Addicted to technology

Nowadays more and more people are overusing the internet and their mobile phones. It is believed that they could have a problem with using these devices. They spend many hours playing with different electronic devices. But what are the problems of all these situations? What can people do to help themselves? In this text, we will explain the problems of technology addiction and we will try to find a solution to all these.

The addiction to technology can lead to various problems. Firstly, the young spend many hours on the mobile phone, they speak with other teenagers or play games. Also if you see around you could find a lot of people who are addicted to video games. For example, young students prefer to spend their free time playing games on the computer rather than read a book or go out near nature. All in all, technology is a good way to spend a lot of time in front of a screen like your phone or your computer screen.

There are a number of steps that we can make to move away from electronic devices. First of all, it is important to make a program for your free-time activities, that means if you finish with anything that you have to do it is better to go out for a walk rather than stay at your house and play video games. Moreover, you could ask for support from your friends. This means before you take your mobile phone and open all the apps of social media you can call a friend. In general, there many different activities that you can do and help yourself not to become addicted to technology.

To sum up, electronic devices and in general new technology are helpful for our lives. But it is more important to find a balance between how many hours you will use electronic devices and also in what way.

Are we for or against zoos?

In our days, most countries have big zoos with animals from all over the world. They have small animals like monkeys or parrots but have bigger animals like elephants and lions. But are zoos good for animals or not? In my opinion, they are not.

To start with, animals have to be in their natural environment because it is their home. The animals there can grow, they can hunt their food and to not be captured in a zoo as if they were in prison. In the wild, they will have a healthier life and they will be happier.

Furthermore, zoos are very dangerous for everyone, because it has a big number of wild animals which can hurt us. For example, if a group of people come closer to this animal, it may be scared because it has a lot of people and to attack you. This is the animal’s reaction when they feel that they are in danger.

On the other hand, zoos have some important advantages for animals and their countries. Firstly, zoos raise the tourists of this country because everyone loves animals and wants to see them.
Secondly, animals, which are in danger to extinct, some people take them from the jungles and bring them to the zoos which they are safer.

To conclude, zoos are helpful to raise the tourism of the country, but they are like a prison for the animals.

Online English Lessons

A few days ago because of Covid-19, all shops, schools, tutoring centres were closed. In the beginning, I was happy because I thought a break from everyday life would be good for me. Also starting online courses we would not miss the precious time of our learning. That way we would do lessons and we will be relaxed at home. But as time went by my eyes got sore. I could no longer afford online lessons, they were too tedious for me because from morning (with school) until night (with the lessons and the foreign languages) I was on the computer.
My personal opinion is the face to face courses give you the chance to communicate more and interact with other people. I think that the lesson in the classroom is more creative for me because you can do more activities with your classmates. Also, I have direct contact with my teachers and classmates which is very important to me.
I prefer the lesson in the classroom but we should adapt to this situation for this period of time because we don’t have any other option.


The two wolves

One day an Indian boy talked with his old grandfather.”Son” the old Indian said, “there is a battle between two wolves in your heart the first wolf is bad and represents anger, jealousy, and every other negative feeling. The other wolf is good and represents happiness, peace and every other good feeling. The boy thought for a while the grandfather’s words and asked, “Which wolf wins” and the old man answered with a calm voice “The one you feed”.This is a good story. We have to think positive and let only the good feelings leading our heart. Only in this way we could be happy.


Alexander the Great died in June 323 Bc. After the long trips, the battles, a life full of adventure in Asia, he felt weak and he had a fever. His people were worried about him and the doctors made their best to cure the king of his illness, but after 10 days he died in Babylon.
At the last moments of his life, he asked to see his soldiers, one by one, because he wanted to thank them for being beside him. As he was about to die he said”After my death, I want the best doctors to carry my soulless body to the grave. In that way, people will understand that even the best doctors are defeated by death. I want my treasures to cover the way to my grave because I want people to see that neither they could keep you alive. I want my bare hands to be shown to everyone, so people will see that we leave this world with empty hands, as we got born. The only treasure that has been given to us is the time we live in this world”
His death gave sadness to his soldiers and deep grief to his nearest people who loved their king.
This was the end of the “lord of the world”.

Theseus the first king of Athens

Theseus is one of the most famous heroes of Ancient Greece everyone knows his story, the trip from his birth city to Athens to meet his father, king of Athens Aegeus. Everyone knows about his labours how he killed very dangerous robbers on his way to Athens. Also, he is very known because of his journey to the island of Crete, to kill Minotaur, the monster who lived in the labyrinth, under the Cretan palace. Everyone knows about his Love Ariadne, the daughter of King Minos, who helped him to escape the labyrinth after he had killed Minotaur. And at the end of the myth, we know that he forgot to change the black sails of his ship to white. So his father believing that Theseus was dead, threw himself off a cliff into the sea, which was named after him Aegean sea. Most of us already know the story above, but actually, we know less about Theseus as the first king of Athens. After the death of King Aegeus, his son became the king of the city. Then he chose a very good place to build his town and made it a famous and strong city with big walls around it. He built a palace on the fortress of Acropolis and he made the big port of Piraeus.
As a king, he was good and fair with his people and he respected Gods. He was brave and clever, even he was a tragic person from his birth until his dishonest death by the king of Skirus island.

Online learning sessions.

Last months we had to confront a new situation because of Covid-19. The government decided to close all the schools, the universities and the languages schools and called it lock-down. As a result, it was very difficult to acclimatize to online courses.

My personal opinion is that the online learning sessions must be accomplished in this way because in another case we will lose a lot of precious time. To tell the truth, firstly I didn’t like the online courses and I felt very upset and tired of doing that. When the days passed I got used to doing this but I still miss my classmates and my teachers.

