Online lessons

Hi!! I am John and I like online lessons because from my home I learn new things without going to school, we play interesting games and I see all my class from the computer, but I can’t play with my friends and hug my teacher. I like both of them and I am happy for online lessons and school.

Online lessons

The English lesson course I prefer is in class but English lessons from the computer are good too. I like the English lesson in class because I see my friends and my teacher up close and not from the computer. I like English lesson from the computer too because it’s very unique and fan!
On Monday I come back to class and I’m very happy!!!

Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh was born at Holand 1853. His father was Theodore and he worked in a church. His mother was Anna. When he was 8 years old he went to the local school near his house. After he had finish school his uncle helped to get his first job and he worked in his art gallery. He really didn’t know what he wanted to do. He became a teacher in a boarding school in England. He taught French, Germany and even English but there he taught a maths lesson. He was done panter. After some years he started drinking, cut his ear and he killed himself!

Online lessons

I like lessons at kedu English school because I love meeting with my friends. Also, I like playing games on dictation and I love writing on the board.
I like online lessons because I stay at home and I don’t have to go out. Also, I love chat dictation and online games we play with Miss Vicky.
I prefer online lessons because I love using the computer and I don’t have to go out when it’s raining or it’s cold.

Vincent Van Gon

Vincent Van Gon was born at 1853 in Holland. His mum was Anna and his dad was Theodores. His dad was a priest. Vincent Van Gon became a teacher and learn English, French and Germany. But then he wants not to be a teacher. All the time he was painting in Holland fields. After he went to Paris to meet his brother Theo. But again in he felt sad and one day he was angry with his best friends he cut his ear. Finally, he went to the whoots and he shot himself.

My daily routine

Hi! my name is Nandia and this is my daily routine!: I wake up at 7:00am, I drink my orange juice and I go to school by car. I go back home at 3:15 s and I go to my activities. After I see some TV and I go to sleep.


My best friend!

My best friend is Evanthia. She is tall and she has got blonde hair and we have exchanged our secrets. Evanthia is funny and I wish to stay best friends forever! 😎

Vincent Van Gogh

Once upon a time, there was a man and his name was Vincent van Gogh. He was born in Holland and he was dutch. When he grew up he tried many things but not art. When he tried art he was happy and he drew many pictures of sunflowers. One day he was gloomy and sad and he started drinking. Then he argued with his friend and cut his ear. Then he went to a hospital. After that, he drew his self with a bandage and started eating paint. He was always looking for happiness in every picture he drew. One night he went on a walk for the last time.BOOM!! (he was only 37 years old) THE END


HELLO!!!!!!HELLO!!!!!!! Today I am talking for my daily routine. First of all, I get up then brush my teeth and my hair and eat my breakfast. Next, I go to my school with my sister. At 8’o clock, the lesson starts. At 1:15 the lesson finishes but, I stay more. At 4:00 I go to my home then I do my homework, next play with my sister and watch TV. And the end I eat my dinner and go to my bed.

A festival in my island

One of the most famous festivals in my island is that of Taxiarchis.The custom is that on Sunday morning we cook a traditional food.People visit the church which is in Mondamados to celebrate together.