My friend Babis

This dog is a shepherd dog he has a strong skeleton and a large muscle mass. It can move all day under difficult weather condition in the mountains. He doesn’t want much food. This dog protects sheep and goats from wolves.
In this photo is my friend Babis. He is very friendly and I love him. I thank Miss. Cristina who let me take a picture of her shepherd dog.

Favourite pet

My favourite pet is a dog. I don’t have a dog but I love them very much. If I had a dog I would like it to be small and sweet like all other dogs. My family promised me that when I have my birthday they will buy me a dog. I can’t wait for that day!


Penguins live in the Arctic. They’re clever and funny animals. They have got a small body and the colour is white and black. They have two small legs and two hands. They eat small fish. They usually live for 20 years. They can dance, walk and swim. They are amazing animals!

Konstadinos P.

The tiger

My favourite animal is the tiger. Tiger is a wild animal and lives in the jungle. Tiger has sharp teeth, strong legs and long tail. This animal eats meat and lives for 25 years. Tiger can run very fast and climb on the tree.

Peter K.

Amazing animals (penguins)

Penguins are birds and they live in the Arctic. They can’t fly but they can swim very well. Penguins live all together. They eat fish. They lay eggs. They are very cute and friendly.

Marina M.


Sharks live in the ocean. They have got a big body, big teeth, and small eyes. They eat small fish and animals. They live for 20-30 years. They can swim very well and fast.

Michaela K.

The giraffe

Giraffes live in the steppe. They’re the tallest animals in the world! They have got a small head, long legs and a long neck. They eat plants. They usually live for 30 years. They can run. Wow! Wat an amazing animal.

Deppie P.


Amazing Animals by Zoe!

Bear lives in the forest. It has a big brown body, four legs and a short tail.  The bear eats fish, meat, and fruit. It can also climb on the trees to find honey. It lives for about 25 years.
At the winter the bear sleeps very long time until spring.

Zoe K.





Lion The king of the jungle

Lions live in the jungle. They are the biggest animal in the felines family. They are very strong too! They have got a big brown body, four legs, long tail, brown hair and big teeth. They eat meat. They usually live for 14 years.  Lions are very wild. They can climb very well and they are very good runners. Wow! What an amazing animal!

George S.


The Mediterranean monk seal(Monachus monachus)

Monachus monachus lives in sea caves. Its fur is short black (males) or brown to dark grey(females). The snout is short, broad and flat, with nostrils that face upwards. The flippers are short with small claws. It can reach up to 2.4 meters in length. It usually lives for 20 to 25 years. It can dive and hunt for food in deep water. It can swim very well!!!

Mirsini A.


Happy flamingos

Flamingos live in Wetlands at Africa, Asia and Europe. Flamingos have a thin body, tall legs and big beak. Also has pink wings. Flamingos eat shrimps and seaweeds. They live for 33 years. Flamingos often stand on one leg while the other is stuck under their bodies.

Georgia T.


Tigers live in the jungle. They are the scariest animal in the world. They have got a long body, four legs and a strong tail. They have got a big mouth with many teeth. They eat smaller animals. They usually live for 20 years. They can run very fast and climb on the tree.

Maria S.