Jupiter is the fifth planet from the sun and the largest in the Solar system. It is a gas giant with a mass more than two and a half times than all of the planets combined. Jupiter was named after the Roman god Jupiter, the king of all gods. A day there lasts about 10 hours and a year there is 12 years for us. Jupiter does not have any changing seasons like Earth, but instead it believed to have a constantly stormy atmosphere, and it’s core is even hotter than the sun!

My dog

My dog’s name is Fidel.He lives in our village.He is an omnivore animal.His body helps him to survive from cold.


Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun. A dusty, cold, desert world with a very thin atmosphere. Mars is also a dynamic planet with seasons, polar ice caps, canyons, extinct, volcanoes and evidence that it was even more active in the past.


This is my dog.His name is Jack. He lives in the village . It’s a carnivore.

It has got  big teeth.Its predators are wolves.

A Mystery Area

Hi Jerry                                                                                                                       When l was on holiday in the jungles of Amazon. With my family.              There is a place in Amazon which is named ( Cacapo).                                     In this place there was disappeared a lot of travellers, drivers of large vehicles and car’s. Also some strange and wild animals.                            Many explorers and scientist’s visited this area but no one ever found what really happenes’ in that area.                                                                The local habitat’s used to say different stories about that. Either it was some monsters wich lived in a marsh, nor Allies ( extra terrestrials ) that kidnapped people and other kinds of things.                                                   What do you have to say about that?                                                                   What do you think about that?                                                                              Have you ever heard of something like this this before?                               Post a comment on this and tell me about it.         See you Stratos.

Shy 😅😊

One day at school I play football ⚽with my friends.And all teachers see 👁️👁️that👌.I try to do one trick and I fell down 🤣 and all the teachers and kids laughed with me.😂👌

something embarrassing

Today i will tell you about an embarrassing moment about me. It was Thursday end i was have to go to the school well at 8 o’clock i leave for the school the first two hours we had English end then French. In the first break i went to the bathroom when i closed the door i was locked in. Ι was screaming help help i am locked. 5 minutes later a teacher hear me and she opened the door then i went to the class. Τhe miss ask me why i late and i tell she  all this


They live in the  Southern Hemisphere.

Penguins usually like eating fish and krill.

They have got short arms to help them to swim.

Penguins are black and white. They like diving into the sea.  The polar bear is their main predator.

They are clever and cute. They are very friendly with the people.

An embarrassing moment

About 4 years ago me and my family were whatching a scary movie at the beginning it was not so scary but after 30 minutes suddenly a monster appeared on the screen and I peed on my pants and then everyone started laughing but I was crying because I was wearing my favorite trousers.