My life in 10 years

My life in 10 years will be so interesting. I will be 22 years old and a famous celebrity on the moon. We will have found the right axHumans will live there with aliens and animals together. Because a meteorite will destroy the Earth in 2023.

The ballet dancer and the inventor


How are you?I’m writing to tell you about an animated film                                                        I sow last weekend.It was the ballet dancer and the inventor.                                                  The film got out before one year,It was really fanny and exciting.                                       In film is one girl and one boy where the dream of girl is to it ages                                         ballet dancer and the dream of boy is to it ages inventon.They live                                          and the two in one orphanage and in the and they took place the dream their.                In the film my liked the music and the                                                                                             where were carried out the dreams.                                                                                            Whate about you?                                                                                                                                 Can you recomend                                                                                                                                any good films?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Bill


My Weather Report

The weather today is hot and sunny!

Today I’m wearing my T-shirt and my shorts,

I’m wearing my shoes and my hat too!

It’s lovely day!!!!!!!

My Weather Report

The weather today is hot 🔥 and sunny ☀️

Today I’m wearing my t-shirt and my shorts. I’m wearing my shoes , too!

It’s a lovely day 💕