KEDU C2 Level

On the bright side of quarantine

Today everyone has the same problem, it is something special. Many families around the world are locked in their homes during quarantine. But one artist has had a perfect idea, with his drone he photographs people in their homes. Families in the photos are excited and trying to find funny clothes or weird ideas.

This whole situation is different for all of us. How do people feel during quarantine? For example, I saw a family with sportswear, family members are really happy. I think two hours ago it was nothing; all the members of the family had tried to find clothes and a good place in the house to take the picture.

I feel proud and optimistic about this family. They did not give up and they tried to see the bright side of this situation. I believe that after all this we will see photos from that period and we will feel stronger because we will be the winners.

Discuss the positive and negative aspects of being in lockdown

Have you ever lived in that kind of situation? As I remember I never have, it is something new for me and for many other people. No one really expected things to turn out this way and by that, I mean the lockdown and the social distancing. We all can deduce the positive and negative impacts of these security measures.

It is wise to see the positive view of these recent events. First of all, the pandemic will decrease and at the same time, the health departments will buy time to find the cure and the vaccine, something very important for the future. Not only that but all this time we have in our houses, with our families is precious time and try to make use of these. Now with the lockdown, you have the opportunity to find yourself, to rest from all the pressure and stress you were living with. Try to find strength in all that time you have because that isn’t the hard part.

The recent events have me concerned about the economic situation, and in my belief, it is the biggest problem we will have to phase after the lockdown. For example, many small businesses will collapse, even small factories will, and by that many people will lose their jobs. Being unemployed means not having the money to pay for your bills, your house and your needs in general, but it isn’t only that, long term unemployment is extremely demoralizing and that is the biggest problem we will have to face. Relating to science mortality increases when people are jobless. So as I see it, we got in lockdown to avoid big numbers of mortality but in the end if things don’t get back to normal, still many people will lose their lives. I could think and discuss more negative aspects of the lockdown, but now it doesn’t seem to me that it matters.

I understand the pressure that everyone feels right now, no one wanted things to turn out this way but they did. Be kind to yourself, make strong ties. You are not alone; we are all in this together. Everything is a matter of perspective.

Fashion – Beauty beggins when you decide to be your self-

All of us are using different fashion styles. For most of us, in our own way we can saw what actually fashion is for our self.
These days, people and actually teenagers are trying to follow the fashion of 2019 – 2020, like black clothes, ripped jeans and also expensive outfits from a very famous designer. In this situation, in my own way of thinking I can understand that one reason of following fashion its because you feel “into it”, very comfortable and also you like this kind of style, so why not to try it?. Nonetheless, we can find, as far I am concerned, another one reason. In fact, I would even venture so far to say that I have not done this before and I think all of us. So, as you can understand from what has been said, most of are following fashion just to impress the others and being noticed.
Let me make it up for you! I will give you two examples and you have to choose . Do you think that you will be noticed by the others if you are following fashion or by making your own styles? Now, let me explain this. Having said all that, all of us are following the fashion so, in fact, we have the same kind of style as our friends so in this way you will be the same as the others. All of us are different and we have the chance to saw it by our everyday outfit and general our style!!
All things considered, I think that we can be beautiful and different without being into fashion but by making OUR OWN styles!

Sapho S.

Following fashion – why do we do it?

Is fashion important to you? For more people, it is, at least to some extent. Everyone has their own style from those who wear expensive designer outfits, those who wear a jean and a T-shirt as more people wear. But why are people following fashion?
Arguably, one factor that influences what people wear is the need to impress others. People who dress well seem to be noticed than those who are not worried about their appearance. This is a reason, that people follow fashion and wear fashionable clothes, to impress others.
In the same way, fashion is perceived as a tool that denotes wealth or prestige. For example, people internationally try to elevate their status by wearing expensive clothes or famous designer outfits. These clothes are not giving a personal statement but promote a specific image of power. As a result, fashion does not express personal statements but give a false impression of appearance for a person.
All these things considered, to my way of thinking, fashion can be used as a means of communication and shows a self-image of you to others.

Maria T.


A lot has changed through the years. Science and technology have contributed intensely in these changes. However, not all of them are beneficial for our world, because they’re not always used responsibly.

The term “technology” defines the skills, methods, techniques and measures used in the production of essential products and conveniences or for the achievement of objectives, such as scientific analysis. Nowadays, when people hear this term they think of social media; internet or mechanical engineering, because it is this century’s latest technological developments.

These days, the greatest high-tech gadgets are mobile phones, along with the internet and its facilities, which also seem to be used by people the most. Given these points, hackers take advantage of this fact and use the internet, which was originally created to assist people with their research and similar needs, for their own personal gain. What’s that? Well, most hackers are after users’ private data, like e-mails, passwords, bank accounts etc. In addition, the fact that lots of people use the internet often gives them a number of options to achieve their intentions. On the contrary, not all hackers have the same intention. Moreover, some social media users exploit other users, using fake identities, for similar; worse or different reasons.

Of course, hackers and dangerous sites “caring” viruses are not the only problems. The new generation born in the century of technology, spend too much time on their phones, watching TV or surfing on the Net. Even though most of the teens are establishing contact by texting or video-chatting when they’re not at school, still seem to have forgotten the “good old face-to-face” communication. On the other hand, this doesn’t seem to be such a huge issue.

For this reason, technology is very useful. However, when using one of its factors, specifically the internet, the user must be careful and responsible. In like manner people should also take a break from mechanics and spend a bit of time in “the real world”.

By Eleftheriou P. E.

