Drawing seasons is what I do

My hobby is drawing seasons. I dream of the seasons to be better. I like to draw with my friends. I’m very happy when I draw. I go to art lessons every Friday. I’m really happy with my drawings and I’m very excited every Friday because my friends are really funny and they say funny things and we laugh so much!
Kaliopi G.

Love listenig to music and short videos

Hello Mr Mike,
My favourite hobby is listening to music and watching small videos on Youtube. I like playing with my toys and my favourite colour is yellow. I like watching videos because they are funny and I always laugh.
Anastasis K.

I love to draw

Hi, my name is Rafailia my favourite hobby is drawing. I like drawing houses, trees and flowers. My favourite colours are pink and blue. I draw my home in my free time. When I draw I dream of becoming an artist.
Rafailia K.

Love rythmic gymnastics

In my free time, I go to rhythmic gymnastics. It is a very nice hobby because I have got friends and we exercise together. We like to do a lot of acrobatics and we sometimes play with special ropes and balls.

Nandia H.

I love gymnastics

Hi! My name is Dimitris. My hobby is gymnastics. I like running in my garden when I have free time. My sister sometimes runs with me. I run for about 20 minutes when the weather is nice.
Dimitris K.

Descendants are cool

Hi! I’m Hermes. In my free time, I watch Descendants on youtube because it is very nice, interesting and fun. My friends and I will make a movie *Descendants 4-10.
Descendants are four kids from evil parents, but the children are good.

Taekwondo is an art

Hello. I’m John and I’m 10 years old. My favourite hobby is taekwondo. My teacher’s name is Andrew. I go there three times a week. It’s a sport that trains you, teaches you discipline, and you can protect yourself. It’s something that pleases me and I have a green belt.
John K. *A senior