A Few Words About The “Age of the Age of the Goldfish”

We live in the age of the goldfish! In other words, research by experts has proven that from 2000 to 2015 average human attention has been decreased by 4 seconds, that is 8 seconds. A goldfish’s attention spam is about 9 seconds, meaning our average is less than a goldfish’s! However, that doesn’t mean we’re more slow-witted than a fish, it just means our way of thinking has changed, because of technological development and how it affects our lives- negatively or positively-, the rise of multitasking, new methods of learning, like online video learning platforms. Also, the fact that certain skills are not needed anymore, because nowadays we have access to almost every piece of information thanks to the internet, is also one of the causes of the drop of our attention span. For that, we need to enhance learning. To do so, we need to make it more adaptable and accessible, because according to physiology, people learn better over a long period than all at once. In addition, the utilisation of gaming in learning immerses the learner to progress in a certain subject better.

P. I. Eleftheriou

About me

Hi my name is Apostolis I’m 12 years old and I live in Mitilini with my parents, my younger sister and my younger brother and we spend a lot of time together, we watch movies and play video games. My favourite colour is blue. My favourite movie is the Curious Case of Benjamin Button. My hobby is drawing and I like it very much. I always draw characters from the Dragon Ball anime. In my free time, I play outside with my brothers and my cousin or we ride our bikes and sometimes we play altogether video games like Minecraft or Call of Dute (mobile). But the most important thing is to stay together and smile:)


One of my favourite characters is Thor. Thor is a superhero marvel character, who has filmed three movies. I have seen all of the movies but my favourite is part three “Thor Ragnarok”.In this movie, the evil sister of Thor comes back to take revenge for her father king Odin, because he had exiled her. Thor has a brother called Lockie. His mother died in the second movie because of the Dark elves. Thor is one of my favourite characters because is very strong, he has a supernatural hammer. He can throw thunders. He is a very cool character. But the best thing in Thor, I think is the actor who plays in the role, because he is handsome, with an athletic body, like a god:)I like when Thor fights in Avenger’s movies with other superheroes and I’m waiting for Thor’s fourth movie.

What is the future of language?

What a monotonous world it would be without the mixed cultures and languages? Some experts believe that 90% of languages will become extinct. These predictions are based on real facts, so they will become true, because of globalization.
All the world’s languages have changed because of globalization. As the countries are getting connected to each other, because of marketing, education, and tourism, they must have something similar and familiar to communicate. The answer is one global dialect. For example, if someone wants to work abroad, it would be easier for him to communicate with one global language, which is English. This means that this concept of one accent makes our lives more comfortable and accessible. However, it has en effect in other languages, where might be extinct.
Furthermore, there is another enormous factor which helps in language extinction, the internet. Yes, the internet will make use of the English language. For instance, the youngest greek generation has created a new style, called Greeklish. It is a mix of their mother tongue and the global language. This happens because people search for information in English and then they are texting greek worlds into the English alphabet. In some years, Greek might be changed, or be archaic, or will develop as a dialect similar to English.
To conclude, there is a reduction in the world’s languages and this will be more intense in the future. However, this change will help our daily lives.

The importance of physical education in school.

Many people recognize the importance of physical education and sports in school. On the other hand, other people believe it is a waste of time that they could spend on academic subjects.

Physical education is a lesson that we do about two times a week and it is a kind of lesson to relax while doing a significant sport that you may or may not like doing. It is a lesson that is fun to do and is like a break. You learn about a sport and for some lessons, you practise it. You learn about the rules of the sport and the teacher learns you some starting moves. Also, it is really good for people who don’t have time for after school activities but like sports.

On the other side, some people think it is a waste of time because they could do another lesson that is more important for them. Other people think it is boring because they don’t like the sport or they don’t like physical education at all.

My personal opinion is that physical education should be in school cause it is fun and a time of relaxation for most students and it only happens once or twice a week.

The future robots( ? )

Technology is developing very fast. It has helped us to make our lives more luxurious, easier, and funnier. But have you ever thought about what will happen, if in the future, we will be able to program robots to do our jobs, our housework and generally all those works that we are often bored to do?
As far as I’ m concerned, this will have quite a lot of advantages. To begin with, we will have a lot of free time with the same money as now as the robots will be going to work for us and we will take the money. So, we will be able to enjoy our time with our loved people, traveling and doing whatever we like to do. However, if some people like their job, they could do it. For instance, a ballerina, a painter will be able to continue their jobs as a hobby.
On the other hand, we will never be trying hard for all those that we will have. We will just enjoy the money that our robots will give us and people will never develop their logical thinking. But, I have a good idea about this. All the kids will go to school like in the present days and when they learn and choose the job that they would like to do and they will be able to do, they will take a robot and they will program it to do the job for them.
It probably sounds strange to you. It maybe can be or not. Who knows?

About me !!!!!

Hi, my name’s Nefeli I’m 13 years old and I was born in Athens but I have been living in Mytilene for the last 5 years. I have two older sisters, Maria and Agapi, and a pet, a turtle. My favourite colour is blue and my favourite food is spaghetti. My favourite animal is a dog. My favourite school subject is Ancient Greek and my favourite sports are tennis and basketball. My 2 favourite hobbies are to play with my guitar and to play with my friends and my sisters. I like the way I am and I don’t care what others tell me. I like the way I am and I wouldn’t do anything to change.

