KEDU Junior B

The magic sword!

Once upon a time, there was a girl and her brother.The girl’s name was Candy.They lived in the forest next to a small lake.One day a bad witch came to the forest.The bad witch was looking for a magic sword.Candy and her brother saw the bad witch.They knew about the magic sword that could kill the witch and they went to find the magic sword.They were walking for about ten days.When they found a cave,they went in and found the magic sword! They took it and killed the bad witch.Everyone lived happily ever after.

Harley and the magic bow!

Once upon a time,there was a bad dragon.A girl lived in a stone house.Her name was Harley.Next to her house lived Harley’s brother.His name was Lucas.The bad dragon lived in a underworld.There was a girl who lived near the sea.The bad dragon wanted to burn the whole world.Harley and her brother decided to kill the dragon.They needed to find the magic bow to kill the bad dragon.They were in the sea for 10 days,until they found the cave where was the magic bow!They took it and killed the dragon.Everyone was happy in the end!

Margaret and the magic bow.

Once upon a time,there were a dog and boy they lived in a mountain.The dog name was Checo and a boy name is Billakos was friend.In the mountain there was a bad dragon.Thebad dragon wanted to steal all the children of the mountain.Checo and her frind wanted to kill the bad dragon.The she children started walking for 10 days to find a magic bow.They found the  magic bow in a cave.They took the magic bow and Killed the bad dragon.Everyone was happy ever after.

The two girls and their friend!

Once upon a time, there was two girls.The two girls lived in a big and beautiful house.The name of the first girl was Maria and the name of the second girl was Margarita!The two girls also had a friend named George.One day a dragon went to the girls’house and wanted to kill them. But their friend George went to their house and drew his sword and so he killed the dragon.The girls were happy that their friend saved them and because the were scared they asked him to sleep in their house and so George slept in the house of the two girls!!!


Once upon a time, there were two girls. They lived in a house. The girl’s name was Mary and  Eve  and  was Mary sister!!!!! In the house there  was a bad robot !!! The bad robot wanted steal all the cildren of a house. Mary and  her sister wanted  to kill the bad robot!! The children started walking   for to  find  a  magic  sword the  20 days. They foud the magic  sword in a mountain. They took the bad robot! Everyone was happy and they all lived happily ever after!!!!!!!!

Two best frieds….

Once  upon   a  time  there  were  a  girl  and  a  boy.  They  lived  in  a  vilage.  The  girl’s  name  was  Anna  and  the  boy  was  James  in  the  vilage  there  was   a  cood  friends.  The  Anna  The  Jame.  wanted to  play  all  the  children  of  the  vilage and Anna and  her  friend  wanted. To kill  the cost.The children  started  wallking  for  10 days  to  finda  magic stick.  The found  the magic stick  in  a  vilage. They  took  the  magic  stick  and killed  the  cost.Everyone  was happy  and  they all  lived   happilly  ever  after.


Kindermbel and the magic weapon to kill the dragon

Once upon a time, there were a mum and a dad.They lived in a house.The mum name was Kindermbel and the dad was Kindermdel  friend! In a house there was a bad dragon! The bad dragon wanted to steal all the children of the house. Kindermbel and her friend wanted to kill the dragon. The children started walking for 10 days to find a magic gun! They found the magic weapon in a house. They took the magic weapon and killed the dragon! Everyone was happy and they all lived happily ever after!

A magic unicorn 🦄

Once upon a time, there lived a little girls.

They lived in a forest.

The girls names were Diana and Lena, who wanted to kill the witch.

In the forest there was a bad witch!

The bad witch wanted to get the unicorn and get his horn.

But the little girls understood, her and stopped her and she understood and did not hurt again.





The end

The Magic Sword

  1. Once  upon a time, there were a girl and a boy. They lived in a forest.  The girl’s name was  Claire  and the boy’s name was  Jim. The Jim was Claire’s  friend.In the forest there was lived a bad witch.The witch  name was Morgana the gween of darknnes.The bad witch wanted to steal all the children of the forest. Claire and her Jim wanted the excalibur: the magic sword to kill the bad witch(Morgana).The children started walking for ten days to find the magic sword(excalibur).They  found a magic sword in a cave.They took the magic sword and killed the bad witch(Morgana)!Everyone was happy and theylived all hapily ever after.
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