Basically, I think that we should be adapted to this situation because we don’t have other option to do. The advantages of online courses are that you have time to participate to your lessons and do not lose your courses because of lock-down but on the other hand, the face to face courses gives you the chance to communicate more and interact with other people. I prefer to do online courses until things get better but I will be happy to go back to my University again.

To sum up, I think that the two types of learning can’t be compared and have benefits and disadvantages. We should learn to get used and this way of learning because it is future learning, but it is beautiful to interact with other people when you want it. At least, we didn’t lose our lessons and we do our courses like always.

Hi Annie

Hi Annie,
I am so sorry to hear that you’ve got a flu. I hope you get well soon. As for the lessons, don’t worry, health is above all. Of course, I will send you an email with each homework, it is the least I can do for you. These days we don’t have lots of homework so you won’t get tired of doing it. Today we wrote a Test in Geography. It wasn’t difficult and our teacher said that you don’t have to write it. Also in Technology, we did a project about the machines.
I think that you should take the whole week off to recover because when you come to school you can get worse and stay home longer. Additionally, you need to recover to be perfectly well for the exams which are in two weeks.
I hope I was helpful.

Can Animals Change a Human’s Ways and Traits? an essay by P.E. Eleftheriou

They say a dog is a man’s best friend. Animals have been man’s companions since the early ages. In certain cases, they even helped to change people’s behaviour and way of thinking. Is that even possible? Believe it or not, it is!
Firstly, animals, like dogs, give unconditional love to someone, no matter their origin; race etc., but they also know whether somebody is unfriendly or dangerous. In that case, if an animal shows affection to a person not liked by lots of people or isolated from society, they might start to believe they deserve the rest of the world’s respect and acceptance. In that way, that feeling encourages them to try and become better human beings.
In addition, by loving an animal and caring about it, a person learns to feel the same about other people; close to them or not.
Secondly, experiences also change somebody’s character. Likewise, a special bond between a human and their pet can have the same effects. For instance, somebody may not have anybody to support them in their life, but their little four-legged friend is still there for them. Furthermore, petting a cute or adoring animal can chase all of somebody’s anxiety and stress away and the rest seems insignificant.
However, some may think that all the views I pointed out only apply to animal-lovers. This might seem accurate, still, it is not. In other words, it is on the cards that non-animal lovers can have a change of heart just by spending time with them.
Animals are the only innocent beings on earth, so maybe we should start taking some of their traits as examples. Lots of people use the expression “behave like an animal”, yet I believe we should start questioning ourselves: “Are humans behaving like animals or are animals behaving like humans?”.
By P. E. Eleftheriou

The experience of getting something that you want.

Last summer I was working very much and every day. I was very tired and disappointed because I didn’t do anything despite the work and I didn’t have time to go somewhere for having good time. So, I decided that at the end of the season I would travel to Europe and especially to Germany. I wanted this trip so badly because I needed to escape from hectic life.

First of all, I presumed that I will do this trip in November when I will end from work, as a result, I foretell all the days and got my tickets for Berlin. Suddenly, at the end of September, I stopped the work for a few days and I will begin again in November the days that I will be in Berlin. I was very upset and I didn’t know what to do. I had two choices to cancel my trip or to change the dates and do this trip alone for the first time in my life.

This would mean that I would travel to Berlin alone and that I should change all my plans. Firstly, I change my aeroplane tickets and I paid 180 euros more for this. Because of this, I decided to go from Mytilene to Thessaloniki by boat, so I buy a ticket a few days later. Unfortunately, when I went to buy a ticket the officer told to me that the boats had stopped that day because of the bad weather. I was very upset and I didn’t know if I should do this trip. The only solution was to take an aeroplane ticket which cost 100 euros. I did that because I didn’t have other option and I wanted so much to go somewhere. Finally, I went to Berlin alone.

To sum up, this travel made me better human and I would do it again and again. For the first time in my life, I could feel free and ready to attack my fears and myself. I had time to think about my future in a beautiful place and to take the decision to change my life in better ways. I appreciated the glorious places and finally, I saw the substance and not the things which don’t matter. I felt happy and full for a long time.

Are old buildings a cultural heritage of one’s nation?

Every nation has its own cultural heritage, buildings and historical places. However, an existing controversial issue makes people wonder if those historic buildings are standing in the way of evolution. Many old buildings are protected by from the law because they play a big part in the nation’s history.

Firstly, it is important to maintain old buildings because they have economic value. Many of the historic buildings they are used as museums and attract different kinds of tourists. Besides that, every single historic monument plays a big part in the nation’s history and it is very important for a country to keep its landmark alive. One way to achieve that is to keep historic sites protected.

Many opponents may argue differently, for example, some people believe that new modern buildings are cheaper and way easier to construct. But that is not the case, you can’t just demolish the nation’s history. Many of those buildings are so rare and have such beautiful construction. It is wise to maintain positive in keeping history alive and don’t just rush to cross of such rare monuments.

To conclude, history and big evolutions are written in historical buildings. Each one has its own history written in the walls. It is the cultural heritage of its nation and it does identify the progress society has succeeded all this time. I firmly believe that we need to keep preserving old historic buildings.

The Science Fair

Dear Ms Kline,
I am looking forward to this annual Science Fair. I believe that it will be great.
In my opinion, the school library could be the ideal place for the fair because it has a lot of space to do activities. Also, we can use books for some experiments which we are going to do. I think that the gymnasium isn’t a good place to have the Science Fair because all the students will get bored.
For this special fair, we should plan a lot of great activities. We can prepare various experiments for our little guests so children can learn Science through games.
Also for the winners of the competitions, we can give them a set of physics as
a prize so that they can make their own little natural workshop at home.

Please reply soon!