Like salt

Once upon a time, there was a king who had three daughters. One day the king asked his daughters to tell him how much they loved him. The first one said that she loved him as much as gold and the king liked the answer. The second daughter told that she loved him as much as the sun and he liked her answer, as well. The last daughter told him that she loved him like salt and the answer displeased her father. The king got very mad.”How could you love me as much as something so common and cheap, that everyone, even poor people, could have? You don’t deserve to live with me” He said and forced her to go away.
She left the palace and she lived happily with her husband when one day the king stopped at their house to have rest during a trip. The couple welcomed the king and did their best satisfy him, preparing a meal. The hostess ordered not to put any salt in the food. When the king started his meal the food war absolutely unsalted, but when he asked for some salt their refuse to give. The king got angry:” How do you refuse to give a king something so important?” he said. Then his daughter uncovered her face and she said:” Oh my king! You someday let your loved daughter go away because she told you that she loved you like salt”.
Then the king hugged his daughter and asked her to forgive him for his mistake.

Dragon tales(part 10)REAL LIFE DRAGONS

Nowadays people don’t believe in dragons. However, there are some creatures on earth that their shape and behaviour reminds dragons.
1. Komodo dragons: They are found on the island Komodo in Indonesia. They are the heaviest lizards on earth, with a big body, short legs and muscular tails. They are aggressive, their saliva is toxic and their bite can cause the immediate death of the victim.
2.Flying dragons: They live in tropical forests in Asia. They have a flap of skin on each side of their body, like a membrane. They jump between the trees.
3.Black Dragon-fish: It lives in the deep sea of the Atlantic Ocean.
4.Seadragons: They are not fish, they are seahorses with bright red colour, looking like small dragons.
5.Dragon-snake: In Indonesia and Malaysia can be found the Dragonsnake a black snake covered with hard scales. It eats mostly frogs and they hunt at night.
6.Bearded Dragons: In Australia. These lizards puff out their throats and they look like having a beard, made of hard scales. They change the colour of their skin. During the warm day, they absorb heat in their skin, so they stay warm through the cold night.
7. Pink dragon millipedes: It has got many legs. It’s no longer than 3cm. and it smells like almonds because of the poison it has.
Maybe there are more real-life dragons but I don’t know them all.

Covid-19 experiences at home

We all thought 2020 is going to be a good year for all of us but unfortunately, it was not. This year something different happened but is ok because we had new experiences and that is so cool and interesting.
A lot of stuff makes me happy those days like play with my dog, bake a cake or some delicious cookies. Some times I go online with my friends and play games, but my favourite thing about quarantine is that I can see my family all day and we can play board games or we can talk. Also, I like to go through and look at old albums with old photos is very interesting and u can remember happy moments with your family and friends !! A truth about me that I almost have seen all the Netflix movies so now I don’t have more movies to see in my free time :(. Another cool thing is the online school is a very good way to see your friends and do lessons too !!
Coronavirus has given us a great lesson we all must careful and remember that life is a pleasant gift.

Are Local Languages Endangered of Being Displaced by A Global One?

The key to global human interactions is language. About 20% of the world’s population speak the English language. Linguists believe that due to globalization local languages will eventually become extinct and displaced one global language, by the end of the century. But, is that opinion really a fact?
Firstly, illiterate nations still exist in many regions of the world. Most of them have never come in contact with modern civilization. By the end of the century, no one’s entirely sure those people will have learnt that language and pass it down to their descendants. For instance, lots of African tribes are still living the same way and speaking the same dialect they did before the white man took over.
Furthermore, patriotism will continue to be among fellow humans. This characteristic signifies the love of one’s country and culture. That kind of people will try to keep their mother tongue alive by speaking it at home and pass it down to those after them.
However, humankind tends to learn fast and gets influenced easily. Lots of languages have gone extinct or have been forgotten through the centuries, like Latin, Ancient Greek. But that happened because they were developed into new versions, influenced by other languages. Fortunately, most of them are still learned at schools, only not used and not appreciated by youngsters.
The future is not set in stone. The expert’s beliefs are just theories based on modern-day facts. To conclude, it is not certain that at some point in this century we will have one language that everyone will know and use. That is up to the circumstances of the world’s development.
P. I. Eleftheriou

The positive and the negative aspects of staying at home

Being limited is nearly always a letdown. But sometimes if you have strong nerves and imagination it will turn out a bit funny or even exciting. Here we will analyse some good facts about the quarantine who will help you feel better.
Firstly, limited transportation is really what the planet needed. The worldwide quarantine is like a punishment from mother earth. Just think that she was so sick that she took some days off. Although these days seem to be ages.
Secondly, people are more than ever outside. Either for a walk or to daydream or even just to take a deep breath from the fresh air. Believe me, Amali (where I live) haven’t seen so many people from the time of her creation. Think of how many papers or messages with “Β4” written on them.
During the coronavirus confinement we do some things that we wouldn’t do in other conditions like try new foods or play new games and this can be very interesting. What about finding a new passion or hate.
I could think of a lot of bad aspects of staying at home but… I am here to make you feel better, not worse. DO NOT FORGET TO HAVE FUN.