A festival in my island

One of the most famous festivals in my island is that of Taxiarchis.The custom is that on Sunday morning we cook a traditional food.People visit the church which is in Mondamados to celebrate together.

A festival in my country

Hi! Vicky
In the summer at the end of July, there is a festival in my village Agia Paraskevi. It is the festival of the bull. A lot of people ride their horses at the centre of the village. The taverns of the village are full of people eating and drinking. Musicians play folk music and people and horses dance all night! I have a great time!
Your friend,

A Festival in My Country

In my village Perama every summer there is a festival on the 27th of July of Agios Panteleimon. The army raises the icon of the Saint and goes through the village and behind are followed by many horses and believers from the church. Then in the taverns, there is a feast with traditional music.

A festival in my country

Every summer in Molyvos, Lesvos there is a festival “Molyvos International Music Festival”. For three days musicians from all the world play music at Molyvos castle. The ticket isn’t expensive and there are music activities for kids.

Easter in Lesvos

A popular festival in Lesvos is Easter. We go to the church and we light our candles. The priest sings the “Christ is Risen”. In the sky are many fireworks. In Easter day we eat lamb on the spit, kokoretsi, kondosouvli and red boiled eggs. The whole family celebrates together.

A festival in my country

A festival in my country is OUZO FEST. In the summer, at the end of July, the OUZO FEST is taking place in my village Plomari. People there drink traditional ouzo for free. They dance folk music and sing. I like this festival because I enjoy it very much. I dance and sing with my friends and my family. I love OUZO FEST!!!!!!

A festival in my country

A very popular festival in Lesvos is in Petra. The festival of Panagia. In this day the weather it’s very sunny. People dance traditional dancing with folk music and eat meat. On this day I go to the church and see the parade of horses. I like this festival so much!!!

Horses dancing in Agia Paraskevi

Here in Lesvos, there are some places were horses race and dance. Two places are Agia Paraskevi and Agiasos. My favourite place to go and see is Agiasos. Horses are beautiful and kind animals, they love their owners, they like to eat fruits and vegetables and hey. I would like to have one but they need alot of space and special care. When my family gets a larger house with a large garden I will get one for me and my dad

Healthy and Unhealthy food

Healthy food
It is very important to eat healthily. Some healthy foods are fruits and vegetables because they have got lots of vitamins. Bread, rice, potatoes and pasta gives us the energy we need. Meat, yoghurt, cheese, eggs and milk give us the protein for our bodies and teeth.
Unhealthy FOOD.
Biscuits, crisps, cakes, sweets, chocolates coffee, pizza, sugar drinks are unhealthy food but we love to eat all of them…
Senior A Jhon Lalos

My favourite season

Hi I am John and my favourite season is the winter because it’s snowing and I like making a snowman,go skiing,play snowball fight and go sledging. I also love winter because it’s Christmas. I sing carols to the street with my friend Theologo and then I decorate the Christmas tree to my house. After comes New Year Day and the best of all is when I open my presents. At January is my name day and February is my birthday. That’s why WINTER is my favourite season
Senior A John Lalos