KEDU Senior B

Rainbowball sport

Hi I’m Maritina

My favourite sport is rainbowball. We play it outdoors on the beach. We play it with 10 players in each team. We use a ball with many colours. We throw the ball with our hands. The ball mustn’t fall in the water. The team loses when the ball falls in the water. When the ball hits the face of players the team loses.


Hi Brian,

How are you?In my old school, every 2 October it is sports day. They do great events. Sports that  take place are Football, volleyball and basketball.These sports, we play one-one class. On the stands are the rest of the  classes. In football  we play 2 hours and after we rest and eat.After the food we play basketball and when we  finish with basketball, we play volleyball. After we are very exhausted  because we were in the sun.I feel sad every time that event finishes but I also feel happy because I rest and I’m not in the sun.





Name is Elisa

I have dark brown hair and brown eyes.

My favourite colour is purple.

I’m tall and honest.

My favourite sports are volley and football.

I’m from Albania and Greece.














My day

Today I woke up at nine o’clock, ate breakfast and watch TV. At ten o’clock I went to the park and there was a big fluffy black dog. When five minutes past I went to our garden and help my dad while my mom was making dinner. At eleven o’clock we went back home to rest and at one o’clock we ate dinner. I didn’t sleep but my parents did. At three o’clock I played with my dog Cookie and because I was so tired I stopped and drink some water. At five o’clock I did my homework, so when I finished I had time to play. At seven o’clock I played with my phone and at eight o’clock I ate a sandwich. When nine o’clock comes I will take a shower, brush my teeth, wash my face and put on my pyjamas. At ten o’clock I will go into my bed and sleep. Today was a beautiful day and I hope that every day is a beautiful day like today.

An email about a sport event

From: Maritina

To: Mirsini

Subject: Sports event

Hi Mirsini!

How are you doing? I’ve just returned from a school event. Its name is “Basketball

Tournament” and it takes place every September in our school playground.

All schools had a basketball team. Our school competed with other schools. I played

on the team. We won the first medal and I felt excited!

We all felt proud because it was a great day! What about your school?

Write back soon,


A special sports event

From: Victoria

To: Claire

Subject: A special sports event

Hi Claire

How are you doing? I’ve just come back from an amazing school event! We call it a special sports event and it takes place every August in the field next to the school. There we play volleyball and basketball. For each game, one team wins and takes a gold medal. I’m very proud of my team because last year we won the gold medal for volleyball! After, there was soft drinks and food for everyone. I feel very happy about this event. Do you have anything similar at your school?

Write back soon,


Seashell hockey

Seashell hockey   

We play it outdoors on the beach. I play it with a number of 20 players in each team. We play this game for 20 minutes and we have to collect as many shells as we can. The player who collects the most wins. The game is played with sticks for help!


My favourite sport event

Hi Ann,

How are you doing? I’ve just returned from a great school event that takes place in our school. My classmates and I have been at the basketball tournament. It takes place every August 5th in our school playground. We had a great time, we had snacks and soft drinks too. I was very happy at the end because my team won.

Do you have any sporting event at your school or in your town?

Write back, please.



From: John

To: Nick

Subject: Sports Day

Hi Nick,

How are you? I’ve just returned from a school event. We call it sports day. We have a small stadium at our school.

This event happens every year when the schools close. All the competitors make group stretching and then the sports

began such as track and field, long jump and obstacle course. I took part in the obstacle course and I was the winner.

I felt very proud and unique. Do you something like that at your school?

Write back soon.


Rhythmic gymnastics!

Topic: A sports event

Hi Mike!

How are you? I am very happy because my school organised a special sports event last weekend. It took place in our schoolyard. All students took part in it and at the end, the winners got gold, silver and bronze medal. There was a running race, a football match, a basketball and a tennis game as well as rhythmic gymnastics. I took part in the last one and I won the bronze medal! I was so happy and proud! All the children were great! After the event, there was food and refreshments for everyone. I had a wonderful time! Did you have something similar in your school?

Write back,


The journey

The journey starts in the mouth. The teeth chew of steak. Then it goes down the throat and into the stomach. Acid and muscles break up the steak and mash. The steak then moves into the small intestine. The small intestine breaks it down into elements that our bodies use for energy and to repair bone, blood, and muscle



To: Chris

Subject: Taekwondo

Hi Chris 🙂!!!

How are you doing?I want to tell you about my favourite activity… Taekwondo🥋. I’ve got half black and half red belt. I’ve got five medals of taekwondo . Every year I go to turnua for taekwondo and play with kids 🍻!!!!This turnua takes place in basketball course or in the theatre of Mitilini 🌃.I ‘m very praoud for this turnua🙂.

Write back.