KEDU Senior B

My pet

My pet is a dog. Its name is Bianca. Bianca is a clever dog and likes to play. Bianca is a short dog with brown nose and a short tail. When my cousins, my sister and i playing ball Bianca hunt the ball and bit it. My parents bought it for Christmas. Bianca like have the beach and Bianca’s favourite food is steak and fries. Bianca has fun to play ball and listen to music. Bianca is very beautiful too. When I am sad BIANCA is coming and he’s doing my companionship.Ι love Bianca because is a beautiful dog and she likes playing !!!

Theodore H.


My favourite teacher is Mr Mike. He is a tall handsome man with black hair and brown eyes. He is a teacher who enjoys the students. He likes technology like me and he has a lab with computers and headphones. Many times we played computers and do gimkit with Mr Mike. When we do gimkit, blog and book presentation, Mr Mike gives us elec points. I like doing gimkit, book presentations and blogs. Mr Mike did a program padlet. We do online lessons. I enjoy speaking English with Mr Mike because he makes me laugh I enjoy takes time with him.



A strange day

It was an ordinary day. I woke up at seven o’clock then I eat my breakfast. After that, I went to tae-kwon-do. When I returned from the tae-kwon-do, my dad said <<Theodore today I will go to a campsite in the forest. After 1 hour and 30 minutes arrived at the campsite. In the night we heard a strange noise. My family and I went to the forest. Suddenly we saw a wolf. We scared and we started to run but the wolf is faster than me. We went to the car and drove to my home.

Theodore H.

My best friends

My best friends are Maria, Phylisia, Rafaela and Stella. They are 11 years old and tall. Maria has brown eyes and hair, Phylisia has brown eyes and black hair, Rafaela has brown eyes and hair and Stella has brown eyes and hair. Maria has one sister, Phylisia has two brothers, Rafaela has two sisters and Stella has one sister. WE ARE VERY LOVED.

Arhontia D.

My routine

Hello, I am Teo. I want to tell you about my daily routine. First, I wake up and I go to the bath and I wash my hands, I brush my teeth and I weight. Then, I have my breakfast and after that, I go to school. At one o’clock, I return to home. I have lunch and I do my homework. Subsequently, I go to extracurricular activities. Finally, I return to home and I have dinner and I go to my bed.

Teo G.

Daily Routine

First I wake up at 7.00a.m.Then I brush my teeth at 7.00-7.05a.m. Next, I put on my clothes from 7.05 to 7.10a.m.After all this, I eat breakfast from 7.10 to 7.30a.m. Finally, I put on my shoes and walk to school. After school, I go classic eco exercises. When I get home I do my homework with my mum’s help.Then I read a book or play video games and maybe (but rare) I hang out with my friends until 8.30p.m. After a hard day, I spend time with my family to relax. We all go to sleep at 10.00 p.m.

Jimmy M.

My pet(s)

I love pets. I have lived with 5 pets. My first pet was a fish when I was 4.Then my second pet was a dog named Hipakos when I was 5. After Hipakos, my mum got a cat and we named her Roula when I was 7. Unfortunately, she was hit by a car and died. When Roula died we got another dog (boy this time), we named him Max and we still have him.

Jimmy M.

My family

My family is big. My dad is tall and his eyes are brown. My mum is short, thin and she has got blue eyes and a beautiful character. My brother is short and fat and my brother is seven years old and he sometimes gets angry. My sister is short and thin and she has got black eyes.

Raphael M.

My family

My family has four members, one mom, one dad and one baby brother. My mother’s name is Dimitra and she’s 37 years old, her favourite colour is yellow, she is a shop assistant in Lidl, she’s chubby and she’s a bit short. My dad’s name is Stauros and he is 37 years old, his favourite colour is blue, he is a farmer, he is thin and tall. My little brother’s name is Kostantinos, he’s 1 year old, chubby and of course short, his favourite colour is yellow and doesn’t have a job.

Savvas X.

My Family

My family has four people my dad, my mum, my brother, me and three pets. Two parrots named Nick, Michel and one dog named Sandy. My dad’s name is Georgios, my mum’s name is Vasiliki,my brothers’ name is Konstadinos and my name is Michaela. My dad is 44 years old. He works in paneboriky. My mum is 37 years old. She works with my dad. My brother is 7 years old.

Michaela S.

My family

My family is my mum, my dad, my brother and me. My mum’s name is Maria, my dad’s name is Peter, my crazy brother’s name is Argiris and my name is Arhontia. We have two puppies. Their names are Aris and Lihoudis. My mum is 40 years old, my dad is 43 years old, my brother is 12 years old and I am 10 years old.

Arhontia D.

My family

My family is happy. My mum’s name is Roula and my dad’s name is Panagiotis. My dad is tall, chubby, he has got blue eyes and he has got black hair. My mum is a bit short and she has brown hair and brown eyes. My dad is 40 years old and my mum is 39 years old. My dad works in the army and my mum is a kindergarten teacher.