KEDU C2 Level


Nowadays, popularity is a well-known issue in schools. Teens try to be popular without thinking of the benefits and the drawbacks that it will have on themselves.

On the one hand, being popular has some advantages. Firstly, you feel more positive as a person. For example, when a teen is popular they listen to good comments about them so they feel happier. Secondly, you have bigger friendship circles. For instance, all the teens know you and as a result, everyone wants to be your friend. Furthermore, you develop your confidence and you make yourselves feel better.

From a crooked angle, popularity also has some disadvantages. First of all, you lose the meaning of close friendships. For instance, for the one point, all the teens know you but you do not have some actual friends to stand by you in a difficult moment. Also, with the idea you want to be like others, you may do things just to show you are cool with the result you might start some bad habits like smoking or drugs.

To conclude, having a big name in school is not necessarily negative. Popularity has benefits and drawbacks and you should learn when is the time to stop trying to be popular before you do something bad to yourselves.

Living as a Londoner

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What Lesvos means to me

Even though Mytilene wasn’t the place I was born, it means so much to me. Here was my first time I went to school and made friends. Here was the first time I hang out only with my friends without parents. Here was the first I went to  a club and stay out till midnight. Mytilene was the place that I made my first memories that I still remember. Although, the most important place in Lesvos for me is my village, Vatera. I used to go there since I was 2. There I made the best memories of my whole life. Me and friends, when we were little, we took our bikes and explore the whole village together everyday. I always had an amazing time there and I think that explains why it’s my favourite place in Lesvos.

Report: Fast Pulse Gym Improvements

This report presents the issues currently affecting member retention at FastPulse Gym and to provide the reasons people stop using gym facilities. In addition, this report will also suggest some improvements to the current amenities and outline how these changes would be affected.

First of all, not many changes have taken place since it opened in 2000. As a result, the equipment is old compared to what the members ask for. Secondly, seeing that the cost of the monthly membership has not changed like our competitors, seems to affect negatively our members and take their decision to cancel their membership. Furthermore, because of the small size of our studio, we have a limited variety of fitness classes. For these reasons, many users do not sign up, opting for other solutions at bigger venues. 

While FastPulse Gym has excellent staff and a large number of members, there is still room for improvement to improve the users’ experience and to keep the member we have. In relation to sports facilities, the idea of updated exercise machines is necessary. Another option is to expand the size of the studio,  in order to offer a wider variety of classes.

In summary, this report emphasizes the importance of improving the gym facilities and how this will help member retention. As we see, the old equipment, cost of membership, and the limited variety of classes have negative effects on the users. I would strongly recommend to focus on the improvement of exercise machines and doing some changes to the studio if at all possible. The improvements suggested would offer more opportunities for the members to enjoy a healthy lifestyle and make people renew or register again.


Why have young people’s eating habits become so unbalanced? What could parents and teachers do to ensure young people have healthier diet?

Nowadays, teenagers face a lot of eating disorders like obesity or anorexia nervosa. The question is why are people’s eating habits becoming so unbalanced?  also, another question that parents have is what they can do to ensure young people have healthier diets?

One of the reasons that teen’s eating habits are not balanced is that they care about their appearance a lot. For example, the girls don’t eat a lot because they want to be fit. This has as a result that the girls do not eat as much as they should and suffer from anorexia nervosa. Another reason is that some teens like the taste of food and eating a lot. For instance, many kids like sweets or fast food and eat too much of them, resulting in gaining a lot of weight and making healthy problems like obesity.

Moreover, parents ask doctors what they need to do to ensure young people have healthier diets. Something that they can do is to teach kids to eat all kinds of food. For example, kids need to learn to eat healthy and right from a very young age. This has as a result that the right way of eating has become habits and is more difficult to change it. Also, teachers can help with this. For instance, they can talk to kids about how they can eat healthy with projects or videos with the result that kids learn how to eat healthy in an interesting way.

In conclusion, with a balanced diet and knows the right way to eat healthy, teens can stop suffering from eating disorders.

Do you think animals have the power to change people and a person’s behavior?

Animals have a powerful force that influences people’s behaviour. They positively affect people’s lives in a way they can not understand.
Have you ever imagined what life would be like without pets? These little friends can transform a bad day into a better one. One smile or a hug from them act joyfully. In other words, animals have an impact on others and influence emotions. That is why pets help us to be happier and reduce anxiety, because of their fluffy fair.
Animals also help people in being more responsible. For instance, a dog needs food at a particular time and the person learns how to care and nurture it. This means that human brains start thinking unconsciously. Indeed there is another life which must be cared for except for himself.
In conclusion, animals give us the gratification of their company. Peoples life and character can be changed by the animal’s power. After all this do you still not want an amiable pet in your life?

