What I did yesterday

Yesterday, I woke up early in the morning and ate breakfast. Then I did an exercise for ten minutes and studied English. When I finished my work, I wore my swimsuit and went to the beach. The water was clear and calm. I enjoyed swimming! Before lunchtime, my cousin and I prepared omelette for lunch. In the afternoon, we went to the church and in the evening we went out for dinner. I played with my cousins and friends in the streets of my village. It was a wonderful day!!!!!


My best friend

My best friend is Therapia. She is my schoolmate. She has got long black curly hair and brown eyes. She is kind and faithful friend. We like listening to music and dancing. I love Therapia!!!!!!

Candy city by Zoe

I would like to live in a candy town.

With lollipops trees ,sea of chocolate ,benches of caramel, grass of sprinkles ,boats of watermelon and bushes of cotton candy.

I would love to live in that city because I like sweets and it would be a place with so many colors and flavors.


My room

My bedroom is big and it has a window. The walls are green and pink.  On the green wall, there are Christmas lights and a bookshelf. My room has two beds. My bed is like a house with a roof. My sister’s bed is white and it has two sheep. There are stickers on the door. A unicorn, stars and two rainbows.

I love my bedroom because it is wonderful.


My weekend

At the weekend, my sister Eva and I, went to my grandmother’s house. There, we played hide and seek, survivor games and games with dolls. Also, Grandmother taught us how to knit and how to make pizza.

I like to stay at my grandmother’s house very much.


My  favorite summer fruit is watermelon

It is very  tasty and  sweet.Watermelon is a green fruit .

It is red inside and it has black seeds.

Watermelons grow in July and August .

We can make  juice and sorbet with this fruit.

I love watermelon.