KEDU Junior B

My favourite toys

My favourite toys are lego.

Lego come in a box and in plastic bags.In lego there are small pieces,wheels and people.With lego youn can make things many times.


My routine

I always get up eight o clock. I eat breakfast and go to my school at eight o clock. I read my lessons and after I finish school, I go home, have dinner  🥑 and after I play with my toys.

My day🌹

I get up in the morning. I brush teeth. I go to school, but usually l late. I go home, but lm tired. After l play with toys and eat. Then l do homework. I watch TV in the evening. I brush teeth and l go to bed at night.😍🌹

My everyday life

Hello my name is Effie today i want to describe to you how i go about my daily life. I wake up first dress up i put on my shoes combing my hair and then i eat my breakfast. Afterward wash quickly my teeth i put on my jacket and i go to school. When i go to school i go home i wash my hands and then eat lunch. When i digest i’m doing my homework and when i’m done i make my bag and then i play with my tablet for a while i have time. When night comes i drink my milk and go to bed to sleep.

What I do oll day long

In the morning .I get up,I brush my teeth,I go to school and I have breakfast.

In the afternoon .I go home,I watch TV,I have lanch and I do homwork

In the evening .I brush my teeth,Iwatch TV,I have diner,I play with toys

at night .I watch TV,I eat,go to bed.



My day

In the morning: I go to school, I eat breakfast, I get up, I watch TV, In the afternoon: I have lunch, I eat, I go home, In the evening: I play with toys, do homework, I watch TV, I eat, at night: I watch TV, dinner, I brush my teeth, I eat, go to bed.

My daily program

In the morning I get up brush my teeth, wash my face and wear my clothes. I eat my breakfast and go to school. At 6 pm or later, I eat my lunch and go to my coaching school. After, I go to my home. Later at my home, I play with my toys and go to my English lessons.

My day !!!

In  the  morning i  get up, brush  my  teeth  and  i eat breakfast. In the aftrnoon  i  have lunch   and  i do  homework .   In the  evening  i  watch  TV  and i play  with  my  toys.  At   nignt  I  brush  my  teeth and  i go  to   bed.

This is my day

In the  morning, i get up, i have breakfast and watch tv, i brush my teeth and then i go to school. In the afternoon, i eat lunch, i brush my teeth and then i play. Later, i do my homework. In the evening, i play with my toys and i have dinner and watch tv. At night, i brush my teeth and go to bed.

My everyday life

In the morning I get up,I have breakfast and go to school.

In the afternoon I do my homework and play with toys.

In the evening i have dinner and watch TV.

At the night I brush my teeth and go to bed.

My everyday life

In the morning get up, I brush my teeth. I have breakfast up. I go to school. I eat. In the afternoon, I get up, I go home. I have lunch. I do homework. In the evening, I watch TV. I play with toys. I have dinner. At night, I eat. I brush my teeth. I go to bed.