KEDU C2 Level

Is gamification meaningful?

Gamification is undeniable one of the most exciting ways to learn. Especially, this period with quarantine, we used the way of gamification to learn or revise things to the children. But a question that most parents and some teachers make; is gamification meaningful?
Firstly, gamification is a way to learn easer everything needs to learn. Similarly, is the easer and most exciting way to do our revises or our homework. Likewise, in this way, people of all ages can learn new languages. Also, this way help our self-improvement. What I mean with that? Gamification helps us achieving success but hard work and study are needed.
Something essential that all people but especially children need to understand is that they play games to improve their skills not to become antisocial. Gamification turns a task, whether it’s learning into a rewarding experience and with the competitive element that makes the game exciting but there are children that they can not understand that. What we can do to reduce this? We need to explain to those people that the mean of the gamification is not always trying to win the other but to try being better or learn from the game new things or to remember things we have forgot as like revisions with a most exciting way.
In conclusion, gamification helps us in a lot of parts but we need to know what is the time to stop, take a break and start again because as technology have radical results in our life and gamification have bad results to us if we do not know how to use it right.

Hectic pace of modern life

In present times, people are more likely to feel pressure and anxiety. It all starts when you don’t find time for yourself and you start to force yourself into a routine so you can cope with the everyday tensity. But that it isn’t a solution and you have sooner or later to deal with reality.

At first, you have to identify the cause that makes you feel stressed and put a stop to it. It is wise to take a break from your daily routine and enforce yourself in aim to change the way you live your life. It is possible to avert stress by embrace a different kind of lifestyle, for example, if you exercise daily you take out all the bad energy and tension you have. Not only that, but a healthy routine acquires a healthy diet and sleep program. All the efforts you will put on it, it is going to grand you a healthy inner self.

The pressure we feel is still going to increase if we don’t change the way we think. If you are searching a way to cope with the daily pressure, you have probably to defy your identity, by that I mean to ask yourself who are you and who you want to be? If the pressure comes from your work or your daily routine, you will have to change not only your habits but your life. It seems to everyone quitting your present life is something difficult and not even a choice. But your inner peace is way more important than your fears.

Having consistency in your life is important for your mental and physical health. It is our choice what path we will follow and it is in our hands to break free if that needs to.

A Few Words About The “Age of the Age of the Goldfish”

We live in the age of the goldfish! In other words, research by experts has proven that from 2000 to 2015 average human attention has been decreased by 4 seconds, that is 8 seconds. A goldfish’s attention spam is about 9 seconds, meaning our average is less than a goldfish’s! However, that doesn’t mean we’re more slow-witted than a fish, it just means our way of thinking has changed, because of technological development and how it affects our lives- negatively or positively-, the rise of multitasking, new methods of learning, like online video learning platforms. Also, the fact that certain skills are not needed anymore, because nowadays we have access to almost every piece of information thanks to the internet, is also one of the causes of the drop of our attention span. For that, we need to enhance learning. To do so, we need to make it more adaptable and accessible, because according to physiology, people learn better over a long period than all at once. In addition, the utilisation of gaming in learning immerses the learner to progress in a certain subject better.

P. I. Eleftheriou

What is the future of language?

What a monotonous world it would be without the mixed cultures and languages? Some experts believe that 90% of languages will become extinct. These predictions are based on real facts, so they will become true, because of globalization.
All the world’s languages have changed because of globalization. As the countries are getting connected to each other, because of marketing, education, and tourism, they must have something similar and familiar to communicate. The answer is one global dialect. For example, if someone wants to work abroad, it would be easier for him to communicate with one global language, which is English. This means that this concept of one accent makes our lives more comfortable and accessible. However, it has en effect in other languages, where might be extinct.
Furthermore, there is another enormous factor which helps in language extinction, the internet. Yes, the internet will make use of the English language. For instance, the youngest greek generation has created a new style, called Greeklish. It is a mix of their mother tongue and the global language. This happens because people search for information in English and then they are texting greek worlds into the English alphabet. In some years, Greek might be changed, or be archaic, or will develop as a dialect similar to English.
To conclude, there is a reduction in the world’s languages and this will be more intense in the future. However, this change will help our daily lives.

Are Local Languages Endangered of Being Displaced by A Global One?

