KEDU Junior B

My Bike

My bike is green, big and beautiful. It has got some small monsters👾 on it, two auxiliary wheels, two big wheels and a little black bell. My helmet is black, grey and orange. I ride my bike in the park and sometimes in my neighborhood. I love riding my bike because I meet a lot of people, I make new friends and I have a lot of fun!!🚲🚲🎈

The beautiful Flamingo

The flamingo is a very beautiful bird. It has pink feathers and a long neck and legs. There are six species of flamingo. The flamingo lives in mudflats and lagoons and feeds on shrimp, snails and algae. Flamingos are social birds and they live in large colonies. They are very graceful and they can dance and on one leg. Wild flamingos live for up to 30 years in age. The flamingo is the national bird of the Bahamas.

My favourite dress!👗

My favourite dress is one of my summer dresses. It has got flowers 🌺. Its colours are pink purple and blue🌈. It is the BEST dress ever 💯! I like it because its colours are my favourite! It is light and cool when outside is HOT! I like this dress! Bye!!!💋

Anna M.

My best friend 👩‍❤️‍👩

My best friend is Eve! She has brown straight long hair and brown eyes! She is kind and friendly. She is my best friend because when we are together all the time we’re laughing! She comes to my house and we’re put on my mum’s dresses and we play big women 😁. She is my best friend and it is never going to be different 💖

Anna M.

My favourite summer fruit🍈

My favourite summer fruit is melon 🍈! It is sweet and soft for teeth! Its colour is green outside, and yellow with some green inside. We eat it in summer when outside is hot! I like it because it is soft and it has a great taste!!! I love you melon!

Anna M.

My favourite series!

My favourite series is The Worst Witch. It is about a witch and her name is Mildred Hubble. She has got a friend, Maud Spellbody. The girls are best friends! I like this series because it is fantastic and it has got magic. They are using “science”.They “fly” with brooms and they put on their head witch-hats. They have got black cats but, Mildred has got a tiger-cat. She isn’t a great witch but, in the “road” she will learn. Mildred has got long straight brown hair. She has got freckles but, she hasn’t got glasses. I like this series so match!!! BYE!!!

Anna M.

The Vikings

The Vikings were from the Scandinavian countries. Most of them were fishermen and farmers. They also were travellers and they were the first who sailed to North America by long ships twenty-thirty five meters long.
The Vikings wore clothes made by the women with the help of children. They were made from leather or goatskin.
The Vikings, both children and adults played many different games such as board games, toy horse, Kingy bats and Hnefatafi.
They used swords, axes, spears, bows and arrows they used to were helmets, too.
The Vikings’ civilization ended in 1066. `

Paraskevi Β

The adventure of Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus was born in Geona, Italy in 1451. He asked for help from King John II, but he said, no.
Then he asked for Help from Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand, in 1456, but they said, no.
He asked again for help from King and Queen, in 1488, but they also said, no.
Finally, in 1490, Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand helped him and his dream came true.
He took three ships and he named them: Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria.
They sailed the ocean for nine weeks and finally found land on 12 October 1492.
The island that he found, he named ‘’Hispaniola’’.