KEDU Senior B

We play volleyball together

In my free time, I play volleyball. the rules are, we play together, we don’t kick the ball and we listen to the teacher. It is my favourite sport, it’s funny it’s exciting and it’s very enjoyable. I love volleyball because it is very good.
Myrsini S.

I have many hobbies

Theo Guitar

In my free time, I play basketball. I have a basket in my garden. I also play it with my friends at a basketball court on Sundays. I like it because I can play it every day and we have fun as a team. I play board games and computer games, when I am alone, too. Finally, I play classical guitar, because I like music very much. I play classical and modern pieces and I sometimes sing. I enjoy all of these so much!

I kill for tennis


My favourite sport is tennis. I like it very much. We play tennis at the tennis court. We play this sport with two players. We need a racket and a mini ball to play tennis.
The aim of this sport is to win 40 points and is very hard. I like tennis because it’s hard and you exercise a lot.
Chara A.