Exam levels

A helicopter rescue

A gentle wind was blowing through the campsite as my brother and I put up our tent. We were in the jungle and my brother was very happy. My brother and I went to look in the jungle.
When we came back we went into the tent.
Inside the tent, we saw a big bear and ran to be saved. My brother phoned for help. A helicopter came to help us to go back home.
We felt happy to be back home and see our friends.

John Thermiotis

My best friend

My best friend is Fotini is 12 years old. She lives in Athens she goes to the 1st grade of high school. She is tall, thin and her hair is brown like her eyes. My best friend is a beautiful person. She loves riding a bike and her hobbies are the track.

Agapi Tl.

My daily routine

Every morning I wake up at 7:00 and I eat a piece of bread with honey. Then I brush my teeth, I get dressed and I go to school at eight o’clock. We finish school at one o’clock. After I go home, I have lunch with my family, I do my homework and at seven o’clock I do Taekwondo with my friends. When I go back home I have dinner, I prefer eggs. Before I go to bed I play with my brother and I read a book. My favourite book is ”Harry Potter”. I sleep at ten o’clock so I can wake up early the next day.

Angela H.

Day in the forest

A gentle wind was blowing through the campsite as my brother and I put up our tent. The forest was very beautiful. It was a natural wonder. There were a lot of trees and the birds were singing.
As we were looking at the view, we heard a strange noise behind the bushes. We were so scared that we went to the tent. My brother was curious so he went to see what the noise was.
Suddenly a wolf attacked and bit him. I tried to phone my mum but I didn’t remember to charge my phone before we left. I ran to help him but I couldn’t stand the sight of blood so I started shouting for ”HELP”.
A few minutes later two people heard me and they ran towards me. Fortunately one of two had a mobile phone and he called my mum. My parents came and took my brother to the hospital. In the end, I was relieved because my brother was alright and I hope I will never go to the forest again.

Angela H.

My best friend

My best friend is Sia is 12 years old and she lives in Mytilene she goes to the 5th grade of high school. In the class, we are together. Sia, she was born in China and is very funny. She has black and very long hair and brown eyes. She is tall and she likes to play the piano, volleyball and she likes drow.

Nefeli Tl.

Favourite Actor

My favourite actor is Daniel Radcliff. He is very young, only 21 years old, but very famous. He has the lead role in the serial fim Harry Potter. He plays the young wizard, who stands against the dark and evil forces.
Daniel Radcliffe is born in London and he started acting at the age of 10 years old. He is not tall or very handsome, but he has an expressive face and he acts very well. He has played and other roles but my favourite is that of Harry Potter. I have watched all his movies.
He is very successful.

Apostolis M.

My favourite day

Sunday is my favourite day of the week. Usually mum is at work on Saturdays and when she comes back home on Sunday, we have finished our homework. Dad is always free on Sundays. So we all together have lunch somewhere out of the house and then we go for a walk. After that, we go to the cinema or we stay home watching a movie on the DVD player, eating popcorn and chips.
I like Sundays because I spend time with my family and watch interesting films.

Apostolis M.

Technology is my favourite subject

My favourite subject at school is technology education. We learn how to use materials and tools, to make our life easier and move interesting. We use computers very much and this is something that I really like.
Our teacher in technology is very good. He is smart and cool, with a sense of humour and we all enjoy the lesson with him.
Technology has helped people to improve their life it is very important in medicine, in the economy, in transportation, in the production of everything, but is very important to be used wisely. Our teacher very often reminds that to us.

Apostolis M

One of the places I would like to visit with my family is Meteora, in central Greece.
This is a rock formation, where is build one of the most known complexes of Orthodox monasteries Actually, it’s a combination of nature and human miracles. There is something majestic in that place, where nature is so beautiful and different in every season of the year. The view is amazing.
You can visit the museums in the monasteries and meet the world of Orthodox Religion and monk life. The best time to visit Meteor is in the Spring, at Easter and see how they celebrate Easter in Greece. You can, also go trekking or climbing on the sharp cliffs.
The trip to Meteora is an experience between heaven and earth.

Apostolis M.

My Pet!

My pet is Roxie she is a very sweet dog but sometimes get very angry with other peoples because is Jack Rusell. Roxie is short and long her colour is white with brown and she is a little fat but sweet. To have a pet is very important because make you feel happy.

Apostolis M.

The castle of Molyvos

The castle of Molyvos which is a very popular and touristic place of Lesvos is a very interesting place you can visit when you spend your vacation on the island. It is the most beautiful castle in Greece. It is built by Byzantines to protect the people who lived there from the pirates.
The castle is on the top of the hill, above the town of Molyvos. The view of the sea is great in the summer you can enjoy live music, as you are having a meal or drink.
Also, many performances and cultural events are given in the yard of the castle. This is a place you should visit!

Apostolis M.

Favourite place is Trikala

Trikala is the place that my father comes from. My family and I used to visit Trikala several times in the year because my father’s parents live there and we spent time with them. Every we visit Trikala grandparents get happy. Grandfather always try to enjoy us. We go trekking and camping in the mountains together. He plays football with us and he shows us how to train his dogs. We have fun with him. Grandmother cooks the best meals for us and she does her best to make us happy. I love them very much and I miss them.

Apostolis M.