KEDU Senior B

My favourite film

My favourite film is the Addams family. The film was made in 1991. My favourite character is Wednesday Addams. She is the youngest daughter  of the family. She always wears a black dress , a white shirt and has long French braids. She is funny,spooky and very smart. The film has humor and that’s why its my favorite.


Summer Holidays 🚙

In Summer I want to go on holiday. I want to visit Eresos and go camping🎪. I want to stay there for two days.I love eating chips and drinking soft drinks I’m on holiday. My dad and I like swimming at the beach. For breakfast, we love having eggs with fresh bread. In the afternoon we enjoy eating fruit. We also play football on the beach and have fun too.




SARS-COV 2 or Coronavirus is a virus that is very contagious to all the world. There are 20,544,838 coronavirus cases around the world and 736,366 deaths. Luckily 13,461,888 people are recovered. USA has the most cases and deaths with 5,305,957 and 167,749 respectively. Greece is at the 99th position with 5,942 cases and 214 deaths. Everyone wants to have the vaccine but you must know that the next year will be a better year.

My favourite wild animal 🐆

My favourite wild animal is a cheetah.🐆 Cheetahs have a pale yellow coat with black spots. They have long  thin legs and tails. Cheetah are the fastest land animals 😺😸 .Tey live in Africa and some in Iran📄 .I like cheetahs because  they run very very very fast and are large cats🐱🐆🐈



My favourite film!😁

My favourite films is ” Zig and Sharko”. The films is about Zig that eats the Mermaid Marina🏊‍♀️.Sharko  goes to help Marina.The film is a cartoon and it’s very funny😂.My favourite character is Marina because she is a mermaid .Zig is very funny😂 and Sharko very very funny🤣 too.

I think you should watch this film.I’m sure you will enjoy it.


My lasy weekend in Eresos

Hi, my E friend,

I am sending you this email to tell you what I did last weekend. On Saturday morning we woke up. My family and I ate breakfast and went for the trip to Eresos and swam in the sea. In the afternoon my sister, my cousins and I played ball and policemen and robbers. At night we ate at a restaurant and slept after an hour. On Sunday we woke up at nine o’clock and played with my sister. In the afternoon we returned to Mytilene. I am waiting your letter for you to say how are you!!!!

Holidays this Summer

This Summer my family and I will go to Lymnos for holidays. We will go to the ship to leave from Mitilini. When we enter Lymno we will go to the hotel to see our room and to leave our bags. Then we will go to the beach to swim. After 8 days we will go to the ship to go back to Mitilini. And this is my holiday this Summer.

My hobby and my free time

Hi, my name is Raphael and I am 11 years old. My hobby is wrestling but now with the coronavirus, I couldn’t go but now I have started wrestling again and in my free time I go to the beach and I pull the sea and go walks with my friends. Also, I watch tv and play video games.
Raphael M.

How could tv be better

Hi, my name is Raphael and I think that tv could be better if there were more educational program and more program for children. Also if we could see more programs with animals. I would like to learn things about the sea, for nature and for space.
All that will be nice if we didn’t have to pay for watching.

Raphael M.

My letter

Hi Jim
My name is Raphael and I’ am 11 years old I like playing basketball. My favourite colour is green because it suits me. I have one brother and one sister they are smaller than me. I like animals and we have a dog, a canarin and a small fish. I change school this September because I will go to a high school.
Tell me about you and your habits and what you like to do.
Talk to you soon.

Raphael M.

What I do this summer!

This summer I do a lot of things. First of all, I wake up, I brush my teeth, I’m wearing and then I watch TV. At half-past eight I play the guitar and at 10 o’clock I have breakfast. Then I go to my backyard to play football and other games. After that, I watch TV again and at half-past one I eat my lunch. Then I watch TV until my parents come back. After they eat their lunch, they start to do housework. Finally, we eat dinner, we relax and we go to sleep.


Covid-19 changed our school system. We do online school lessons because we have to stay safe, stay at home. I have so much fun and I like doing them at home in my room.
All of as have access to the internet for many different things: for downloading music, pictures, wallpapers and doing projects but now we use it to learn more and more during this nightmare.
But I want to go back to my classroom because I missed all of my friends and my teacher!!