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Spille is a coastal village in Albania .Spille beach is one of the most beautiful beaches.It is a sandy beach with a lot of  sunbeds.The sea is the cleanest of all but a little bit cold .

I went to Spille with my familyand cousins last Sunday.In the morning there weren’t many people but by noon the beach was full.

There are some cafeterias and some restaurants to enjoy seafood.The sea is deep and unsuitable for kids.

What I enjoyed most was the sunset.It was just amazing . At half past eight we went back home but the beach was still full .Many families were relaxing by the sea and children were playing with the water and didn’t want to leave this fantastic place.

Alexandra A.

New Neighbours!

Last Saturday, as I was cycling in the garden I saw a family I didn’t know moving to the house next to us. I ran quickly to my parents to tell them about it, and they told me that they were our new neighbours but if they wouldn’t like the house they would move on another. In the evening, I decided to bake a cake with my brother for them. When we finished I took the cake and went next door to meet our new neighbours.

The parents were very friendly and kind – hearted. Then their children. Anna and Thomas were also kind and playful so we became friends immediately. We were all having lots of fun and one day my mum told me that our neighbours would live here permanently. I was very happy but suddenly I heard a voice “Panagiotis wake up! You’re late for school” It was my mum and I realised that it was only a dream. I went in front of my window and I suddenly saw a family I didn’t know enetering the other house next to us. Who knows…

My Best Friend!

Hello guys! How are things going? I hope you’re well! Today I want to talk aboyt my best friend. A usual problem, is that oyr friends have more disadvantages than advantages. But if you really care about him/her it doesn’t matter if that person have disadvantages. My friend, John, is the tallest inmy class and he is a bit fat but that’s ok. He hates running and because I love it and I’m very good at it, he always wants to catch me and when he rarely manages to catch me he says “This is the last time I’m chasing you” because he gets very tired!

John likes wearing his favourite T – shirt with a little bear on it and his blue and white shorts, but when his favoyrite football team wins he always wears his favourite clothes. John is very special to me because he’s one of the few people I trust and I can tell him all my secrets. When I’m sad, he always stands by me making me laugh. The only thing I’m sure about is that we will be best friends forever!




My Four-Legged Friend

     For the last 2 years I have been living in Mytilene. I am constantly thinking about getting a dog. So after a long discussion with my parents we finally agreed to get a dog.

We spent a lot of time finding the right breed, we talked with many dog owners but we were always disappointed.

Finally we founda trustworthy owner who had the appropriate dog for us!.

The dog is a male, white with black ears. We will have it in a few days. Its a French Bulldog and we have to find a suitable name for my four-legged friend.

I can’t wait to take it in my arms and give it all my love and affection!!!.

An Unforgettable Experence

On the 20th August tow years ago I went with my family to Evia to spend our summer holidays,at my grandparent’s cottage.

We did a lot of nice things together , like we went for a swim to uknown beaches and went on many excursions . I learnt to surf and we went shopping.

But what i will not forget is when we went on an excusion from Evia to the beautiful island Skiathos with my dad’s jet ski. My parents and I rode on the jet ski andafter a perfect day of swimming in crystal blue water we ate seafood and relaxed on the sun beds until it was time to leave. Everything was fine until we realised that it was getting dark and mum checked the Google maps and mentioned  that we should rush back to Evia.

At some point I turned to look behind as we were speeding back and what I saw made me the happiest person in the world. A school of dolphins were following us!.when we arrived on land we waved goodbye to the dolphins and they swam back in the deep sea.

It was the BEST moment in my life!!!



Chocolate is a product of roasted and ground cacao. The earliest signs of use are dating from 19 centuries BC. The majority of Mesoamerican people made chocolate beverages, including the Maya and Aztecs. The history of chocolate began in Mesoamerica. Fermented beverages made from chocolate date back to 450 BC. The Aztecs believed that cacao seeds were the gift of Quetzalcoatl, the god of wisdom, and the seeds once had so much value that they were used as a form of currency. Originally prepared only as a drink, chocolate was served as a bitter liquid, mixed with spices or corn puree. It was believed to be an aphrodisiac and to give the drinker strength. After its arrival to Europe in the sixteenth century, sugar was added to it and it became popular throughout society. Today, chocolate has many different uses. It is also the favourite sweet of children and it sells in various stores around the world.


In my free time, I draw images like the galaxy, sunsets, sunrises, animals and the sea. It’s a way to express my feelings. I close my eyes and I drive around the colours. In my opinion, drawing is my life.