Online School Lessons Are Not That “Cool”

Now that the COVID 19 has spread radically, we don’t go to school and we do online lessons. The teachers, basically, put our homework on a website called “” and occasionally we have lessons by online meetings. I don’t really like them though. I prefer the classic face-to-face lessons. With the online lesson, it’s not always clear whether we have homework to do or whether we’ve already finished the exercises. In addition, when I “raise my hand” using the special button, the teacher doesn’t always see it, because it doesn’t get there in time, so I end up forgotten or the teacher just chooses me to speak without me “raising my hand”, thinking I’m not trying at all. I wish for these hard days, that we’re going through right now, to end,s that I can go back to the real school and be the same old “straight A” student like I was before.

By Eleftheriou P. E.

Everything has changed

“Nothing’s different but everything has changed” as Charles de Rint said. In my view, nowadays our society has changed dramatically most because of technology.
Firstly, now we use technology instead of books. For instance, when we search for information we prefer it on the internet.
Secondly, with the use of technology, we neglect the people that we care about. For example, when we go out with someone we usually spend our time on our phones instead of communicating with other people.
In conclusion, I wish we could be more independent of everything that technology offers to us.

Evgenia K.

Environmental pollution

Today in the world there is the problem of environmental pollution. This started with the egoism of human because he isn’t interested in the future of the other. I wish people had stopped polluting the land either by their own will or by the laws of the state. I hope people don’t have selfishness. Environmental pollution is a problem that most people do not understand its seriousness and I don’t think they understand. I hope someday they understand that we are in danger.

Stratos  K.

What are the best means of dealing with stress?

Every single person these days is trying to cope with the pressures that they face as part of modern life. All these things we have to cope with is the obligations, and the need to participate in everything we see, and at the same time to be good at it.

The big issue on the hectic pace of modern life is the stress we carry with us. If we want to deal with all that pressure, we need to identify the causes and the reasons that are making us feel so much stress and anxiety. At first, technology has consequences in our life, I understand the fact that technology gives us the opportunity to connect with other people from the other side of the world, but isn’t a little bit tiring to be constantly connected. Today we have access to so many different apps such as, Facebook, Instagram, Tic-Toc, and we actually feel the burden to be active every day, 24/7. These exact actions and habits make us feel more and more pressure. Wouldn’t it be nice to detox from our digital devices?

Beside that nowadays there’s a niche for everything, a label, and we are trying to fit. Again social media are intruding in our choices. For example, if you scroll in your Instagram dashboard you will see so many videos and photos of different bloggers who are actually advertising, going for vacations, showing the working out routine they have, and at the same time are good parents and doing so many things in such a little time. All these things are an image of perfection, but this isn’t real, in real life you don’t have the time to do all those things and after all, do you really need to have that perfect image? It Is exhausting to maintain an image of perfection and you totally don’t need this.

All these together have a big impact on your quality of life, on your physical and mental health. It is possible for everyone to deal with that kind of stress and pressure, and even regain control of your life. For instance, ask yourself why you try to be good at everything good, and why is everything for everyone. Besides that, you think that’s what is expected of you? Or is it something deeper. Apart from that try to unplug from your social media devices, gives you a chance to find other ways that matter and gives you meaning to your life, such as reading a book, as going for a walk on the beach or your towns park. You need to learn how to prioritize, to not pull yourself towards so many directions.

The best way to cope with stress is to accept the things as they are, identify the source that adds more pressure in your life. Give attention to your actions and your habits. Stop giving excuses and accept things as they are. Everyone can change, It Is in our hands.

Stress, Anxiety and Depression are caused when we are living to please others.”

– Paulo Coelho


Think of a way that the world has change.

Nowadays the world has changed because of an issue. I wish that issue had never existed because it has brought the upside down. I wish people could walk outside without fear. I wish their lives don’t change. But all the strict protection measures created for one reason. If we had misheard the warnings, now the situation would be different. I wish I could see my friends one more time because is really boring inside the house. Also, I wish this situation changed soon.

Rania N.


Procrastination has a deep meaning. Is the explanation of delaying doing things for one reason or another, which is really negatively. For example, as the writer says: 140 million hours humanity spans watching YouTube, we could have built four more pyramids as Giza. That was a really specific example showing the inactivity of humans. There are plenty of people who are bored with the idea of finishing or starting a new project, work or something else. Another factor that creates the procrastination, is to have a tech device like laptop. These new technological improvements are effecting people to stop working or thinking. As a result, they can escape from the guilts. As the internet is getting better and better and new apps created the more temptations are creating. For example, if a person wants five minutes to relax he thinks of surfing on the internet. But the five minutes becomes hours and the day end without any improvement. Endless I want to complete with my opinion. Personally, procrastination has a really negatively affect in my life. I am scared of reading new vocabulary and opening my companion. So I let it and the pages become units. So I want to get a new start that is why I am trying to read more.

Rania N.

What makes a perfect friend

Hi everyone!
This week I’ve been thinking about the nature of friendship and the things that are essential for a true friendship. Personally, I feel that by far the two greatest things about friendship are honesty and trust.
Honesty is something necessary for friendship. When you are honest with your friend, you avoid the lies and there is a connection of trust between you and your friend. Honesty is not something that you have for the begin of your friendship, is something that develops when there is trust between friends.
Trust, is something the same essential as honesty in friendship. In case we need help and everyday push you be a better person. Similarly, you need to trust your friend to be honest with him.
At the same time, shared interests is an important thing in a friendship. As people know, when you have the same interests as your friend, we spent more time together and when you have a friendship you need to have time for it. Also, this is a thing that in case if do not have it would cease to exist.
In sum up, honesty, trust, shared interests are essential for a true friendship but is not only that. Take some time to maintain these qualities so that your friendship is valuable.

Maria T.