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The Bouzouki

A very common traditional musical instrument in my country is the bouzouki. It is a string instrument that you can play by striking or plucking its strings. It has 6 to 8 strings and at the top of it there are keys with which you tune them. The name bouzouki comes from the Turkish word ‘bozuk‘, meaning ‘broken‘ or ‘modified‘. The bouzoukis vary as to not only the number of strings but also as to other features, like neck length, width, height, main body e.t.c. In almost every single Greek village you will find a lot of bouzouki players. There are, also, many festivals where tourists can enjoy bouzouki music. Come visit our country, don’t miss the exciting events and have lots of fun!!!

My favourite singer

my favorite singer when i was 9 was billie eilish billie was born on december 18, 2001 and my favorite song was “Happier than ever” it was my favourite singer 🙂

Capital Cars

Hi Jim,

Hope you are good! This Sunday, my cousins and I are going to go to Capital Cars!  It is just 15 minutes from Central London and has the UK’s longest indoor go-karting track. It is 1.050 meters long and you can drive at speeds up to 45 miles per hour! First, we are going to do a 30-minute session and then, a go-karting lesson with a professional racing driver! Why don’t you join us? We will pick you up at around 11, and bring you back afterwards. I hope you will be able to make it. I think we will have a lot of fun together!

Bye for now,


My Dream Job: Real Estate Agent

My Dream Job. From a young age, I wanted to be Real Estate Agent. My father is and from him, I learn many things about the job. A Real Estate Agent is the person who helps people to buy houses, to build companies, etc. He usually works indoors and earns a high salary, because he isn’t being paid every month. Already, I have started helping my father with his job four years ago. Every summer I work as his work assistant. I am going to study at the University of London, because in Greece we don’t have this kind of university. I wish, I will be a very good Real Estate Agent, because I love this job that I’m going to do.

my family

My family has got 5 members. My mum ,my dad , my sister ,my brother and of course me!My mum’s job is filology teachear and she is 42 years old.My dad’s job is police officerand he is 39 years old.My mum and my dad help me with the school’s homework. With my mum I make sweeets or foods and we play games.With my dad I do gymnastics and sometimes we play tic tac toc.We have a lots of fun together and I love my family.

I am Albert Einstein


Albert Einstein was one of the most intelligent people on this planet and was always curious to find out something.By the age of two years old he couldnt speak and think words but at age of three he could speak correctly.He loved music and especially violin ..Also Albert wasnt always as smart as he was older,back at school teachers would call him daydreamer  or foolish dreamer and didnt had good grades but growing up Albert started to get more and more on maths and physics and became famous in no-time!He will never be forgotten!

New Words:
Favourite part of the book:
My part was when he said:”The important thing is not to stop questioning.Curiosity has its own reason for existing”..etc.
I give this book ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


“My winter holidays at Paris, were unique and glamorous!I went to many restaurants like:Gustav’s,La Creperie , YK Noodle House, ,etc.Also,i had gone to Eifel tower and on the shoppping center the had..😌I took as many as i could photos and stayed for 1 week!It was snowing a lot actually and i would insist to you to go there right away in  winter !❄️😌✌️”


Last winter my family and I went to Athens. We stayed in a large hotel with 3 rooms for everyone. We woke up in the morning so we could go everywhere. For a start we went to a skating center it was difficult at first but then I managed. The next day we went to buy warm winter clothes and home accessories such as 2 rugs etc then we went to eat. The last day we went to a snowy mountain, we did orivasia and in the end we played snowball fight.

The macaws

The macaws are living at tropical forests and some people want to kill them for money.To help them we can stop all this pet trade.


Lemurs are living in the tropical forest of Madagascar an island in a Africa. Lemurs are in danger because people are kill them to take their fur and make coats. Because of that reson these beautiful animals are going to desappear  so we must do something to protect them . First we must buy clothes fron recycled  marerial . If we do this we will protect the lemurs .

School day !

I am gets up at 8:00 oclock l have breakfast one tost and one orange.I go to the school with my mum .My best friend is Maritina ! 🙂 There are 15 stydents in their glass.Go to the school at 8:10 oclock until 8:20  school finish 1:30.I am go to my house at 2:00 oclock .I have eat lunch when lunch.When l eat my lunch later. I’m douing my lessons my favorite lessons is englesh and mathematics when finish ol my lessons eat my dinner and later 10:00 I’m ready to sleep

Lemur is die!

Lemur live in the rainforest of central and South America. Some people want to kill lemur for fur because is beautiful and is very soft. We can stop to kill the animal for fur because it isn’t fair for the animals, to us will liked to kill for skin?

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