Life without hobbies would be monotonous. We need them to get away from our problems for some minutes. Hobbies are the thing that we do in our free time, after a hard-working day. It is important to have free time doing something that you want to do and you enjoy doing it! Hobbies are also a great way to exercise and meet people.

I strongly believe that hobbies are something that you do to relax, like knitting or to do something extreme, like skydiving. But the most important is to enjoy it, like how I enjoy drawing. Every single parent has a hobby that he does by his own that it relaxes him.

Our crazy journey

Once upon a time, I was with my parents, we were preparing our staff to go back home. So, we took our car and drove to the port. Our ship was leaving at 8 o’clock and for no reason, it left 10 minutes before. So we had to wait until another ship that goes to the same destination as the previous ship to come. We waited for hours until the other ship would come. And we went in.

Some hours later when we were close to the middle of the ocean, it started to have a lot of wind. The ship was old and it didn’t have much power, so it was moving lot from the big waves. The storage in the ship was going to the one side of the ship to the other side! Everyone thought that we would end in the water swimming, and almost half of the people in the ship were screaming and their thought came true. A big wave came to the left side of the ship and it took the ship in it. When the wave passed we started to sink so everyone run fast to the lifeboat. Some hours later another boat came and picked us up, it drove us to our home town safely. We felt extremely relieved as we drove.

Endangered animals

The number of endangered animals has increased in our days. This is mainly caused by the man who selfishly destroys the habitats where many animals live to satisfy his interests. Another reason is the rapid growth of the population. This has created a greater need for more housing resulting in the destruction of the areas where the animals live. Also hunting is an equally important factor in reducing the population of some animals. But a contemporary cause is the phenomenon of climate change which has disturbed the climate and in general the natural balance of the earth. This change has brought many animals close to extinction such as the polar bear whose habitat is being destroyed every day. We can contribute to the protection of these animals by simply recycling. By recycling we will consume less energy which will slow down the climate change.


The best holiday i always have is when i visit my father’s place Trikala. Me and my family every summer visit grandparents and spend most of the time with them. I am always  happy  to spend my summer location with my father’s parents.The place is very nice. Grandfather takes me for tracking and other mountain activities with his dogs.Grandmother prepares our favourite meals every time.

Last summer was the best i have ever had.My sister,brother and i spend more than two months with our grandparents.So we had plenty of time to do interesting things with them.We visited the monasteries  of Meteora , we went for swimming in the man-made lake of Plastiras. We also went for camping with some friends,on the prairies of Pertouli. We went for tracking on the mountains,cycling and other sport activities in the big athletic park, in Trikala. It was very nice that i met all my friends and old classmates and we had a good time each other. But the best part ever was when my cousin Paris traveled from Lesvos to be with us for a week.

I hope this summer vocation will be as good as last years.We have interesting plans!

Report: Fast Pulse Gym Improvements

This report presents the issues currently affecting member retention at FastPulse Gym and to provide the reasons people stop using gym facilities. In addition, this report will also suggest some improvements to the current amenities and outline how these changes would be affected.

First of all, not many changes have taken place since it opened in 2000. As a result, the equipment is old compared to what the members ask for. Secondly, seeing that the cost of the monthly membership has not changed like our competitors, seems to affect negatively our members and take their decision to cancel their membership. Furthermore, because of the small size of our studio, we have a limited variety of fitness classes. For these reasons, many users do not sign up, opting for other solutions at bigger venues. 

While FastPulse Gym has excellent staff and a large number of members, there is still room for improvement to improve the users’ experience and to keep the member we have. In relation to sports facilities, the idea of updated exercise machines is necessary. Another option is to expand the size of the studio,  in order to offer a wider variety of classes.

In summary, this report emphasizes the importance of improving the gym facilities and how this will help member retention. As we see, the old equipment, cost of membership, and the limited variety of classes have negative effects on the users. I would strongly recommend to focus on the improvement of exercise machines and doing some changes to the studio if at all possible. The improvements suggested would offer more opportunities for the members to enjoy a healthy lifestyle and make people renew or register again.


A special place for me

Hey Sam,


It’s my pleasure to help you. A special place for me is where scouts gather, it’s a near the docks or you can say next to the football field.


When you approach it, it looks like a small wooden cabin and a white container near ACS, surrounded by some green aluminium fences.


For me it doesn’t look like this, its two buildings fool of memories that will keep creating new ones. It’s a place that I can say that my life began. The reason that I’m saying that is because this place is where I met and made my best friends if I hadn’t decided to go to scouts I wouldn’t have met them and my life would have been a lot different without them right now.


With friendly love,