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The best place that you can go for a holiday

The place that I want to go for a holiday is Nafplio, a town of Peloponnese. Nafplio is a very popular town because there is the prison of Kolokotronis. There are a lot of hotels that you can visit but some hotels are expensive.

In Nafplio you can do whatever you like it has many activities that you can do. Of course, you can go to the prison of Kolokotronis which is an exciting experience don’t miss it. Also, you can go to the castle of Nafplio there it has the statue of Kolokotronis and you can learn about the history of the castle. This castle is in the middle of the sea and you can go on a boat it’s a really cool experience. Nafplio has a train and it takes you around the town. This is the best activity that you can do there. Also, you can walk and explore many things. There it has many restaurants that you can eat and the food is delicious.

To visit this place is not very expensive and I promise that it is the best place that you should go whenever you get a chance.

My story


I was walking on the beautiful Paris roads and my best friend Korine lost her phone!

I tried to call her to find it easier but it wasn’t in her backpack, we went back to the hotel to find it but it wasn’t there. Korine started to panic because she remembered that maybe she forgot it in one of the shops we went to before.

Then we started running to the shops and asking if they had seen the phone, but it wasn’t there. Korine was all red because she was anxious.

Bu5 when we returned to the hotel, I found the phone, it was in my pocket. I take it when she didn’t have more space for it in her backpack. Korine was ready to kill me but she forgives me. Now we telling the story and laughing.

Pets improve health


Owning a pet has a lot of advantages but it has some disadvantages, too.

Of course, the owner of a pet must love animals and be interested in them. Generally, pets such as dogs and cats need to be let out, to be fed well, be prepared and taken to the vet when they are ill, and they must also be vaccinated. Moreover, pets such as parrots, canaries, turtles, rabbits, hamsters, fish and other kinds of animals need the same care, good food and are taken to the vet when they are ill.

However, the responsibility of the health and the security of the pets can improve health and stress levels of their owners. Because of this the owners must be responsible and mustn’t be stressed a lot.

All in all, owning a pet is a big responsibility and the owner must be sure that he can have one and he can cope with the pet’s needs.


Basketball is a sport which is very popular. To play basketball you need basketball court. In every team, the players are 10,20 in total. Need to play basketball: Ball, two baskets, a court, special clothes, and special shoes. Aim of the game is, to score baskets. The team which has a ball tries to put the ball in the basket. Whichever team puts the ball more often wins the match. My favourite player is John Adetokoubo and I never miss watching his play. I have been playing basketball for a year. I play every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday with my friends.


Ken looked in his backpack to find his camera, but it wasn’t there. Last month, he and his friend, Mike have been to Rio de Janeiro. They were walking along the streets and they decided to take a picture as the view around them was extremely amazing. At that moment, he perceived it missing.

Then he began to panic. His friend tried to calm him down. They started to look around, to ask the people on the streets if they had found it, but nothing. So they sat down to think about what was the place where it was probably missed.

At first, they decided to go back to the hotel to look for it but nothing. After that, they went to the café which they were relaxing a few hours ago. They started to run on the streets like crazy. When they arrived there, the young ice-cream seller who works on the café, he saw the desperate so he asked them, what was happening. They explained the situation and he, fortunately, he had good news for them. The camera had been found and guarded by the cafeteria staff.

When he held it in his hand finally, he felt relief. After this unpleasant adventure, their journey was continued gorgeous.

A family is valuable


A family is a group of people who show affection and love and support . We also spend time together. Family has two parents, two or four children and two or three grandparents.

Family is a small community and teaches you to be part of community . In the family  as you grow older you learn from them and admire them.

Families must have respect among older people because they are at a critical age. Rarely the mothers are older than father.

Family is very vauleable because are some people who grow with them and learn things which you will not learn thing not learn anywhere else. When you grow up you start your own family.

The Catering company

I work in a catering company. I am a very efficient employee. It is an important company that needs a security system to observe the employees. people who work in security do hazardous jobs.

Now concerning my job, I love providing people who are in need of food which helps me a lot !!!

The best family!

My family is so cool! I have my mother Katherin, my father Antonio and two sisters, Zoe and Rania. My family is a nuclear family because I have a house which lives my parent, my sisters and me. Nobody else! In my family, we have two cats. My family shows love and affection for each other. We listen to what each other says. We share our problems and talk all the time. We find time to eat as a family and we go on holidays together. I love my family because I have my sisters and I like spending a lot of time with them! My family has a special place in my heart. Also, I like my parents because they work and support, they buy me whatever I  need for school or primary school, cook, help me with my homework and they clean house too. I love my family members and I will never change them!!!

A good family


In a good family we show the love and affection to each other, we share our problems, we listen to what each other says, argue but makeup afterwards, we celebrate together, talk all the time, we go on holiday together and we find time to eat as a family.

Family Ties


What each person thinks of as a good family varies depending  on their perspective and culture. We need to look at families from many countries as to how long the parents have been married and their ages. Family means supporting the members. It maybe as little as making time to go to all performances, matches or special days at weekends. Being by their side caring for them all through  their lives. Getting to know the members and supporting their choices, loving them and their friends, their career and interests.

Strong families appear in different ways and forms . There are single parent families, nuclear families and extended families. All have the same goals , to protect their members support their choices and most important give love and affection.

My hobbies

musical instruments

Every human in the world has a hobby. Hobbies are something you like doing in your free time. For example, in my free time, I like listening to music.

So when  I was 6 years old I have my first violin lesson. I was so excited about this musical instrument. Nowadays, I have been playing for 7 years and I like it very much. When I was 9, I start playing the piano but I continue it after 1 year. When I was younger I also did ballet, Zumba, hip-hop and international dances but I stopped it all when I was 11 years old. Now I only go to Music school and I play 4 musical instruments. Accordeon, violin, piano and taburas.

Sometimes I think of why it is important to have hobbies. I think that hobbies it is a way to calm and make me happy. Hobbies it is that we like to do every time.

I like so much my hobbies and maybe I will do another hobby in the future.

A good family


It doesn’t matter if your family is a nuclear, extended or single-parent; it should be happy.

All families have many problems but the point of the family is that all the members together can solve them. If you fight with your family you know that in the end, all will be as first.

A perfect family doesn’t exist. But some characteristics a good family should have are:

1) help each other

2) listen to what each other says.

3) share the problems

4) show love and affection to each other.

5) argue but makeup afterwards.

So don’t worry about your family, because according to my opinion all families are good with different ways!!