The key to global human interactions is language. About 20% of the world’s population speak the English language. Linguists believe that due to globalization local languages will eventually become extinct and displaced one global language, by the end of the century. But, is that opinion really a fact?
Firstly, illiterate nations still exist in many regions of the world. Most of them have never come in contact with modern civilization. By the end of the century, no one’s entirely sure those people will have learnt that language and pass it down to their descendants. For instance, lots of African tribes are still living the same way and speaking the same dialect they did before the white man took over.
Furthermore, patriotism will continue to be among fellow humans. This characteristic signifies the love of one’s country and culture. That kind of people will try to keep their mother tongue alive by speaking it at home and pass it down to those after them.
However, humankind tends to learn fast and gets influenced easily. Lots of languages have gone extinct or have been forgotten through the centuries, like Latin, Ancient Greek. But that happened because they were developed into new versions, influenced by other languages. Fortunately, most of them are still learned at schools, only not used and not appreciated by youngsters.
The future is not set in stone. The expert’s beliefs are just theories based on modern-day facts. To conclude, it is not certain that at some point in this century we will have one language that everyone will know and use. That is up to the circumstances of the world’s development.
P. I. Eleftheriou

Valuable forms of communication.

Everyone uses different ways to communicate with others. Communication is essential because people need to talk with others, to give or take advice for a problem. The real question; are there any valuable forms of communication?
On the one hand, we have face-to-face communication. With this way, it is easier to understand the body language and with is I mean to understand your friend feelings. Similarly, you can help the other solve a problem or the opposite. In the same way, people interact and create a strong bond.
On the other hand, we have electronic communication. This category consists of social media, video calls, messages. With this way, we can cover distance so we can easily talk with someone in a long distance. Likewise, you can talk with our friend from a lot of time and at our convenience. The negative that have this way is that is not easy to understand the others body language.
I am totally opposed with the first way but this period with the quarantine, video calls are an easy way to keep contact with your friends. In conclusion, both forms of communication are essential because people need to interact with others.

Technology’s negative effect on teenagers and generally people

Can someone just imagine what life would be without the technological facilities that have been offered to us by engineers? Even though all we have to do is look in the past, the youth of the 21st century don’t seem to be able to.
For one thing, the new generation, that grew up in the development of technology, is known as the “electronic age babies”. It has come to my attention that most parents seem to allow their children to spend a minor amount of time watching television from a very young age. Therefore, the children internalize the habit of entertaining themselves with technology. Moreover, it is evident that teenagers communicate with each other bias the internet. However, it is clear that vocal communication has faded, while conversation is mainly in text messages. As a result, the art of real face-to-face communication is almost forgotten, due to the deficiency of its practice. Even when they are together their heads are still lowered facing that small box, called cell phone.
Furthermore, we live in a world of troubled youths. In other words, the use of the internet by adolescents might have a negative impact on their physical or mental health. A typical example is social influences, such as models; actors; public figures; bloggers and their effect on teens in various cases. All these people, who seem to do a lot of activities during the day; stay fit and have a perfect body; go on vacation and at the same time have a personal life and be good at almost everything, illustrate an image of perfection in an almost clueless adolescent’s mind, desperate to be something close to that “perfection”, filling them with anxiety. Owing to the fact that school, homework, extracurricular activities or lessons etc. are already stressing teens out, more stress caused by unnecessary deeds makes them feel even more pressured. This leads to anxiety, stress or even depression in severe cases.
That being said, the current pandemic decease, known as COVID-19 or the coronavirus, has got us cooped up in our houses. Technology now is needed more than ever, so we can stay in touch with our relatives, friends, teachers and colleagues. On the one hand, this is partly true, but on the other, this situation has got us longing for some real communication outside quarantine. In this way, not only the internet remains the main form of entertainment, but also people are becoming “addicted” to it to a greater extent.
Taking everything into account, technology does benefit communication, but people do not use it in order to do just that, while teens are constantly on it. Parents should also consider the time they allow their children to spend on any type of technology and introduce them to other forms of amusement. Besides, there’s a much bigger world beyond the screen.

Home education

Education means a lot for a person, it is all about you Character, the way you think and the way you approach life in general. In the latest years, most of the parents prefer homeschooling their children. In my belief teaching in your home, it is a reasonable choice but like always we should see the two sides of the facts.

Before I started writing this report I preferred the idea of school, but after I did my research I clearly believe that home education isn’t a bad idea at all. First of all, we need to see the way that educational system works and from my point of view, schools don’t have the amount of time children need in order to endorse and nurture the way I think they should. Children need time to play and experience different things in order to increase their intelligence. Bring in your mind memories you have when you were attending school, as I remember I didn’t like school, I didn’t have any interest and no one really helped to find one, I was attending school because I had to. Most of the kids are exhausted and experience lack for interest in anything that has to do with school. So as I see it homeschool is an opportunity for kids to get to know the world and themselves.

