The deer is a beautiful animal and lives in the forest. It’s got big horns and four long beautiful Iegs.

It eats plants and fruit.

The deer lives for 40-50 years.

It can run and find food.


Leopards live in the jungle.

It’s got light brown fur and light blue eyes.

Leopards eat only meat.

They live 12 to 17 years.

Leopards like to run and relax under the sun.

The blue whale!!!

Blue whaleς live in the ocean. They have got a big, long and thin body.                                                                                                                                                                                They eats krill and small fish. They usully lives for 80-90 years.                                                                                                                                                                                            Blue whaleς they can sing and swim very well!!!!

the pig

Pigs lives in the forest.They eat grass, fruit and vegtables.They have stocky bodies, flat snouts, small eyes and large ears.


The elepant live in savannas of Africa and Asia.

Elephants are fat, big and they have a long trunk. They are herbivores so they eat plants. They live 70 years.

Elephants can plant trees and they fight climate change.


Dolphins live in the ocean. They re the cleverest and friendliest animals in the world!!! They re very playful,too!


Penguins live in the polar region.  Penguins have got a black feathers,white body and two black legs.They eat shrimp, fish and squid.They usually live twenty years.They can swim very well.


Gazella lives in the jungle.It’s got big eyes,four long legs and a short tail.

It eats plants and grass.It lives for eighteen years.

It can run very fast.


  • Eagle is a bird.
  • Eagles lives in the forest and in the mountains.
  • Eagles have got big body,two legs,two large wings,two eyes and one beak.
  • Eagles have got brown and white color.
  • They eat fish and meat.
  • They usually live for 1 hundred years.
  • Eagles can fly very very fast and they can swim very good too.

My bedroom

In my bedroom, there is one bed.A big bed for me.

There is a bookcase and one chair.

There is a desk and there is a lamp.





It’s a story about Elmer, a colorful elephant who was making jokes and wanted to be grey like others. This is why he went to a berry bush and shock it. All berries went down and covered his self, and looked grey like other elephants. Walked back to the herd and  nobody recognized him. Then shouted “BOOO” and everyone got surprised and laughed. Rain bursted and his patchwork started to show again and laughed. By that day, every year, they decorate themselves and celebrate.!!!!

Funny food 😅🥝

This is my funny food biscuit 🍪. It’s salty bitter and fanny . Look there are a lot of tomato 🍅 . There aren’t many cocoa , Just two for the eyes ! There is some cheese 🧀 for the nose.And what is there for the mouth ? Some onions .

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