KEDU Senior B

City times

Dear editor

One big problem about education in our times is that a lot of graduates (after they finish high school) will not choose to go to University because the cost of the university and the rent of a house is very high and there are no jobs (because of the unemployment) to do after they take their  degree.

I disagree with this and my opinion is that the university must be free, the rents must be cheaper and there must be more and bigger students’ residents.Also, more job positions must be created and the hirings must not be delayed , so that the graduates will have the motivation to further their studies  to University.

Akis Paschalis-Sampanikos


The summary of my flim

One day they are two cats  one  is black and the other is white.

The black cat has a blue

lightsaber the white cat has a green lightsaber and they disagree on what is best for them, so they fight. 
Who will win nobody knows!!!

                              the litsaber
                             coming soon

europe disneyland

Hi MR Mike!

I went to Europe Disneyland and it was amazing. It was hot and sunny. We went sightseeing and I saw Mickey Mouse and Minnie. I went to the Disneyland train. I stayed at the Disneyland hotel. Breakfast was fantastic. What about you? How has your holiday?

Your student Maritina Disneyland!

My fantastic pet

H my name is na and my pet is a dragon he is huge and big he has got wings he is blue andhe can fly I love my dragon. He’s name is Blue because he is blue.When finish the school and my homework go and I ride him so I can go to see him and we fly together.




                                         I LOVE MY DRAGON


How I spend my summer holidays!

Summer is coming to an end. I loved this summer, it was my favorite. It all started with the new friends I met. We rode our bikes, went out at night and we played football, basketball, and volleyball. I always won. Also, we talked about the new school year with the coronavirus. From 23rd July until 4th August, my family and I went to visit my grandmother in Kastoria. My grandmother was so happy when she saw us. I was lucky and saw my cousins too. The days went by so quickly and we had to leave which made me so sad. This summer was my favorite of all and I will never forget it.


The last summer days

I passed fantastic during the last summer days.My parents had five vacation days, so we did a lot of things.First of all, we were waking up late every day except Thursday. We woke up early on Thursday, because we had to go to Eressos to see my cousin, my aunt and my uncle.We were going to the beach and we were sleeping late all the days. My parents and me were having a very tasty lunch and we were passing wonderful every day. These summer days are gone and now, I happily wait to go again to the school.



My favourites tik tokers🤳

My favourite tik tokers are Charli Damelio and Addison  Rea . I love wathing  them with my best friend and of course I love tik tok . Charli is 16 years old and has an older sister Dixie Damelio and a dog . Her favourite  color is purple . Addison is 20 years old . Her favourite color is black . She has two brothers . They are both great dancers  and upload many videos  . They are funny too !!!!!


EVI !!!!!

Back to school !!!!!✏📓📒

I want to go to school because I want to see my friends and my teacher . I have bought a new bag with pencils ,pens , notebooks and markers . I love drawing unicorns with my pencils and markers .  I love school !!!💼🖍🖌🖊🖋✒✏🗒📝 My favourite subject is Maths . My friends annd I play with teacher many games and this helps us  learn more . Back to school in September is my favourite time of of the year .


My favorite device

My favourite device is my tablet because from this I do my English work, my homework and other things. At Easter I got it. It is very good and big. It is black and white. I don’t bring it when I go somewhere because I don’t want to break it.

By Harriet K..

My favorite film

My favorite film is Maleficent 2.It isn’t a cartoon, the film is with real persons. I watch this film one year ago in 2019. It’s a adventure film but the same time a little bit scary,but not a lot. I like this film so much.

By HarietK.

My best friend

My best friend’s name is Myrta. we are 4 years good friends, and we are happy together. Myrta is important to me because she helps me when I have a problem, she never tell me lies and everyday she tell me ‘You never have to be alone’.She is very cheerful, smart, and beautiful. I think I will have never a friend like Myrta.

By HarietK. ❤️

My pets

My pets are 3.The first is a dog. My dog is 4 years old and its name is Lusy. Her colors are brown and white, she is very playful and very cute too. She has 5 puppies and they are all boys.

My other pet is a dog too. We adopt him 2 weeks ago. But this dog is younger than Lusy,is only 1 year old. We don’t give it a name but we will think about it. Is brown and white too.

My third and last pet is a turtle. It is very cute but very old too, it is 3 years old. It has green and brown colour.Sometimes her water get dirty, we clean in the sink and we put the turtle in the sink too. It is very funny when we placed the turtle somewhere.

By HarietK.