KEDU C2 Level

The best interview you will ever read!

Good morning viewers! We hope you are having an amazing day. In todays article we have a very intesesting interview with.. Anne Marrie!! Hello Annie we are here today to learn more about you. So first of all I would like to know who was your inspiration to start writing music.
– Well, to be honest iI don not know who to tell you when I was younger I was a big fan of the music scene of the time But I think I had a bigger love to rihanna .
-That’s interesting. Now I would like to ask you if there is any sond that you kinda regret uploadng.
– Um.,, Not really I dont think so. Yes some of my moldest songs are not something I would upload but everything is memories of my road in fame.
-Alright know lets talk about your new single HER. So did something happen to your childhood that made you be like that to your mother?
-That’s not really easy to talk to. But yes, in my teen years I had some reslly bad years and Iwas really anxious and angry so I would often do things to mom.
-When you say do things.. what do you mean?
-I would literally not talk to her for days and if I talked I would talk bad stuff to her. Or I would do whatever she was telling me not to.
– I understand I thing many of our viewers have gone through things like that and its really nice that a celebrity is talking about that.! Well we are finished.. there is no time left, thank you aAnnie for your realiness and I hope we can do that again! Goodbye !
-Goodbye fans! *smooch smooch*

Our special Christmas day!!

In our country, there are many festivals and events we celebrate every year. The celebration of those events and festivals are important to preserve cultural identity. There is an event that is different than the others and is more special and we all know it as Christmas.

Christmas is an event we celebrate every year on the 25 of December. Many people decorate a Christmas tree or a boat that is more of a greek custom. This night, all the family comes to our home and just has a fun time with people that we may see three times all year. A lot of traditional and delicious food, music, the gifts that we give each other are some of the things we do to have a special moment with people we love.

Although, events like this are important for our cultural identity. First of all, it expresses our cultural identity. For example, if you don’t like traditional Greek food, you are not greek. This means, that some things express our identity. Otherwise, those events are the way to remember our tradition. For instance, nowadays, plenty of people, have replaced the boat with the tree that is not greek custom. As a result, some people have lost the meaning of the traditional greek Christmas.

All things concluded, customs expressed through events and festivals and keeping many people in the greek tradition without losing our cultural identity.


-Hello and welcome to another day with a fresh new topic.Today we’re  interviewing a very famous singer called Anne Marriel.Hello Anna! Welcome to our radio program.

-Thank you. I’ts great to be here.

-We are very happy that you are here with all of us today and we would like to ask you a few questions about your childhood and specifically a song called HER.

-Ok what would you like to know?

-What drew you into wanting to be a singer?
-First of all, I have loved all kinds of music since I was a little girl.I always watched singers on tv and I wanted to be one too and experience their kind of lifestyle.

-Very interesting,actually.Now let’s talk about your relationship with your mother.

-It definately wasn’t the best. As I remember back then I always felt angry and was continually rude to her.I wish I could go back in time and fix everything

-Would you like to say something to her know if she is listening?

-Yes, I love you mom and I’m sorry about everything. I wish things could be better between us.Thats why I wrote the song HER wich is obviously about her.

-This was a very sad but hopeful interview.I really hope things get better between you and your mother.You deserve it.

-Thank you very much.

-Thank YOU very much.We were very happy to have you here today.Goodbye

First day at a new school

Dear Vinnie,

How are you? Hope you are pretty good. You asked me about my daily news and I could say my news is sad.

Recently I moved with my family to a new place and I obviously went to a new school. I am a receptive person so I appreciate this situation. When the day came to go to school I was a little bit stressed because I am an intrinsic person and I knew it’s going to be difficult for me to make new friends. I ventured to go and meet the new group of my friends and get to know each other. Fortunately, they were friendly and we became friends.

One last thing is that I couldn’t stay for long because it’s a provisional situation and we will meet again!

See you soon,



The truth about popularity in schools

Being popular at school is an issue that many students have on their minds. It is apparent that there is a big percentage of students in schools who are popular. However, it is said that being popular has two sides, good and bad.

To start with, there are many benefits to being popular at school. Take the example of confidence. Children who are popular (they) also have bigger confidence than other kids. That is why; they greet a big number of friends’ every day. Similarly they can talk in front of a crowd and present their projects without having anxiety. Another benefit is having a big circle of friends. This is because they can talk properly to new people and express their opinions. As a result, they create many friends in a short period of time.

