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My favourite movie.

stranger  things

stranger things is my favorite movie. This movie is based on a girl who has power.

in this movie there are other kids who helped her escape and hide.

the names of the children are mike, eleven, lucas, dustin, max and will.

there are also monsters called damogorgen.



Describe a blog entry

Teo’s Blog

Hi readers! Thanks for your comments on my last entry. Today, I’ve got some wonderful news about my summer plans.

When I had just came home from school last Thursday, my parents told me that we are going to travel to Paris for the whole July. My friend Thanasis with his parents are coming, too!

During the trip, we are going to stay in the “Hilton” hotel. We are also going to visit the Eiffel Tower, the museum of Louvre, the Arc de Triomphe and the Notre Dame. We are going to have a boat trip in Seine, too! I can’t wait to go to this city.

What about you? Does anyone else have any thrilling plans for the summer? Please leave a comment.

My plans for the summer

Hi Nefeli! How are you?

I am so exhiting because I wait for my plans in summer. I will go with my best friend Evanthia. We will go in London, and we will stay in a hotel. We will eat for breakfast pancakes and waffles, for lunch we will eat spaggeti,steak,fish and chips. We will  go to see the Harry Potter Studios(we are and two Harry Potter fans) we will see the place where Harry Potter play quidditch, the place where Ginny Weasly open the Chamber of secrets and we will see the London’s sights. We will stay for one week. My parents with my sister will go in Italia


Bye for now

Your good friend Mania!


I wish this travel will be in real.

“My favourite series”

My favourite comedy series is “Don’t start murmuring”. It started in 2013 and it is still on TV. The heroes are four couples. In each episode they have a problem and they try to solve it. The first couple is middle-aged. The second is a very young one, about 25 years old. The third couple is about 40 and they have a student daughter. The fourth one, the woman is around 40  and the man around 55. The both had a marriage in the past, then they got together and had a baby. They were about to marry, then they spilt, but still lire in the same house. They love each other so I guess and I hope they will be together again. The series is full of jokes, nugs but also love. It is so much fun! The actors now are Vladimiros Kyriakidis, Klelia Renesi, Maria Hanou, Spyros Xatziagelakis, Spyros  Tsekouras, Anna Koutsafiki, Eleni Kokkidou, Antyonis Antoniou and Kostantina Linarthatou. The director is Dionisis Ferentinos. Original song by Vasilis Tsitsanis.


Hello everyone !

Last year was the hardest year for many people. We had to stay inside,had to wear masks,had to take online classes,social distance and live through a different lifestyle that were not used to. Online lessons were and still are very hard, lots of people had technical issues so they couldnt attend some of their classes. Teacher and students were tired learning and teaching through a screen for plenty of hours. Supermarkets and important stores are shutting down (and still are) so people couldnt get the needed supplies they wanted. Were still through these diffucult times but if we stay safe we can overcome this. How are you spending quarentine?

Fish and chips

A very popular street food in UK is fish and chips.Vendors take the fish (usually cod or haddock) and cover it in batter before they fry it in very hot oil.Then,they use some special paper to wrap the fish and chips.People usually put salt and vinegar on their fish and chips.DO YOU THINK IS TEASTY??

Hot dog

In cities in the USA there are hot dog carts on almost every street.A hot dog is s sausage in a bun.The vendors usully steam the sausages,and warm the buns up in a special oven.People then put their favourite toppings on their hot dog.Some popular toppings are mustard, ketchup,onions and relish.Many people also add some red pepper to make it spicy!HOT DOGS ARE DELICIOUS!!😋Do you like hot dogs?🥰🥰

Film review

My favourite movie is minions 2. Minions are small yellow cartoons and they are funny and fool.

At the first movie three littles girls came and changed the life  of minions and Grou. Grou is a very scary and awful  person. Grou loved a spy girl and so he became a spy too. At the end Grou married the spy girl and her  name was Lusi.My favourite part  was when they get married.

It was an excellent cast and I highly recommend.

My favorite movie!

One of my favorite movies is Pirates of the Caribbean. It is a fantasy and adventurous film. It has beautiful scenes with exotic landscapes, amazing pirate ships and beautiful costumes. When I was little I was dressed as a pirate like Captain Jack Sparrow.

My favourite movie

  • My favourite movie is Brave. It is an animation film. This film is about a princess who live with her family in a castle.Her mum is very strict and always tells to the girl what she do.The girl don’t like that and she is very angry with her mother .One day the girl decide to go to a witch. The witch gives to the girl a magic cake. When the girl’s mother eat the cake she’s become a bear.the girl and her mother will live more exciting adventures.

A film review

The title of this movie is Grinch. It’s an animation film. The film is about Mr Grinch who lives alone in a cave with his dog Max. He visits a village, Whoville only to buy food. Mr Grinch hates Christmas but the people of Whoville love Christmas and celebrate. Then Mr Grinch wants to steal Christmas but one little girl, Cindy Lou helps him change his mind. Then he celebrates Christmas with Cindy Lou and the people of the village. My favourite character in the movie is Cindy Lou because she is kind, generous and brave. I like this movie because it has a happy end and it has a Christmas story. I recommend this movie for Christmas. Don’t miss it!!