KEDU Senior B

About me

Hi! My name is Theodore.
I am eleven years old and I live in Mytilene with my parents and my sister in a big house. My village is Eresos and I go there in the summer with my grandparents and my cousins. My birthday is in June. In my free time, I watch movies, I play video games, I go to the cinema with my friends, go to my best friend’s house and I read books.
My favourite colour is blue and my favourite food is spaghetti. My favourite video game is lego races 1 and my favourite animal is baby lion and tigers.
My favourite sport is taekwondo.

My first day in Eresos

Yesterday I did my first swim in the sea. In the morning I woke up and I had my breakfast with my family. After that, I did my English homework and I packed my things. Then my family and I got our car and we went to Eresos. After an hour and 30 minutes, we arrived at Eresos. We went to the beach and had my first swim. At noon we ate lunch and slept. In the afternoon we ate ice-cream and at ten o’clock we went to bed.
I will remember this day in my whole life!!!

The rabbit and the tortoise

One day a rabbit and a tortoise were fighting and decided to do a race to see which was the fastest. The race began and the rabbit arrived at the end of the race. He took a break and slept under a tree. The tortoise continued the race but she was tired. After an hour the tortoise passed the rabbit but the rabbit was asleep. The rabbit woke up but the tortoise finished the race. The tortoise won the race even if it slower than the rabbit. The tortoise was proud because she won a fast animal!


On 10th June 2018, I and my family went on holiday to Santorini. We went first for sightseeing and then we went for dinner. Next day we ate breakfast in the hotel. Then we went for a walk and after an hour there was an earthquake and great disasters occurred. The hotel we stayed in was destroyed and we didn’t know where to stay. After some days, some helicopters came and they saved us. Since then we haven’t been to Santorini again.

A frightening experience

Teo’s story
It was the 28th of July 2018, and my parents and I were on holiday in Andros, Greece. We spent the first day on the beach. When I got back to my room, I was really exhausted, so I ate something and I went to bed early. I had no idea that my first day in Andros was also my last!
Just after midnight, a strange noise woke me up. My room was flooded. My parents swam quickly in my room and we all swam out of the house. Lots of people were swimming in the flooded roads. It was too dangerous!
After a while, the water had dried up. We were trapped on the island because there wasn’t an airport or port anymore. Luckily, helicopters came and took us back to Mytilini. I can’t believe that Andros was destroyed. I feel so lucky that we lived to tell the tale.

Online lessons

I like having English lessons at school because I see my friends and we play a lot of games in class. With online lessons, we don’t play a lot of games and we don’t borrow books from the English school library. When we use a computer for a long time I have a headache and my eyes become red. In this period I understand that we need to have online lessons because we must protect ourselves. I want my English school to open to go and see my friends, my teacher and Mr Mike again. I can’t wait to play board games in class. I am happy because my English school will open on Monday.

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House is located in South New Wales, Australia. It is one of the most famous buildings of the 20th century, and one of the most famous art venues in the world. Located on Bennelong Point in the port of Sydney and close to the equally famous Sydney Bridy, the building and its surrounding form a virtual Australian image. It is an important tourist attraction.

A famous landmark

A famous landmark is the Statue of Liberty. The Statue of Liberty is in New York. It made from Edward de Laboule and Frederic Bartholdi. It weighs 228.456 tons and it is 46.5 meters without the base, with the base it is 93 meters high. It is visited by millions of people every year.

My last birthday

My birthday is in June. In my last birthday, my parents gave me a pc. In the afternoon I organized a birthday party with my friends on a pitch. In the afternoon all my friends came and gave me a present. We ate burgers and pizza and drank fizzy drinks. We also played football and policeman and robbers. We ate a birthday cake too. At night we went back to our homes. When I went to my home I opened my presents. I love my birthday very much!!!

My favourite animal

My favourite animal is a lion. The lion is the king of the jungle. I like lions because baby lions are the cutest animals in the world. The lion is a mammal because feeds its babies with its own milk. The first time I saw lions in the Athens zoo but they were asleep. Lions are 200 kilos. I enjoy watching documentaries about lions. I like going to the zoo and looking at animals so close. In the kedu blog, I have photos of lions because lions are my favourite animals.

Despicable me 3 is my favourite movie

My favourite movie is Despicable me 3 because it is a very nice movie. Despicable me 3 is an animated comedy film with Steve Carell as Felonious Gru and Dru and Kristen Wiig as Lucy Wilde. In the film, Felonious Gru, the former super-villain, finds out that he has a long-lost brother who has a very different character. I think that it has a funny plot, an excellent cast and beautiful music. I highly recommend this film because it is fun for all the family. With the first chance, don’t miss it.

My favourite person

My favourite person is my cousin Theodore. He is a tall young man with brown hair and brown eyes. He is very handsome too. Theodore likes reading books, playing in the garden and teaches me things about life. He is also very clever. He likes playing with me, policemen and criminals. Together my cousin my sister and I like playing in the garden, reading books and going on walks. He lives in Lion in France and one day I hope we will visit my cousin there. I love my cousin very much!!!