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A Cruise to New York!

Marilia: Hi, Chris. What about going on a cruise?
Chris: Hello, Marilia this is a great idea!
Marilia: Ok. Let’s go to buy tickets!
Chris: Yes, let’s go!
Elisa: (Ticket Agent) Hello!
Marilia: Hello. My friend and I want to buy tickets.
Chris: Yes, and we want to go on a cruise to New York!
Elisa: (ticket agent) Single or return?
Chris: Single.
Marilia: How much does the single ticket cost?
Elisa: (ticket agent) They are $20 for a person, so that will be $40.
Marilia: How long is the trip?
Elisa: (ticket agent) It’s 1 hour on the first cruise. The slow one takes about two hours.
Marilia: We want the fast cruise.
Elisa: (ticket agent) Ok. Here you are! Have a nice trip!
Chris: Thanks! Bye!
”In The Home”
Marilia: Chris, let’s go to prepare our luggage!
Chris: Yes. Let’s go!
”Outside The Ship”
Marilia: Let’s go into the ship!
Chris: Ok, this is fantastic!
”In The Ship”
Anastasios: Hello. Your tickets please!
Marilia: Yes, here you are.
Anastasios: Thanks!
Chris: Marilia let’s go to out cabine.
” In The Cantine”
Iliana: Hello! What would you like to eat?
Marilia: I would like a pasta please.
Chris: I don’t want to eat anything, but I would like to drink some orange juice!
Iliana: Ok!
Capten Orestis: In one hour the ship will be in New York!
Mania guiole: Hello! I am the guiole and I will tell you some places that you visit is New York!
Marilia: Ok, thanks!
Mania: You can go to see the statue of diberrg! Also, you can see a lot of celebrities and singers on the streets. You can see and the street bridge in the San Francisco!
Chris: Wow, thank you very much!
Mania: Your welcome.

the cinema

Hi Theofania, how are you; today Iam going to cinema in afternoon and see a film.In the cinema people can see movies with their friends or with their family.Today Iam going with my friends to see our favourite movie.OK see you later for now.

Write back


Little sock makes a friend.

Author: By Kia Heise

This book is about a little sock that wants to have friend.

New Words:
Favourite part of the book:
when the little sock makes a friend.
I give this book ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Little Sock makes a friend!

Author: The authors of this book are Kia Heise and Christopher D. Park

This book is about a sock, Little Sock. One day he went to Sock City. Ηe did a lot of things by himself there but he wasn’t happy. Little Sock wanted to make a friend. He found another sock and they became friends. They played a lot and they had fun together.  Making new friends is fun!!

New Words:
Favourite part of the book:
My favourite part is when Little Sock and the other sock became friends.
I give this book ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Nowadays teens are active in social media and they know everything about smartphones and tablets and

sometimes they have more than one social media account. Although its a modern way for teens to communicate and

it may affect them positive and negative.

The pros are that they help them to connect and communicate with relatives that live far away.

They talk with their friends and they learn new things together and they exchange ideas about

technology. It helps children to be more independent and to express themselves free.

The cons are that they have no limits of using social media and there’s no parents to control

them so they can see things that are not good for a teenager or even worst they can be

victims of cyber bullying. And they can also be addicted to social media.

I came to the conclusion that social media accounts are nessesery for teens

because nowadays you can’t be out of technology but it should be a limit on how

you use it and parents should be close and they must be aware of social media

so they can help their kids any time they need them.

Social Media Accounts for Teens

Nowadays, a lot of teens have a social media account, but they use it all the time. What advantages and disadvantages has a social media account?

First of all, you can talk with anyone who has an account and is a friend or a relative. Also, like a post or post a comment on one is a good idea. That way, teens would have their own opinion if they like something or they don’t.

However, spending a lot of time on social media is a disadvantage, because you miss out on more important things like doing a hobby or going out to see your friends. Furthermore, some people could have fake profiles to steal money from others or bully someone.

In conclusion, social media is a good way to communicate or chat with others, but it has many traps too.

Dear Diary – #WILT

To day in my lesson we checked our exercises and then we played a game. We descibed the pictures from starters book and we wrote them in vocabulary notebook.

My Routine

I get up at seven o’clock and I have

breakfast. At eight o’clock I go to school.

I have lunch at one o’clock.At frour o’clock I do my homework

and at nine o’clock I have dinner. At ten o’clock Igo to bed.




  Nowadays a lot of teens have social media accounts. Firstly teens should have social media accounts because they can see online about their homework and in their free time they can chat online with friends and members of their family in another town.   

 On the other hand sometimes teens lose their night sleep or from doing homework. As a result they are not good students at school.

I think that is good to have social media accounts because the students are up to date but we must think about all the drawbacks too.

Social media

Today a lot of people have social accounts but is this the best thing for us? There are many pros and cons.

To start people can keep in touch with their friends. As a result, they can always speak with them when they’re far away. And learn new things.

However, people can steal their information. As a result, strangers can learn things about their personal information.

All in all, I think that social media can be entertaining but also dangerous because you must always be careful what you upload you never know who may be able to see it.


Reptiles and Amphibians


This book is about the reptiles, like snakes, lizards, crocodiles and alligators, and amphibians, like frogs, salamanders and toads. Some animals have some particularities from the other of their kind, but all the reptiles and all the amphibians are a gigantic family. There are some kinds of reptiles or amphibians which are dangerous for the people and some which are not. Both reptiles and amphibians are cold-blooded and hibernate. Unfortunately, there are a lot of reptiles and amphibians that have no home, so we must help them have a better life than before.

New Words: toad
Favourite part of the book:

I give this book ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

A scary trip

One day me and my family went on a trip to the mountains. We started to climb, and we went really high up, so I told my parents to do a break because I was very tired. Five minutes pasted, we started to climb again, but sadly a rain started. I was so scared that we were going to fall down, but I kept climbing. Then a big storm happened, and it started to rain heavily. Twenty minutes later the rain stopped I was so happy that nothing bad happened and all things were fine!!



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