My favourite sport


My favourite sport is table tennis.

There are two players in a table tennis team.

We can play table tennis with a small white ball and two rackets.

I can play table tennis really well. Look at me!

It’s Sports Day and I’m playing table tennis!!! I’m winning!!!

My favourite sport

My favourite sport is basketball.There are five players in a basketball team.We can play basketball with a special ball and a basket.I can play basketball really well.Look at me!It’s sports Day and I’m playing basketball!We’re winning!Hooray!

My favourite sport

My  favourite  sport  is  basketball.  There  are five  player  in  a   basketball  team.We  can  play  basket  ball  with  a  speciall  ball  and  basket.  I  can  play   basketball  really  well.

My bedroom

My bedroom is big.It has two windows with great view of the garden.There is a single bed,a desk,a chair and a big wardrobe.My bedroom has a lot of toys.It has got white curtains and an orange carpet.There is a poster lego boost opposite my bed.My bedroom is great!

My Favourite Sport

My favourite sport is Tae kwon do. It means ”the art of arm and leg”. It is Korean martial art. There are six belts in Tae kwon do: white, yellow, green, blue, red and black. I have got a half blue belt.

In Tae kwon do, the matches are played from two athletes. There are also poomsae games.

I can play Tae kwon do well. I love kicking and poomsae.


My favourite character is Superman. Superman is a young man. He is thin and tall. He’s got short, dark hair and brown eyes. His clothes are blue and red! Superman is brave and strong. He is very kind, too!