Hike to the top of a…. volcano!

My parents and I felt very excited when we set off on our hike up the mountain.
It was a wonderful morning in Hawaii and the sun was shining. When we reached on the top of the mountain we saw a volcano on the top we were seeing lava.
Suddenly the volcano erupted and we were running. We got scared and breath.
When we were hiking my mum felt and was hurting. Then we saw a bus and we got in.
We felt extremely relieved as we drove away.
Pashalis D.

Sing like a pro

My favourite hobby is singing. I like it because it calms me and makes me happy when I am sad or angry!.
I like many types of music. I like pop English and Greek music and rap music.
I have been having singing and dancing lessons for about 6 years.
My future plans are to continue what I am doing now and try my best to succeed in becoming a better singer.
Fotini Theodorolea

Kumite Karate rules

In my free time, I do karate. Karate is a martial art and you learn how to protect yourself. You wear white trousers, a white jacket and inside you wear a T-shirt. You put on like boxing gloves and a little mask to protect your mouth when you play Kumite. You exercise your body and your mind. It is a difficult sport to do. You must learn kata because with kata you get a higher belt. Doing karate is fun !!

Taekwondo is the perfect hobby for me

Having a hobby that you enjoy brings us joy and enriches your life. It gives you something fun to do during your leisure time and gives you the opportunity to learn new skills. My hobby is Taekwondo. It is a difficult and fast-moving sport. Apart from training, you learn to defend yourself. It is a very useful sport. I think Taekwondo is the perfect hobby for me because it’s exciting, impressive and I relax when I do this. I can’t imagine my life without Taekwondo. I love it very much!

Angela Haralabidou

Senior D

The football is part of me

My hobby is football. I like playing it I have been playing football shine I was 5 years old and I like playing with my friends and my brothers. I play football at school and at the football stadium.
Football is very exciting. Football each team has 11 players and one goalkeeper. Football is played by using your feet and head but a goalkeeper can use his hand, feet and head.
I enjoy playing football because it is a lot of fun and it makes me happy.

By Nikos Stratilas

A riding adventure

My hobby is riding a bike. I like that hobby very much. I like to ride a bike on the road, in the parks and in parking. It is always good to wear helmets, knee pads and other safeguards, especially on roads and forests.

In summers we go to Madamado for holidays, we take with us our bikes and whenever I want I take mine and I ride on the road. All the other years, when I finish my homework if the weather is fine and my parents let me, I ride across from my house.

By Bill Stratilas

Creative Ideas Come To Me Through Video Making

Hi! My name is Yiota!
In my free time, I do lots of things, but my favourite activity is making video edits with music and effects! I use Power Director on my laptop to do that. It usually takes about three to four hours to make a video! My first one took me six and a half hours to finish, including downloading the clips and the music, which take about five to ten minutes and then cropping, putting the music, applying the effects etc. When a video is done, I usually either upload it on the internet right away or keep it for another time, when I don’t have anything to post.
The editing process of a video sounds easy, doesn’t it? However, it takes a lot of practice to master it and find your “editing style” and application that suits you best! It’s lots of fun though!
It’s a great way to express yourself and style, especially if you’re a creative person like me!

Football is fun

My favourite hobby is football. I like it because it is a team game and it helps a lot fo your body. You play football with two teams and each team has 10 players and one goalkeeper. The one who will score the most goals wins!
I play with friends on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. Football makes me feel excited.
John Th.

The colorful fanatcy world of designs.

Hi! I’m Rania and i’m a really busy girl. I love playing piano, dancing, learn new languages and read books. But my favorite hobby is drawing. I draw all day, even in the lessons. Thats why my books and my notebooks look terrible. I prefer to paint with waterpaints or pens. I like this hobby because i express myself with it and i describe my feellings with images.
Rania Neirou.

Board games makes me chill out.

Hi, I’m Nefeli and I write this blog to tell you about what do in my free time
In my free time I do many thing .Some of them is :
 Play with my friends
 Listen music
 Play with my sisters

When I finish my homework I play with my friends in my neighborhood or in school. sometimes I draw with my sisters and listen music or play in my bedroom different toys :
 Board games

Drawing and music does it for me

Hi my name is Agapi and I write this blog to tell us what I do in my free time
In my free time I do many things. For example:
 I draw
 I listen music
 I play with my friends
1 ) Most of the times if finish my lessons fast I go to my bedroom and I draw
with music . Music helps me to think fast and to concentrate thing really
important in painting.
2) Sometimes I and my friends gather in somebody’s house to talk and play

Play the drums to relax

In my free time, I like to play drums and I am very good at it. I’ve been playing for two years, my teacher is very proud of me. Of course, to get to this level it took me quite a long time and I tried very hard.
A drum set can be very expensive but obviously, there are and some cheap ones that are good. Also, it is quite difficult to set up and if something is placed, like one millimetre away from that place that you want you can understand it.
The only bad thing is the noise that it makes and how loud it is. For me it is good and it doesn’t bother me but maybe it bothers the people that stay near me. I am lucky and my neighbours are not bothered by it and they are quite happy with the progress that I make and the way I play. I have to say that it needs a lot of practice to make progress.

Stratos K.