The Vikings Civilization

The Vikings came from Scandinavian countries. Most of them were fishermen and farmers. They were travellers and they were the first who sailed North America! They wore clothes made of wool. Women, with the help of children, made the wool. In winter, they hunted and killed animals and used the animal furs to keep them warm. Viking shoes and boots were made from leather or goatskin. They played many different games both as children and adults. They played board games (horse, toy horse and hnefatafl). The Vikings used swords, axes, spears, bows and arrows. They used helmets too. They sailed with longships-35 m. long. The longships would carry between 20 and 60 Vikings. The Vikings civilization ended in 1066.

Christopher Columbus, a great explorer

Christopher Columbus was an explorer. He discovered America. He was a dreamer. He dreamed of reaching the Indies by sailing. To make his dream come true he asked the King of Portugal for help. King John II said NO! Then he went to Spain three times but the king and queen said NO. In the end, they said YES! He started the trip with 90 sailors and 3 ships (NINA, PINTA and SANTA MARIA). They sailed the ocean for over 9 weeks. Finally, they arrived on an island. He thought he had arrived in East Indies. Christofer Columbus never knew that he had arrived in a new land, America!


Dolphins live in the ocean. They have got a big body, a big mouth and a strong leg. They eat smaller fish. The dolphins usually live for 40 years. They can jump and play. I think the dolphins are the cleverest and the friendliest animals in the world! Do you think that?


Penguins live in the Arctic. They are clever and funny animals. They have got a small body and the colours are white and black. They have two small legs and two hands. The penguins eat small fish. They usually live for 20 years. They can swim, dance and walk very well. The penguins are amazing animals!!❤

Polar bear

The polar bears live in the Arctic. They have got a big white body, four legs and a short tail. The polar bears eat meat and fish They live for 25 years and they can swim and dive very well.