Young Learners

My favourite marvel movie

Αfter the movie avengers infinity war that thanos a maniac alien who destroys planets to impress his wife death came to earth pick up the magic gems that are time, mind,space,power,fire named ego,soul,and reality.

So he destroyed the earth and killed the most important heroes of the universe such as the avengers, the guards of the galaxy, the x-men, the spider group and the four fantasies.Βut some heroes don’t killed like captain america,iron man scarlet witch,hawkeye,ant man,wasp,black widow,black panther, thor,daredevil,falcon and quicksilver how awekan the another heroes and stoped  thanos.This is the 22cd marvel movie of marvel comicks,with the help of wald disney and disney plus.


The robot teacher

Nowadays, an anough many scientis lisen for robot , will it be good the teacher robot ?

Firstly, l beliv that bibent is the robot teacher be can is very like to the student.

However the robot teacher can say the lesson many way.

As a result the will learn more.

All in all i beleve the robot teacher is the best.💯

Having a robot teacher

Nowadays , more schools are deciding to get a robot teacher. Some people are saying that in the future every school will have a robot teacher. But is it only good to have a robot teacher?

Firstly, a robot won’t be able to develop a friendship with his students and the kids won’t love the robot because it’s just a machine.

However , it will be more interesting for students to have a robot teacher because our generation use technology as a main part of our lives. Also a robot will know more information so it will be able to answer more questions. Furthermore a robot will bring the students to a new digital life.

All in all, there are some negatives to using a robot teacher. However I believe it is a very interesting tool that opens up the world to students


Nowdays technology is growing and robots are too. The robots will come to our schools and take the role of the teachers. If it be it will have and advantages and disantvantages.

Firstly, it can’t forgot anything and it can be more fun and interesting.

However, I think it’s not a good idea because you can’t grow a relationship with a machine. Furthermore the real techer can explain the lesson better. Also it can’t check the classmates if they cheating.

All in all there are some good things and a lot of bad things about robot teacher. I want to never be that because robots can never replace people and especially teachers!!

Robot Teacher

Nowadays the robot is everywhere the robot you in your life a lot of one robot say something and a child who does not listen can say it again with our tired  Firstly the robot can help the kids little  more  than a teacher . But l don’t think the kids have fun more because the robot is never smiling. I believe it is a not good idea to be a one robot teacher l think it’s better one real teacher for this come to the Kenteris  and you have fun a lot!!!

Robot teachers

Nowdays, technology is growing up and robots will come to our lifes.They replace the teachers from all the schools.But are there disadvantages for robots?

Firstly, robots are more faster than a teacher and they aren’t getting tired but a teacher will get tired.

In this way,robots have more knowledge than the teachers.Also the robots are more interesting than a teacher for the youngest students.

However,robots can’t check if students are cheating but the teachers can.As a result, robots are more good than the teachers.

All in all,the robots will replace the teachers anyway.I believe that those aren’t more funny than the teachers.

My Weather Report

The weatner today is hot and sunny! Today  l m wearing my T-shirt and  my shorts  lm wearing my  shoes and my  hat too!  lt s a l ovely day !!!





new book coming up is now coming up at july 22 2022 and the new title is the diary of a sloopy kid inspired by the wimpy kid by jeff kinney

my school

my school is the 11th school of mitilini is 2 in 1 building my school have without sure 29 classrooms it have football field, a vollayball field tennis field and a theater.



Holidaysi in London

I am in the London. Transport Museum with my family. We are on holiday in London for the week, so we are tourists. I like going to museums. I can see all kings of transport, both old and new. there are red London buses and under ground trains.


today i want to say that on june 20th 2022 will be the first realese of the book: ”the journal of a dummy ” made by me. Its 10 $a book and for the first 10 the will be a 20 % discount. It will be amazing funny and intersting. NOW COME AND EXPERIENCE THE AVENTURES OF PAVLO MILLER WITH US !!!!!

Holidays in Spain.

I am in the Spain transport Museum with my family. We are on holiday in Spain for the week , so we are tourists. I like going to museum. I can see all kinds of transports, both old and new. I feel very excited because the Spain is beautiful