Exam levels

My daily routine

My daily routine is on Monday I go to English lesson 6:30 with 8:30.On Tuesday I have ancient greek lesson. On Tuesday I have a German lesson… On Wednesday I have an English lesson 6:30 with 8:30. On Friday I don’t have anything but I do my homework. On Saturday and Sunday, i spend time with my family.

Apostolis M.

My brother

My brother is very important for me.we do a lot of things together. Sometimes when I do my homework or exercise on express dig books he comes behind me and does like he knows everything this makes me feel so proud or grateful for my little brother. I think to spend times with your family is the most important thing. I don’t know what to do if I didn’t have my brother.

Minecraft rules!

One of my favourites games is Minecraft I like this game because I can build everything I want I like to play Minecraft with my brother or my friends. You can play Survival or Creative. On Survival must survive for zombies, skeletons and other monsters but on Creative you have all the blocks in Minecraft. With blocks, you build everything you want.you should download this game because is very interesting.

Apostolis M.

My Superhero!

My super hero’s name is Goku. He comes from the planet Vegeta now lives in Earth and has supernatural powers. When was a child he learnt kung fu. My character is for an anime is very strong, use his energy to make bombs. He is very special for me because is cool and gives me ideas to draw.

Apostolis M.

My daily routine

My daily routine is on Monday I go to English lesson 3-5 hour and in 6-7:30 go to a football match on Asteras Nikis team. On Tuesday I don’t have anything but I play on my mobile brawl stars. On Wednesday I go in 6-7:30 in football. On Thursday I go to English lesson 3-5. On Friday I go to football match at 6-7:30.On Saturday I go to football match 9-11 clock in the morning. On Sunday I play brawl stars in mobile.


My favourite hero is Spiderman. I see all the moves of Spiderman on TV. I play games in Play Station and pc. I love superpower of spiderman who throwing webs in his opponents and catches them. I want to be Spiderman for has a superpower.

Argiris D.

Love to play computer games

My favourite hobby is playing computer games. My favourite computer game is the brawl stars because it has many characters, maps and modes! I play with my friends to win every game. My favourite character is Crow and I love his gun.every play I tell how not win him but to win him.

Argiris D.

A scary experience

When I was on holiday last year, we saw wolves in the street. Last summer my family and I went on holiday to Albania. We lived from Mytilene to Kavala. By car, we passed Thessaloniki and Veria. Then on the road of Veria, we saw wolves. There was a pack of wolves but not all there. We saw only two wolves. They had blue eyes and grey with white fur. My dad pressed the horn and they left. We were so scared. Fortunately, my little brother was sleeping. We felt extremely relieved as we drove away.

Alexandra Al.

Bad holidays

Last year we went to Hawai with my friend Nick. As we were at the airport the weather wasn’t the best. A few hours later we finally went to our hotel but the hotel was cramped and we were obliged to move to another hotel. Unfortunately the staff of the hotel it was rude. Then we took our suitcases and went to the nearest beach. In the morning we went to a bakery and ate our breakfast. After that Nick and I decided to go for surfing. During surfing, Nick saw a shark and then told me to go out of the beach. It was big but dangerous. The experience was very cool and it has a lot of adventure.

Stefani K.

My summer trip

Last summer we decided to go to a small beach, more like a small village called Tsixrada. Although its a nice place to spend your summer holidays, we had problems on getting there.From Mytilini to there, where a 2 hour trip by car with a lot of turns and mountains for the car to climb.Because the road was also not been rebuilt for years the front car wheel blew up. When we finally arrived we saw the beach and we were really disappointed, the beach was dirty and full of litter. When we tried to open the sync from our house the water was not coming out because the pipes were been damaged by the bad weather. Yes, we had our problems with getting there and also our house but I really enjoyed our summer, we had a really good time and I’m very happy about that!

Mike K.


Our crazy holiday

Last summer we went to Australia with friends. As we were driving to the village we got a flat tyre, it took us 4 hours to fix it a minute before we missed our flight
At first she wanted to get a bus to the hotel. The hotel wasn’t as it described in the brochure and the room was cramped and dirty but it had a great view. I found it difficult to sleep in the cramped hotel room because it was so small in the restaurant of the hotel ate spaghetti made me get food poisoning. Tomorrow we went to the beach we wear sunscreen or else we could get sunburnt. Stefani is a thrill-seeker who loves extreme sports like bungee jumping. My holidays was disastrous because the area I was staying in was hit by a hurricane. The experience was very cool and it has a lot of adventure.

Afrodite Liakatelli

Photo by Praveen Gupta on Unsplash

My best friend

my best friend

My best friend is called Michael. We were classmates since we were younger and he is tall as l am and he likes sports he is clever and likes reading books. We were the best student in the class. We have fun together and talk about our favourite movies, books and heroes. He can’t draw, but he likes my drawings and always tells me his opinion about my work. I like my friend and I am happy to meet him because I really miss him now that I have changed school.

Apostolis M.