dream house has got six bedrooms, two kitchens, six bathrooms, two living rooms, two dining rooms and it has got four big pools and four gardens. Also a lot of animals. It is very modern and the house near the sea!


Cricket is England’s national sport, but it is not as popular as football. It is played in the on Sundays from April to August. It is played by two teams of 11 players each. The players hold a bat with which they hit a ball.

My dream house

My dream house is very big. It is in on a mountain. It has two big gardens and one garage. In my dream house, there are so many rooms. There are four bedrooms two kitchens five bathrooms and two big livingrooms. In my bedroom, there is a big TV, a bed and my gaming PC. In the kitchen, there is a cooker, a tap and two big cupboards. In the living room, there is a sofa, an armchair, a big TV and a coffee table. In the garden, there are so many flowers. My dream house has three big balconies.
I love my house very much.