How can I make my school eco friendly!

All of us can make our school an eco-friendly school. But, if we want to make it eco friendly we must do some things. Firstly, we can plant trees to have more oxygen, secondly, we must build a birdhouse, thirdly, we must organize a clean-up day, then, we must start a recycling club and last but not least, we must respect the environment because it’s the place that we live.

Teo G.

My daily roytine (quarantine)

I wake up at 11:00 o’ clock. Then I eat breakfast.when I finish I do some exercises for my school. At noon I play PS4 with my friends. We eat around 3:00 o’ clock. When my parents are sleeping I continue playing up until 4:30. When they wake up I close it and continue doing exercises. At the afternoon we are dancing in a game called Just Dance. In the end, we watch a movie and we sleep.

Jimmy M.

My favourite movie

My favourite movie is avengers endgame. The avengers’ endgame is an action/adventure film. The story is about the avengers and the superheroes in the marvel have war with the thanos and with five magical stones. The avengers are Captain America (the first avenger), the iron-man, the ant man, the Thor, the black panther, the Halk and the captain marvel. In the war die iron man. The iron man kills the Thanos before die. The avengers are sad because they lose one member. Loki goes to kill the Thanos but Thanos stop Loki with magical stone and kill them. Thor was sad because he loses his brother. The thor kill a lot of monsters from the Thanos army. I LIKE AVENGERS ENDGAME.




Badger is a mammal animal. It lives in Europe and Asia in mountainous and wooded
areas. On it hair it has a white stripe on his head. It has strong teeth and small
eyes. Its nest is like a burrow. It looks for food and in the evening and it eats
insects, reptiles, worms and fruits. The in winter falls into a winter mine.

Evi A.

Asia snow leopard

Snow leopard lives in the mountains in Asia. The snow leopard is a mammal. The snow leopards are endangered animals because humans kill them. The weight snow leopards are 60 to 120 pounds. Snow leopard eats almost anything they catch, often catch animals three times their sizes. Snow leopard born babies and feeds them with your own milk. Snow leopard lives in the snow. Snow leopard likes to eat reindeer. Snow leopard can climb in trees and it can kill a python.


My favourite robot

My favourite robot is a policeman called Robocop. His job is to catch the bad guys. This robot is tall and strong. He has got a lot of weapons and a helmet. He can run fast and fly Unfortunately his weakness is water and poison because he is part human.

Aris K.

My favourite country

My favourite country is Paris. Paris is famous because it has the Eiffel Tower. I just like it because it has the Eiffel Tower and the French accent. Also, I like Disneyland with unsurpassed thinks and nice every room. There are wax figures. There are wax mounds of a river that you enter in boats and pass under bridges. I would like to go but I can’t, I will always try. I really like Paris.

Arhontia D.

A Sea Turtle

A sea turtle lives a hundred years. It weighs 90-100 kilos. It moves with front and back flippers. It eats jellyfish. It travels to beaches on Zakynthos, Crete, Rhodes and Kefalonia. The sea turtle breathes air with lungs. Its shell is red-brown. It lays about 80-115 eggs.
A baby sea turtle comes out of the egg hole at night or very early in the morning.

Maria E.

My cousins

I have two cousins. One is a boy and one is a girl. The name of the girl is Iren and the name of the boy is Harry. Iren is eleven years old and Harry is fifteen years old. Harry gives me the Playstation 2. In our free time, we like playing with wokie tokie , watch films such as (avengers endgame)and swim. We like to listen music. Harry is a handsome boy with brown short hair and brown eyes. He likes playing video games and he is my favourite cousin. My favourite cousin is Iren too. Iren is a tall girl with long brown hairs and brown eyes. Iren likes playing in the garden and sleepover with my sister and I. I love my cousins very much.

Theodore H.

Unicorn robot 🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄

Hi, I am a robot and my name is Unicorn. I can do a lot of things. One of them is that I can do the lesson of others. Also, I can do some housework like put laundry and I can spread the clothes. I’m made of lego. I live in a house with a girl and she takes care of me. I do tik tok dance with her because she likes tik tok and because we are having a great time. That excites very the other people when they see me is that I can fly. I can’t talk, but I can dance and I can do other things. I love my family and the girl who take care of me 💕♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️💕💕💕💕💕💕💕🦄

Joy A.

My robot

Hi, I’ m Vagelitsa and my robot name is Emily. My robot can do housework and do my homework. It can wash plates, put clothes on the washing machine, throw trash, read books, drink water, eat and much more. It is made of iron and can’ t destroy. Is medium size and crisp and white, walks home and doesn’ t talk. We got together Tik Tok and had a great time. We dance and sing. My family loves her so much and we all have a great time all together. I love this robot!!! 💖💖

Vagelitsa A.

safety tips

Firstly: make sure your device has anti-virus
Secondly: never open emails for other people you don’t know. They could contain viruses
Thirdly: for your email account you need to choose a username and password. Make sure you have a strong password that nobody could guess and keep it secret!
Fourthly: to be extra safe, don’t click links that send you to online shops.

John L.