On the other hand, being popular has them problems and negative thoughts. For instance, in a big group of peoples always there is face resentment. A popular child many times reduces others without realizing it and he is arrogant. That is why their classmates and other children who called them friends treat and make laugh of the popular children. Another drawback is the feeling of being lonely. A lot of people believe that having popularity in school makes you feeling happy and having lots of friends. In reality, always there is a lack of close friendships. Also, this loneliness creates other problems as drinking, smoking, and drives the popular children to bad friendships and dangerous habits.

All these benefits and drawbacks create the profile of a popular kid. As a matter of fact, some people may get enjoyment out of being part of a big circle of friends, but there are others who ruin their lives because of popularity and the pressure of fake hugs and attachments.

My first job

My first job was a provisional one and I worked at a cafeteria. I learnt to be nimble and I work really hard. At the beginning I did not want to go but I ventured to it because my parents fostered me. In this period of my life, my family had very serious economic problems so I started to work because I wanted to help. My first time as a working person made me more experienced and stronger. Now I am undimmed and I live my life with my family without any financial problems.

Describe an interesting person you know or a person who makes you happy

The only person that I’m happy when I’m around her is my younger sister. Her name is Christine. She is 13 years old and we go to the same school. She is taller and also more beautiful than me. She has got long dark hair, an oval face and light skin. She is thin and her eyes are dark. Her mouth is thin and she has a straight nose. She is the person that makes me happy because she has a heart made of gold and she gives me the best advice. We do a lot of things together and we have so much fun. She is my positive influence and I love her so much and I will always love her.


Hi Nick

I want to tell you about my summer holidays. A month ago my parents and I wanted to spend our holidays to Maldives.

So this year it is high season for flights. In the beginning I thought about business class. But we decided to take economy class. When we arrived at the airport are pressed for time cause we had only twenty minutes. Maldives is a far – flung location and very famous.

Our flight was directed so I had time to kill. It was a nine hours flight. Fortunately the airline had flight meal so yeah we had food and it was impeccable. To my bad luck when we arrived to Maldives the airplane had a bumpy landing and all the people are overhelmed by this land.

Anyway so after a day we went to see the sea and other different places. This holidays is the best of my life.

My dream job

My aspiration is to become a doctor. I would love that job because eventhough it’s famously known to be a difficult achievement, I think I have what it takes to become one. For example a doctor needs to be nimble and receptive so he can learn and understand quickly about new illnesses and find ways to cure them. Also doctors need to scrutinise the human body and anatomy, even the most subtle details! This dream of mine has been undimmed for almost ten years because of my parents,  who foster me. If I ever become a doctor my whole ideology would change but I would be very proud and appreciative of my job.

Best vacation ever

Last year me and my family decided to go on vacation. We were overexcited because we would go to a far flung location with a luxurious accommodation. The flight was amazing as we were in business class but we had a bumpy landing. Our destination was impeccable. Our hotel room had a panoramic view in which you could see a quaint village that we visited later. There we bought loads of souvenirs for unbeatable prices. In general we had the time of our lives and I hope we go back again.

My vacation to Hawaii

Last year I decided to go on a vacation to Hawaii. As an unwary traveller, I packed my suitcase and went earlier that I had to be at the airport so I had a lot of time to kill. Sadly my flight was delayed and all my plans to do in Hawaii when I arrive got cancelled. It was a long-haul flight so it took a lot of time. The flight attendants were very kind and they offered me an in-flight meal. I didn’t expect much since I was travelling with economy class but it was delicious.  Sadly, the landing was bumpy but everything was okay. When I got there I felt overexcited. There I took a taxi and went to a quaint village. Sadly, I forgot to book a hotel room to stay but I found a low-cost hostel with a beautiful panoramic view. Everything was impeccable but after two amazing weeks, I had to go back home. In conclusion, I believe that I had the time of my life and I would do it again and again.

My experience as a teacher

Last month I moved to a far-flung location to work provisional as a teacher at the local school. When I arrived I saw a very impoverished town, but the friendly people there made me feel comfortable by running to come and hug and meet me. Days went by and almost everyday I’ve had been learning things about their ideology , such as that they’re secular or that they believe in a philosophical theory that everything should be judged in relation to other things called relativism. But the most sovereign is that when I first went to the classroom all the kida of different ages were so kind to me. Also they were very receptive, nimble and trying their best to learn some knowledge. In the end of my first day as a teacher there, the kids told me that I’m the best teacher they ever had and they don’t wanna leave. So to sum up I believe that we all must give opportunities even in the most impoverished people because most of the times they have a heart made of gold.