In order to understand the difference between home education and education in school, we need to understand children and their feelings. Is better to read and write about it? Or to experience something in order to learn how it works, that is what homeschooling gives to you. The biggest advantage about home education is the way that works, you get to choose your program, the time and place you can learn, you get to experience how the things you learn work in practice and children actually have time to play. On the other hand, many people talk about the disadvantages homeschooling has, for example, they believe that children don’t make any friends and don’t learn how to teamwork. But that is just a fear many people have, the latest years’ schools are actually providing different activities that children who are homeschooling can participate. In my belief home education needs to get an upgrade in our minds.

Education is the start of everything, you can take it from your own home or the schools, it is a choice everyone can make. Homeschool is a different way that gives you the opportunity to think differently and to get knowledge from a different aspect!

The new technological achievements destroy our lifes or not?

Each year, a close relationship is becoming stronger between technology and the younger generations. A new dependence is being created as the years are passing, which has negative implications on our lives. In my opinion, there are destroying our lives.

In general, as we all know, young children pass many hours on the internet and this has many shortcomings. In spite of knowing the hidden dangers of the internet, a lot of parents allow their children to use social media. For instance, imagine a child playing his video game, but after he changes levels it is necessary to buy new skills, which might need real money. The kid will not know the meaning of the credit card and will press the bottom. In other words, children spend money unintentionally. 

Additionally, new technological improvements create lots of new products like tablets, phones, and others which entice the children to not go outside. In particular, the playgrounds are empty, clearly, the children prefer to stay inside playing videogames than having the gratification playing with their friends. This means that an enormous number of kids might have lots of problems in the future like obesity because of sedentary life and vision problems because of a lack of vitamins.

In conclusion, technology has to be observed because it can create problems for people. Psychological, health and also relationship problems could be formed and people could become unemployed. However, we can use technology safely unless the evolution of technology gets out of control and then becomes obvious that there are more things to fear about technology. After all, is it really true that currency has two sides?

The Bright Side of Quarantine (a creative person’s perspective)

“Why are you dressed up as The Dragon Queen? Is she your favourite character or did you just think it would be an interesting thing to do?”.
This is the question I would ask this “21st century Queen Daenerys Targaryen”.
Since Lithuania went under quarantine, the photographer, Adas Vasiliauskas, has been using a drone to take pictures of the people in their houses enjoying a positive aspect of quarantine. My favourite picture, of the few that I have seen, is picture number 6, which shows a young woman standing on her balcony dressed up as the fictional character, from the well-known book/TV series “Game of Thrones”, Daenerys Targaryen. Apparently, the “cosplayer”, as she appears to be, is holding a banner that writes “WHERE ARE MY DRAGONS”.
According to my creative aspect, I think that one of the many bright prospects of quarantine for a creative person could be the opportunity to focus on certain projects, like a painting, a costume, a writing piece or whatever it is they are working on. A few hours before the picture was taken, this woman was probably sitting in front of the TV watching her favourite series, Game of Thrones, and thought: “Maybe, it’s time I brush up that Daenerys costume of mine and have a little fun.” Consequently, that is how this woman decided to entertain herself during these hard times, rather than spending a whole lot of precious time doing nothing productive.

In my point of view, quarantine has given people the opportunity to spend some quality time with ourselves or the people we live with. To sum up, we should not waste our time, because such an opportunity might not come around any time soon for some of us.

P. I. Eleftheriou
(a KEDU assignment)


For many people, hospitality means generosity and courtesy and has a unique value, but each year this value decreases from country to country.

That means hospitality has a more intense presence in some countries than others, for example, Russia, Germany, Uk, America e.c. The citizens of these particular countries, where there are many people, do not know each other, that is why the generosity and courtesy disappear. Also, there are myths which say that the cold weather makes people become bad people and egoist. But in reality, in some towns like New York city where crime dominates, the citizens can not trust their neighbour, in as a result they are not friendly.

In contrast, there are countries in the world which are much friendly to others. For example, in ancient Greece. when a stranger visited the other people they first gave a gift and offered food to this stranger and then they asked them where they were from and why they were there. This means Greece from ancient times has a custom of being hospitable  As with the past, nowadays the Greeks are also really friendly and open. This country hosts immigrants and other nationalities.

To conclude, I believe that over the years hospitality will decrease more and more. But all the countries must keep trying and increase this feeling at some point.