Are you being scared by security cameras or do you feel a protection?

Most places are being filmed by security cameras with target the protection of the places. In other words, cameras protect the public by crimes and vandalism. Undoubtedly, both texts supporting this idea of a network of cameras.
According to the first text, it expresses the view that cameras have a positive affection on the people because of their satisfaction feeling. Most people feel safe to be captured on film in these public places because the percents of be a crime is reducing day today. Likewise, the second text presents the same viewpoint. It discusses the criminal activity which is being filmed. In other words, if a crime has been caught on film is easier to be solved. Despite the first text, the second one does not agree that cameras had put for emotional reasons for feeling safe but rather to have clues in a case of vandalism.
Both texts are powerful and authentic and as I far as I am aware, I agree with the protection of the camera. For instance, if my neighborhood had observation network cameras, I would feel safer going outside at night. As a result, cameras are useful for two reasons. Firstly this surveillance system provides a feeling of security and reduces criminal activity. Also, it helps policemen and lawyers for solving a crime.
To conclude, this project for protection is really useful in public places like airports, malls, and banks and makes the world a better place for living away for vandalism and crimes.

What it is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a way that a company or person can raise money for a project from people, business or idea via the internet. It isn’t a difficult process. The only thing we have to do is to post details about our project or idea on a crowdfunding website and ask for the amount we need to create the starting project.

Here’s what I found on the internet:

Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet. If a company or person wants to raise money through crowdfunding, they can pitch for it by posting details of their project, business or idea on a crowdfunding website. The ‘crowd’ in crowdfunding refers to the people or organizations that provide the money.


A Few Words About “Crowdfunding”

Crowdfunding is donation campaigns raised by companies, charities or small businessmen for specific causes, like selling a product, helping the poor or to start-up a company. That is accomplished via the internet (social media, crowdfunding platforms) where a small amount of money is raised by the donations of a large group of people.
A great example of a crowdfunding website is Kickstarter, where anyone can raise a campaign for their project or contribute in another by donating.


Cover Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

How people can benefit through volunteering and how important it is.

Volunteering is a way that people can offer to the global. There are two essential types that people used our days, the charity work and the virtual volunteering.
One the one hand, we have charity work. In our days, demands on volunteers are growing globally. With this way people have an effective result in the global from the side that doing things like they collect the trash and that help the environment. Also, non-governmental organisations are doing their utmost to campaign and fundraise in order to meet the growing need. Finally, something that matters is that volunteers’ efforts are still worthwhile.
One the other hand, we have virtual volunteering. Nowadays, people are actively searching for volunteering opportunities that they can carry out online. That is a way to offer from the side that time constraints or personal obligations prevent them from providing assistance in person. This did not like much but these small actions can have a significant effect. Moreover, can contribute towards creating a culture of community involvement in the future.
In my opinion, both ways are essential because nit everyone can offer with charity work and also not everyone has the time to do it so virtual volunteering is a way to offer in the global.

Addicted to technology

Nowadays more and more people are overusing the internet and their mobile phones. It is believed that they could have a problem with using these devices. They spend many hours playing with different electronic devices. But what are the problems of all these situations? What can people do to help themselves? In this text, we will explain the problems of technology addiction and we will try to find a solution to all these.

The addiction to technology can lead to various problems. Firstly, the young spend many hours on the mobile phone, they speak with other teenagers or play games. Also if you see around you could find a lot of people who are addicted to video games. For example, young students prefer to spend their free time playing games on the computer rather than read a book or go out near nature. All in all, technology is a good way to spend a lot of time in front of a screen like your phone or your computer screen.

There are a number of steps that we can make to move away from electronic devices. First of all, it is important to make a program for your free-time activities, that means if you finish with anything that you have to do it is better to go out for a walk rather than stay at your house and play video games. Moreover, you could ask for support from your friends. This means before you take your mobile phone and open all the apps of social media you can call a friend. In general, there many different activities that you can do and help yourself not to become addicted to technology.

To sum up, electronic devices and in general new technology are helpful for our lives. But it is more important to find a balance between how many hours you will use electronic devices and also in what way.