Young Learners

The eruption of Mt Vesuvius

Mount Vesuvius erupted on 24th August, 79 AD. I was sleeping, when my room started shaking. My mother and I took everything we could and we left. I saw a black cloud above Mount Vesuvius, that was getting closer to Pompeii and Herculaneum. Flashes of fire, rocks, ash and lava were flying above us! I could hear people screaming for Help. I felt terrified and very sad. We survived crossing Pompeii and Herculaneum and we arrived at Naples. We had survived this tragedy but so many others were not so lucky.

What is Halloween

Halloween is a holiday celebrated on 31st October. It is a tradition when the children wear scary clothes and they go to the houses in their neighbourhood and they say “Trick or Treat”. If you don’t give sweets to the children they do a trick. All the people during Halloween decorate their homes with scary decoration such as pumpkin which is carved lanterns. In America, people have a lot of events with adventures and scary games.

In Greece, a lot of English schools organize a party in an outdoor place with a lot of games. The winners get cool prizes. The children and the teachers wear scary costumes and they scare children without costumes. At this event, there is a lot of foods. There is a big table with strange and different foods and drinks. They listen to music and all the children have fun at this even!!!


The ideal neighbourhood has to be quite and must have rubbish bins. It has many plants and trees. It should have many parks and playground. It may have electric cars and scooter. And of course, many bikes.

My big family!

My family is big. I have 3 brothers, mum and dad. I have one dog and I live with my grandma and grandpa. My mym works in the bank and my dad is a teacher. I am to the 3rd junior high school of Mytilene. I like playing with my dog or my brother in my free time. My dog’s name is Lakis.In my free time do martial arts.

The sport I do


My favourite sport is called kung-fu. I have a special uniform and a belt. There are 7 different zones, the white, the yellow, the orange, the green, the blue, the red and the black zone. I like this sport because it requires discipline and self-concentration. I went for four years and I like it.

I love my family

My family is not very big. My mum’s name is Maria and she is 45 years old. She is a babysitter, she has fair hair and green eyes. My dad’s name is Panagiotis he is 44 years old, he works in a toy shop. He hasn’t got much hair and he’s eyes are brown. My brother’s name is Argiris, he is 12 years old and he is very crazy. He has light brown hair and brown eyes. He goes to high school in the morning. My name is Arhontia and I am 11 years old, I have blue eyes and fair hair I go to school.I have a great grandmother. I have many aunts and many uncles. My godmother lives in Cyprus. I love my family very much.

                                                                                                                                            Arhontia Doukarelli

My family

My family has 5 members. First I will tell you about my father. His name is Panagiotis. His is forty-two years old. He is tall and he has black hair. He has born in Australia. My mum is forty-one years old. She is short and she was fair hair. She was born in Serbia. My dad and mum are nurses.

I have one brother and one sister. My brother’s name is Jim and my sister Mirsini. They are eight and ten years old. They are my best friend too.

We play games together, like scrabble, Uno and Minecraft.


Hi, my name is Victoria and I want to talk to you about Halloween. Halloween is on 31st October and it is the time of pumpkins, candies, ghosts and witches. On Halloween, people decorate their houses with Jack-o-Lanterns. On Halloween, children dress up in fancy costumes and they go Trick or Treat from door to door. Halloween is cool!!!


My family consists of four people. My brother’s name is Konstadinos, my mother’s name is Vasiliki and my father’s name is George. My dad is forty-four years old. He has short and black hair, he is tall and thin. He works in Paneboriki. My mum is thirty-seven years old. She has long, red hair, she is tall and thin. She works with my dad. My brother is eight years old. He has short and brown hair, he is tall and thin. He goes in 3rd grade. I am ten years old. I have long, fair hair, I am tall and thin. I go to 5th grade. I love my family.

Ideal neighborhood

If I could choose where to live, I would like to stay in the Skyscraper. That is my dream. The Skyscraper would have fifty floors and I would stay on the last one. Around there would exist many shops, like a mall and cafes too. Also,it would have a large pool like circle with many umbrellas,tables and chairs.In the evening would have a lot of lights.

That would be my favorite neighborhood in the modern city.

A day i’ll never forget – MT VESURIUS !!!!!!!!!!🌋🌋

It was a very sunny day, I was playing with my friend in the garden and then suddenly I saw a big black cloud. I got so scared and I went inside my house. I heard a very big sound. I looked out of my window and I couldn’t believe what saw. The volcano had erupted. I run to the other side and went to my grandparents’ house. I slept at their house. I was afraid and I couldn’t sleep. In the morning I went to town and I saw the fire. One man told me to be careful and  I went with my mum. I started crying and I was very frightened. With my mum we went to the garden and looked at the sky was very blue and I was happy we survived. I didn’t like this day. But I love my family so much !!!!!!❤


My family


My family consists of four people. My dad, my mum, my sister and me!

My dad was born in 1971, his favourite colour is blue. He loves riding his bike and likes his name, Christos. My mother is called Melina. She was born in 1974 and she works as an architect. My sister is Vasiliki. She is 14 years old, she doesn’t like school and has long straight fair hair. This is my family and I love it.