Young Learners

Summer Holidays 🚙

In Summer I want to go on holiday. I want to visit Eresos and go camping🎪. I want to stay there for two days .I love eating chips and drinking soft drinks I’m on holiday.My dad and I like swimming at the beach.For breakfast we love having eggs with fresh bread. In the afternoon we enjoy eating fruit . We also play football on the beach and fun




SARS-COV 2 or Coronavirus is a virus that is very contagious to all the world.There are 20,544,838 coronavirus cases around the world and 736,366 deaths.Luckily 13,461,888 people are recovered.USA have the most cases and deaths with 5,305,957 and 167,749 respectively. Greece is at the 99th position with 5,942 cases and 214 deaths. Everyone wants to have the vaccine but you must know that the next year will be a better year.

My daily routine

I wake up at 8am everyday. I eat breakfast and I walk to school. At school I like to sit with my friend Silia and at recess we like to hang out with each other. After school finishes I walk home by myself and I like to relax for a while before I do my homework.

My Interactive Vocabulary notebook

Book titled 'The Rescue'Read this book made on StoryJumper

My last 15th August

My last 15th August was a very cool day. I woke up at 9 o’ clock. My family and I went to the church and here I saw my cousins my aunt and my uncle. After the church we went to eat breakfast in a cafeteria. At 12 o’clock all the family went to our home and took photos. At 2 o’clock we ate our lunch to my uncle’s home. In the afternoon my family and I went for a swim at the beach. At the night we went to the restaurant and my cousins, my sister and I played policemen and robbers. At 1 o’clock I went to sleep. I won’t forget this day because it was very cool!!!

A strange surprise

It’s Monday when we close for the Coronavirus. In this day I woke up at 7 o’clock for school. I had my breakfast and I went to school by my father’s motorbike. At 1 o’clock I left for home and I ate lunch with my family. After 4 hours I went to my English lessons. In my English lessons Mr. Mike said<<Today we close for the Coronavirus and tomorrow we won’t go to the school. Then I went to my tae-kwon-do lessons and we were 8 children. When I left from tae-kwon-do my mum said<<Theodore today we close for the Coronavirus>>. This was very strange and sad!!!

My favourite wild animal 🐆

My favourite wild animal is a cheetah.🐆 Cheetahs have a pale yellow coat with black spots. They have long  thin legs and tails. Cheetah are the fastest land animals 😺😸 .Tey live in Africa and some in Iran📄 .I like cheetahs because  they run very very very fast and are large cats🐱🐆🐈



The monastery in Pytheri

The monastery in Pytheri is a monastery close to Eresos. It is a old short building with a lot of picture of my god. On 15th August every year all my family go in Pytheri because it have a lot of colorful flowers and I like smell them. In the monastery I always the believe prayer too. When I went for first time in Pitheri I said “ this is the most wonderful monastery I had ever seen” and take a lot of photos the flowers. The monastery is beautiful because it has a lot of strange birds. Every year in Easter and in 15th August I visit this monastery!!!

My last christamas

My last Christmas was very cool. In 25th December in the morning I woke up at 9 o’clock. My sister and I started to open our presents from Santa Clause. Santa clause gave me a Bluetooth speaker and my sister gave an electronic clock. After that we went to the church with my grandparents. Then my grand mum made a cake for breakfast. At the noon my family, my grandparents, my uncle and I ate lunch. In the afternoon my sister and I went to my cousins to play with the walkie talkies. In the night my family and saw a Christmas movie.

I remember this day for my whole life!!!

My favourite season

Summer is the hottest season of all and it is my favourite season. In this season I have my birthday. Summer is a season for relax because the school year begins in September.

In the Summer I play a lot of games with my friends and I swim in the sea. In the Summer I do a daily routine too: I woke up at 10 o’clock. I take my breakfast and watch some television. Then I play board games with my sister. At 2 o’ clock my family and I eat our lunch and sleep. In the afternoon my mother, my sister and I go to swim in the sea. After that we go to see my grandparents. At night I sleep at 11 o’ clock .

This is my daily routine.

I love the summer because the summer I have a lot of free time!!!

My favourite book

My favorite book is the Ioulios Zebra because it is very very very very funny and it is crazy and I like the crazy books. My favorite part of the Ioulios Zebra it is the III because it is speak about the aigypt and I am like aigypt. The funnier animal in this book it is a mouse the Plinios. This book I am like.