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The school robot can does your homework . So many kids need it . It has ears and lights . Also it has and eyes and mouth to look at your homework . You need to ask some help for you homework  tell it ” do my homework please ” and it does your homework . It need batteries . For it to walk it has small wheels . It has five colors on its body . It can hold a pencil and an eraselr . This is a best invention for all the chirdrens in the world because it can speek 1.000 languages .


Evi 😎💌

Blog student roleplay

Me: I like hamsters so much

Mom: Why did you chose a hamster?

Me: My friend Jim had one so I wanted to have one too.

Mom: But you can’t play with it as you play with a dog

and you can’t take it for a walk. Doesn’t that bother you?

Me: No because I love it very much and I like watcing it ,

it is so funny when he falls down or when is running in his wheel.

Mom: Okay you must be responsible for his feeding and ofcourse

for his clean home.

Me: I know and I’ll do my best.

Mom: Ok Now Pano I see he needs food.

Healthy lifestyle

Don’t eat a lot of sugar. Don’t eat a lot of fast food. Don’t drink fizzy drinks.

Do eat a lot of fruit and vegetables. Do exercise a lot. Do drink a lot of water.

My hobbies

I have many hobbies one of them is painting. I adore painting because  I can express my emotions. I draw different things like forests,mountains, plants, animals, maps and other things that I can’t describe. 😁.                           Painting for me is relaxation.

In Easter

At  Easter we decorate lilac ornaments we cook magritsa,lamb,stuffed lamd and then we throw lanterns and  go to the epitaph and we also  decorate the epitaph thesen things we do at Easter.

Kindermbel and the magic weapon to kill the dragon

Once upon a time, there were a mum and a dad.They lived in a house.The mum name was Kindermbel and the dad was Kindermdel  friend! In a house there was a bad dragon! The bad dragon wanted to steal all the children of the house. Kindermbel and her friend wanted to kill the dragon. The children started walking for 10 days to find a magic gun! They found the magic weapon in a house. They took the magic weapon and killed the dragon! Everyone was happy and they all lived happily ever after!

A day in the beach

Today is Saturday and the family is at the beach. Now they eating they’re lunch. After that the little girl and the little boy are playing with they’re ball and mom and dad are sleeping. But when the girl throw the ball hi the boy the ball is falling on the sea. A fisherman is catching the ball and he is giving back the ball to the children.

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Author: Robert Louis Stevenson

Mr Utterson was a lawyer of Dr Henry Jekyll. Suddenly he learnt something about someone Edward Hyde, who was ak known person of Dr Jekyll. He wanted to know more about that mysterious man, but Dr Jekyll didn’t tell anything about him. Utterson was informed that Sir Danvers Carew, one of his known people, was murdered from Hyde. He received a letter which was telling that. Hyde was at all his blood evil, but he wanted to not be in prison. The only way to do it was to be killed. So, he killed himself with poison. But Dr Jekyll was also disappeared. But in fact, he wasn’t disappeared, he was killed. Why, because Edward Hyde was Henry Jekyll’s evil part.

New Words:
Favourite part of the book:
My favourite part was when I learnt that Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde were the same person.
I give this book ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Getting the ball back

A family is having a picnic near the sea. The weather is warm and they are happy.

The mother is reading a book under the tree and dad is sleeping next to the mother. The two children, Paul and Lily are playing with the ball and they are enjoying.

Paul is kicking the ball and the ball falls on the sea. The children can’t catch the ball. They see a man on a boat and they are shouting for help.

The man is catching the ball and he is giving the ball to the children. They are happy now.



  • brush your teeth twice a day.
  • workout three times a week.
  • eat a lot of vegetables.
  • sleep 8 or more hours.
  • eat a lot of sweets.


  • eat a lot of sweets.
  • smock or drink alcohol.
  • take the bus.
  • drink a lot of fizzy drinks.


From: Ester.                                                                                                        To :Apostolia.                                                                                                    Subject :Holidays 

Hi Apostolia!                                                                                                     I’m with Maria, I want to tell you were we went and what we did this days. Fist we went to Italy – Venice, the cicerone guided us in a long cano we like it very much. After we go to recommend Maria to my cousins and next we go to a restaurant to eat pizza 😋. We stay there 3 days and at 13/7/22 at 6:00 pm  we entered in the airplane, Maria will remember this day for years. Because I sat next to the window and a man by mistake poured water to Maria and now she is angry with me.                                                         Anyway wen we got off we went to France – Paris, and see the Eiffel Tower, about  9 m. further there was o shop with colongers so we thought of you and by one….  but I don’t remember the name because is weird. We do a lot of things there and we stay for 4 days. One time we sat in a coffee, I drank a chocolate and Maria a frease milkshake, I said something funny to Maria and the milkshake came of her nose😂.                       Next we went with airplane in Spain – Barcelona we saw there wonderful things monument and statues, we have a ride on a Fery boat and on a Tram, we went for shopping, we saw ancient castles, we visit museums and saw great parks and we go to the greatest aquarium we’ve ever seen!!! I will sent you a foto. We stay there 1 week and 2 days.                                                                      And last we went to the UK – London  I saw my cousin Klara and we go ( I and Maria) to see Big Ben tower. We stay there 5 days.       Now we are in the airplane but this time Maria is next to window. And we are going to Australia, the trip will Las 3 days, there we will stay in a beautiful hotel in Sidney!!!! How about you?                                                                                                                             Write Bach soon, your friend Ester 😁.

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